Scary-oke and more!

It is no secret that Halloween brings a certain joy to a child's heart.

And a young adult's heart. And an adult's heart as well, for that matter.

In short, Halloween, and the celebration of Fall that surrounds it, is the perfect time to let one's hair down a bit and have some fun. That fact has not been lost on the staff and students here at Interochen Arts Academy.

The week leading up to Halloween is crammed full of fun activities and happenings, especially on the student side.

For students, the festivities kick off with a bit of Karaoke, actually Scary-oke in this case. Students will be taking part in this haunted themed Karaoke event no matter what their major.

Another hotly anticipated event will be the Costume Ball, a Halloween costume themed dance certain to thrill and chill!

The Halloween Dorm Carnival highlights the social calendar this season. Each dorm is set to host haunted houses, games galore, cookie decorating and much, much more.

Perhaps one of the most recognizable of Interlochen Halloween events, trick-or-treating will again take place on campus up and down the entire stretch of both Faculty and Ormandy Lanes.

Along with these events, a plethora of other offerings exist on campus throughout Halloween week. These events bring a relief from course work, a chance to socialize and a bit of escapism to the students and staff of Interlochen Arts Academy.

Indeed, this shall be a very spirited Halloween, of that there is no doubt!