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Interlochen Center for the Arts has announced the completion of its CREATE AMAZING comprehensive fundraising campaign as of October 31, 2018. The Campaign has laid the groundwork for Interlochen's centennial in ten years.

"As Interlochen moves toward its 100th anniversary, we are excited to build upon what our community near and far has made possible through their support," says Interlochen Center for the Arts President Trey Devey. "This Campaign is crucial as we work to invest further in the student experience with a commitment toward increasing financial aid. We also look to strengthen the value we bring to our northern Michigan community and beyond through educational outreach and community programming on Interlochen Public Radio."

CREATE AMAZING: The Campaign for Interlochen began in July 2012 with a $100 million goal, that rose to $125 million and reached over $134 million: $36.6 million for campus improvements (e.g. the new Music Building, Dennison Center for Recreation and Wellness, and the soon to begin expansion and renovation of dance facilities); $29.1 million in annual operating support for the Interlochen Annual Fund and Interlochen Public Radio; $11.2 million toward endowment, including over 30 new endowed scholarships; and $57.4 million in planned gifts, including to unrestricted operating support and endowed scholarships.

"The success of this Campaign illustrates the impact of Interlochen and the arts as a local and regional economic driver," says Interlochen Trustee Casey Cowell. "Interlochen is a vital community asset that strengthens access to arts education for students in Michigan and around the globe."

More than 18,000 donors from 54 countries, 49 states and Washington, D.C. made gifts through the Campaign. "One Campaign goal was to create a much deeper and broader connection with the larger community that makes Interlochen possible," says Interlochen Trustee and Campaign Cabinet Co-Chair, Nancy Hoagland. "It has been deeply gratifying to realize the conviction of so many supporters from northern Michigan and across the globe who believe in Interlochen and want to see it continue as both a community resource and leader in the arts."

Increasing financial aid and constructing the 90-year-old institution's first centralized Music Building were two key priorities of the Campaign.

In 2018, Interlochen distributed the most financial aid in its history, in part through the Create Amazing Opportunities Challenge. Made possible by Interlochen Trustee and internationally respected economist Dr. Mohamed A. El-Erian, this challenge raised over $1.7 million and helped an additional 120 students attend Interlochen this summer.

Create Amazing also facilitated construction of the new Music Building, which will open in spring 2019. For the first time in Interlochen's history, this facility will make it possible for music faculty, guest artists, and Interlochen students to convene in one, contiguous location, fostering spontaneous collaboration across music disciplines.

"Through this new Music Building, we have the opportunity to create an even more exceptional environment for the world's future musicians," says Interlochen Director of Music, Kedrik Merwin. "With new recording studios and large rehearsal halls, Interlochen can share more frequent and varied performances with our northern Michigan community, including through Interlochen Public Radio broadcasts, as well as throughout the world with the embedded high speed video conferencing technology."

"It's already such a gift to attend Interlochen," says Interlochen Arts Academy junior Anne Hayes—a percussionist from Fenton, Michigan. "To know that the school values music so much that it is willing to construct a whole new building for the program is exciting. I cannot wait to put the new building to good use next year!"

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