Today at Interlochen

With thousands of alumni, hundreds of performances, and 90 years of history, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest from Interlochen. To help you stay up-to-date with on both past and present happenings, we’ve created the Interlochen Events calendar.

The Interlochen Events calendar provides daily reminders about performances, regional auditions, enrollment deadlines, and significant moments from Interlochen’s history, complete with photos, videos, and background information. In the present, you’ll be reminded to join us for performances by guest artists such as Cirque Mechanics (March 5), or for the regional auditions in Detroit on Jan. 16. We’ll also remind you to celebrate the birth of Interlochen founder Joseph Maddy (Oct. 14), the dedication of Kresge Auditorium (Aug. 1), and many other exciting events from Interlochen’s past.

Add the Interlochen Events calendar to your Google or Apple Calendar today!