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Kresge Auditorium Technical Specifications

House Policies

In consideration of our students and the State of Michigan clean air laws, Interlochen Center for the Arts (ICA) has adopted a smoke-free policy. Smoking is not permitted in buildings or on the ICA campus. We request the cooperation of all visitors, guests and Artists. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited on the ICA campus. ICA reserves the right to have anyone removed from its campus that poses a threat to themselves or others. This will include but is not limited to anyone that is under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

Kresge is a non-union venue. All staffing will be at the discretion of the ICA Director of Presentations and the Production Coordinator. ICA does not permit any action that would be violating any local fire codes.

This will include, but is not limited to the following:

  • A total blackout of the seating area of the theatre is not allowed. The laws of the State of Michigan state that the side Aisle Lights must be at a level of 30% during a performance.
  • Exit lights cannot be turned off or covered.
  • All exits and aisles will remain free from any obstacle at all times.

Use of any smoke machines and pyrotechnic equipment must be approved by the ICA Production Coordinator no less than 2 weeks before the intended use.

In consideration to our patrons, no equipment will interfere with sight lines of the permanently installed seating. This includes speaker stacks and control consoles.

The use of any device that must be anchored into or alters the structure of the building is not permitted. This includes the use of stage screws.

All equipment used in Kresge must meet all UL, NEC, NFC, and OSHA standards for safety. The management reserves the right to deny the use of any equipment or set pieces that do not meet these standards.

Written certification of fireproofing for all "goods" ("soft" and otherwise) to be used on any stage must accompany the goods. Grand Traverse County Fire Marshall requires these documents to be presented on the day of the show into his own hand.

All parking will be at the discretion of ICA. Buses, trucks, and other vehicles will be parked as close as possible to the venue.

Where possible, ICA reserves the right to use ICA equipment for productions in Kresge. All lighting, sound, and stage equipment that is a part of Kresge Auditorium is to be handled by ICA personnel unless prior arrangements have been made. Kresge is open to performers 1 ½ hrs. prior to curtain time unless other arrangements have been made. The house is opened to the public 1 hr. prior to curtain time. All security is provided by the ICA security staff. These persons are unarmed and wear an institution uniform.

Phone Numbers

Interlochen Center for the Arts

Director of Presentations

Production Coordinator

Production Fax Line

Kresge Backstage Office Phone

Kresge Visiting Artist Lines
Wi-fi adjacent to venue

Stage Specifications

Proscenium Width:    64'
Proscenium Height:    20'
Stage Depth to Back Wall at CL:    40'
Grid Height at Apron of Stage:    23'
Ceiling Height at Proscenium:    16'
Ceiling Height at Back Wall:    12'-12"
Stage Height Above Seating:    4'
Stage Surface:    Concrete
Wing Space:    12' X 20' Stage right/ Stage left
Orchestra Pit/Apron:    Covered area 40' w x 17' d
(The pit is never seated, instead it is covered in a thrust configuration)

Kresge is a covered pavilion with 3,929 seating capacity.

Company Switch

Kresge has 1000 amps of 3 Phase, 120-208 volts. There are 2 power connections located stage left approximately 50' from center stage. The two connections are 1-200 amp and 1-400 amp services. There is 1 power connection located stage right approximately 50' from center stage. This connection is 1-400 amp service. There are several 20 amp circuits and plugs around the stage area. All connections into any power source must be done by an Interlochen Electrician.


Kresge was built in the 1940s as an orchestra shell on the shores of a lake and over time several buildings have been built around the original facility. It is an open-sided amphitheatre and there is a loading dock area stage left for semi-trucks. All gear will require ramping to the ground, which is the same level as the stage. This side stage entrance measures 6' wide, with a wheel base of 5'-3". Interlochen can provide forklifts if prearranged at least two weeks ahead with the Production Coordinator. Trucks will be parked at the Technical Supervisor’s discretion, generally in a designated truck parking area. Buses will be provided shore power adjacent to the shower rooms. One 45-foot Star bus may be parked in accordance with the Fire Marshall’s directive, adjacent to the Stage Left area, along with 1 semi truck. There is shore power for this bus.

Dressing Rooms

There is one Star dressing room with toilet facilities located stage right on the stage level. There is also one large room directly beneath the stage that can be used as a catering or dressing area, which opens onto the beach and lake. There are two smaller rooms stage left that each have bathroom facilities. There are no shower facilities in Kresge Auditorium. The Shower rooms are located approximately 100 yards from stage left, adjacent to some additional bus parking & shore power. These are older hotel-style rooms and need to be arranged with the Production Coordinator at time of contract signing.

Lighting System

Kresge auditorium lighting circuits are 20 amp, 120v, 3-prong twist lock, ground-in type. They are located in the following positions:

14 circuits- FOH light bridge
21 circuits- Forestage
34 Circuits- 1st Electric
30 Circuits- 2nd Electric
There are 48 Strand CD-80, 2.4k Dimmers.
There are 4 Xenon Super Trouper 2k followspots. The throw distance is 110' to the front of the stage. Arrangements for use of these spots and operators must be made at least two weeks prior to the performance date. All equipment is to be operated or supervised by ICA personnel.

Sound System

Kresge has a sound pit location center of house about 80’ from stage. This measures 8’ by 24’. There is also a sound system which can be utilized with prior notification and authorization. All sound equipment is to be operated or supervised by ICA personnel. Any questions should be directed to the Audio Coordinator.


Kresge headset system utilizes a Clearcom MS 200B w/2 channels. There are house lines that can be made available.


There is a complete steel beam structure comprising the roof of the auditorium. This is permanent and unable to be lowered in any way. Rigging points and weight loads on these beams will be determined by the Technical Supervisor. Rigging plot available upon request at least 4 weeks prior to engagement.


Kresge has the following in keyboards:
1- 9' Baldwin Concert Grand Piano
1- Electronic Allen Organ

Stage Equipment

25 Wenger platform tops in total are available and can be adjusted to the following various heights: 8”, 16”, 24”, 32”.

There is a rollaway Wenger Legacy Acoustical Shell consisting of 7 pieces. There are also the following:

200 Wenger Chairs (armless, unpadded)
100 Manhasset Music stands
10- 30" Wooden stools
1 Set of Choral risers(7 pieces)
2 Conductor’s Podiums
2 Speaker’s lecterns

Interlochen maintains an extensive inventory of percussion equipment which can be made available. Requests must be made at least 4 weeks prior to the engagement.