Interlochen students among 2019 National YoungArts Foundation winners

Forty-seven students received awards in the national competition.

National YoungArts Foundation

Sixteen current Interlochen Arts Academy students and 31 Arts Camp and Arts Academy alumni from five artistic disciplines have received awards in the 2019 National YoungArts Competition.

The 47 Interlochen-affiliated students were among the 710 artists recognized by the National YoungArts Foundation, including 33 musicians, seven visual artists, four creative writers, one motion picture artist, and two actors. Eighteen students were named finalists in the competition, with another 10 receiving the honorable mention designation and 19 earning merit awards.

YoungArts winners are selected by a panel of accomplished artists through a blind adjudication process. Each year, thousands of students from across the United States apply to the YoungArts Competition, with only the top 10 percent receiving recognition. The competition is open to students age 15-18 or in grades 10-12.

The National YoungArts Foundation was founded in 1981 to recognize and develop the talents of young artists in the visual, literary, design, and performing arts. Winners of the annual YoungArts Competition receive monetary prizes, performance opportunities, and mentorship from leading practitioners in their field. The 2019 finalists will participate in the 38th annual National YoungArts Week in Miami, Florida, in January 2019.

The YoungArts Competition is also the sole nominating agency for the U.S. Presidential Scholars in the Arts, one of the nation’s highest honors for high school artists. Sixty of the YoungArts finalists will be selected as nominees for the designation, with 20 receiving the honor. Since 1965, 45 Interlochen Arts Academy students have been selected as Presidential Scholars in the Arts—more than any other high school in the nation.

You can learn more about the National YoungArts Foundation, the YoungArts Competition, and the 2019 winners at

* denotes current Arts Academy student


Classical Music
Zachary Costello (IAC 18, IAA 18-) | Saxophone*
Angela Scates (IAC 12-15, IAA 15-) | Oboe*
Jakob Schoenfeld (IAC 17, IAA 17-) | Percussion*
Ken Kagawa (IAC 18) | Trombone
Jack Kessler (IAC 13-15) | Viola
Javier Morales Martinez (IAC 15) | Clarinet
Ayane Nakajima (IAC Ins 16) | Piano

Joie Cao (IAC Ins 17)

Kevin Oliver, Jr. (IAC 15-16) | Saxophone

Jonathan Lovett (IAC 12-15)

Juliet Burks (IAC 18)

Visual Arts
Angelica Bohanan (IAA 15-)*
Gabriela Johnson (IAA 17-)*
Isabella Rios (IAA 15-17)

Joshua Berg (IAC 14) | Tenor
Charles Kogen (IAC 18) | Singer-Songwriter

Lane Devers (IAA 17-) | Creative Non-Fiction*
Sophie Paquette (IAC 17, IAA 17-) | Short Story*

Honorable Mentions

Classical Music
Daniel Solowey (IAC 16, IAA 17-) | Clarinet*
Camden Archambeau (IAC 11-12) | Cello
Weston Gilbert (IAC 11) | Composition
Haeun Kim (IAC 13) | Violin
Heechan Ku (IAC 18) | Cello
Charles Meenaghan (IAC 17) | Composition

Serenity Saffold-Rice (IAA 17-)*

Visual Arts
Taetyn Panagos (IAA 16-)*

Jessica Harper (IAC 14, IAA 14-17) | Singer-Songwriter

Miracle Thornton (IAA 16-) | Poetry*


Cinematic Arts
Lane McKenna (IAC 16, IAA 16-18)

Classical Music
Bethany Bobbs (IAC 12) | Violoncello
Dean Brady (IAC 18, IAA 18-) | Flute*
Esther Chae (IAA 18-) | Violoncello*
Jason Frazier (IAC 17-18) | Saxophone
Clayton Hancock (IAC 15) | Violin
Ayano Nakamura (IAC 16) | Viola
Carys Sutherland (IAC 16-17, IAA 18-) | French Horn*
Samuel Sykes (IAC 16-17, IAA 17-) | Violoncello*
Ashley Teng (IAC 16) | Flute
Supriya Weiss (IAC 16) | Flute

Aaron Kaufman-Levine (IAC 17) | Saxophone/Alto
Satchel Peterson (IAC 18) | Guitar
Joseph Powers (IAC 17) | Piano

Visual Arts
Elaina Yip (IAC 14, IAA 15-18)

Jennifer Barnett (IAC 15) | Jazz Voice
Erin Mullen (IAC 12-17, IAA 17-) | Classical/Soprano*
Daisy Stephens (IAC 17) | Popular Voice

Sacha Waters (IAC 18) | Novel