Record Student Numbers for Interlochen Arts Academy

It certainly does seem to be an ideal time to be an arts student.

At least, that's what the Interlochen Arts Academy's numbers are telling us. 

"To the best of our record keeping knowledge, this is the largest enrolling class in the history of the Interlochen Arts Academy," says Interlochen's Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Jerrod Price. "The final enrollment number is 508 incredibly bright and talented students."

"I believe this is a tribute to many years of hard work and diligence on behalf of everyone in the institution," explains Price. "From faculty and staff, to our current students who have spread the word about what an incredible place Interlochen is, and will continue to be, for budding young artists across the globe."

Interlochen's Arts Academy is set up to comfortably house a few less than 500 students. The 508 who have been accepted have brought about a bit of well organized shuffling on campus. Some students are being housed within Interlochen's historic Stone Hotel at the center of the Main Campus.

"As you can imagine, we have a great number of both short and long term goals," says Price when asked about Interlochen's actual attendence goals. "We have goals for each arts area, each class, each instrument/area for music, and, yes, total enrollment. With all of these moving parts, the target is not always steady or simple. Some of the goals are set up to provide instrumentation for large musical ensembles, some are set up because of current limitations. Regardless, we are all thrilled to have met so many of our goals this recruitment cycle."

The increase in accepted students reflects an overall increase in interest in Interlochen Arts Academy, the world's leading pre-professional arts school. And for good reason.

"There are any number of reasons that a student would consider choosing to come to Interlochen," says Price. "Our amazing faculty, the incredible campus, the energy created around a critical mass of creative people, 'my mom's cousin went to Interlochen' etc. Ultimately, I think students and families chose Interlochen because, deep down, they know that if they can make it here, they will find success in their future. And few things excite the soul like the prospect of a creative and successful life."

Now that these higher numbers have been achieved, what might Price's hopes for future campus expansion be?

"With any organization that carries the international reputation and stature of Interlochen, there will always be a priority on continuing to increase the number of qualified applicants, in order to select the very best. What I can tell you is that, as long as there are curious, talented, brilliant students out there, we will continue to work to both find them and find a place for them, here at Interlochen."

If you are interested in learning more about attending Interlochen Arts Academy, the Admissions team invites you to visit campus during one of three Open House events, scheduled for Friday, November 15; Friday, January 31; and Friday, April 25. More information on these Open Houses, including registration forms, can be found here.
If you are unable to attend one of these Open House events, then perhaps the Office of Admission and Financial Aid will be coming to you! To view their list of scheduled events, visit here.