"Spring Awakening" Brings the Challenges of Youth to the Interlochen Stage

Crescendo issue: November 2013
Winner of eight Tony Awards, Spring Awakening tells the story of the transition from youth to adulthood and vividly portrays the many joys, sorrows, exhilarations and heartbreaks of that vital time of life.

“When I first heard that we were doing Spring Awakening, it was exhilarating,” says Jennifer Klink, who is in her second year at Interlochen Arts Academy. “This subject matter is thrilling because it is relevant to my age group and it has topics that are extremely significant.”

That's exactly what Interlochen Theatre Arts’ director William Church was after when he chose the title. “Spring Awakening, in addition to being well-crafted and award-winning material, offers our students a chance to play characters of their own age who may be going through situations these actors have observed or even experienced themselves. This is a boundary-pushing piece, and it is vital that the next generation of young actors develop their artistic and emotional maturity by performing in this type of material. Our campus is prepared to take on meaningful, contemporary work, even if it raises challenging issues. In fact, it is our obligation to do so.”

Julia Caroff, mother of Interlochen senior Sarah Pidgeon, who plays Wendla, was not familiar with the piece. “After I read more about the work, I thought the choice showed confidence in the students. They have the artistry and training to give a compelling performance," says Caroff.

Tickets for the November 21 , 22, December 6 and 7 shows are still available and can be purchased online at tickets.interlochen.org or by calling 800 681.5920.