The New Yorker recognizes Interlochen on year-end list

  • Interlochen alumna Ashley Fure (IAA 98-00) working with the 2015-16 Interlochen Arts Academy Orchestra during her visit in Spring 2016.

The New Yorker's music critic Alex Ross has included the 2015-16 Interlochen Arts Academy Orchestra's 2016 NY Phil Biennial performance of Interlochen alumna Ashley Fure's (IAA 98-00) Bound to the Bow on his year-end list of notable performances and recordings.

In late June 2016, Ross noted composer Fure's work on his recap of the 2016 biennial, mentioning that of the Orchestra's performance of Fure's composition, "I would happily have stayed in the world of this music for twice as long, not least because of the avid commitment of the Interlochen students."

You can listen to the 2016 NY Phil Biennial Interlochen Arts Academy concert from New York City's David Geffen Hall in its entirety via Interlochen Public Radio. It includes works by Ashley Fure, Jennifer Higdon, Nico Muhly and Hannah Lash.