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Canadian Friends of Interlochen was established by a group of Canadian alumni with a desire to network with other alumni and friends in Canada and generate support for Interlochen and its mission.

For decades, young artists have gathered at Interlochen for intensive training in music, dance, theatre, visual arts, creative writing and filmmaking. While talented young artists are drawn to Interlochen Center for the Arts from all around the globe, Canadians have been an integral part of the Interlochen community nearly from its founding in 1928. There are now more than 2,000 Interlochen alumni living, working and adding to the arts community in Canada.

Our Purpose

Reconnect: Reconnecting Interlochen with alumni who live in Canada. We want to hear from you, to know what you’re doing and how to keep in touch.

Come Together: Bringing alumni and friends together, to celebrate the Interlochen experience and build friendships here at home.

Raise Awareness: Raising awareness of Interlochen in Canada—awareness of what Canadian alumni are doing as well as awareness of the opportunities that Interlochen offers young Canadian artists today.

Support: Encouraging young Canadians to attend Interlochen and offering tax benefits to those who would like to make a financial gift.

Stay in Touch

We invite you to update your contact information and share your accomplishments by submitting an alumni motif.

Support Student Scholarships

As a registered Canadian charity, Canadian Friends of Interlochen (BN 84104 4811 RR0001) provides tax benefits to alumni, parents and friends in Canada who make a gift to Interlochen. All gifts made to Canadian Friends of Interlochen support student scholarships at Interlochen Center for the Arts.

You can make your donation online, using our secure online donation form, or mail a check (payable to Canadian Friends of Interlochen) to:

Canadian Friends of Interlochen
PO Box 9401, Station A
Toronto, Ontario  M5W 4E1

We gratefully accept cheques or money orders.  We are always available by email, ready to answer your questions at:

CFI Board of Directors

David Arthurs (IAC 75, 77, 79-80)
Dan Besselsen (ICA Staff)
John Bogley (ICA Staff)
Trey Devey (ICA President)
David Harris (IAC 69, IAA 77)
Bruce Hunter (IAC Parent)
Patrick Kessel (ICA Staff)
Jen Cohen Shuber (IAC 84-89)