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Donor generosity makes Act for Art Giving Days a resounding success

Four hundred and forty-five people gave during the three-day fundraising event earlier this month, providing $403K in financial aid for student scholarships.

Smiling students in classroom

We are deeply grateful to everyone who participated in the Act for Art Giving Days, supporting the dreams, dedication, and potential of Interlochen's young artists. Thanks to you, we raised over $408,000 to support students' financial aid needs in the coming Camp and Academy year.

This incredible outcome was made possible by the energetic volunteer support of more than 60 individuals, including current and former Arts Academy students and parents, Arts Camp alumni and parents, faculty and staff, members of the Interlochen Annual Fund Committee, and the Interlochen Engagement Council.

A dollar for dollar match offered by members of the Board of Trustees and a Camp parent who stepped forward on Day 2 amplified the power of every donation. On Day 3, a Camp alumnus spurred supporters to the finish line by offering $15,000 when the 350-donor goal was met.

In total, 445 people came together to open up possibilities and change the lives of young artists. Here are just a few of the heartfelt and inspiring messages we received from our donors during the Act for Art Giving Days:

"Ours is a small donation but hopefully, with many small donations, and the generosity of those matching our funds, scholarships for kids like ours can continue. So incredibly grateful for all those who have contributed in the past and made it possible for our son to attend Interlochen! It has been a transformative, life changing experience for him."

"Thank you to all faculty, staff, students and families for making IAA such a wonderful place for our daughter and family."

"Thank you for providing our child an incredible place not only to learn, but to thrive."

"So grateful for the gift of Interlochen and for the opportunity made possible for my daughter through the generous gifts of donors!!!"

"Interlochen lit a fire in our son that even he didn't know was there. Thank you!"

"My heart is always here. Interlochen is magical and wondrous, I wish the rest of the world knew how a life in the arts transforms community."

"Let's do this together!"

Thank you for coming together to make the Act for Art Giving Days a success!