Kira Bursky's "Girly" Stars at Grand Rapids' Mosaic Film Experience

Interlochen Arts Academy student inspires other young artists with her film and the talk surrounding it.


Story Matters - Kira Burksy

Kira Bursky has taken her film "Girly" to the Wealthy Theatre in Grand Rapids for three showings during the Mosaic Film Experience.

Her film, depicting the final moments two lovers share together, has wowed audiences in Grand Rapids, but it was Kira herself that had the biggest impression on audiences as her words have served to inspire other young film makers around the city and state.

Kira points to personal experience and the experience of others around her as the inspiration for this film. She states that the film itself is a metaphor for the world around us. Everyone leaves at some point, she says, and we all need to cope with that. Whether that leaving be a trip to college, a move across the country, anything. Absence occurs and it must be dealt with. But, she states, most of these journies are not forever, loved ones and loved places can be returned to in time. See the video above for the full interview and more of her words on her film and her journey toward making it.