Music that inspires composer Steven Snowden

On Jan. 28, Interlochen Percussion Instructor Keith Aleo’s students will perform Steven Snowden’s “A Man with a Gun Lives Here” at Lincoln Center as part of the chamber concert in New York City that takes place at the end of the 2017 collaboration with the New York Philharmonic.

While you can find and listen to Steven Snowden’s impressive body of work online, sometimes the best way to get to know an artist is through the artists that inspire them.

Below you can listen to this exclusive, Steven Snowden-curated Spotify playlist of just some of the musicians that he holds in high regard. “While these artists are all very diverse in the music that they create, there is a pervasive authenticity that constantly draws me to them,” says Snowden. “Regardless of the stylistic direction, every piece is uniquely and recognizably their own.”

Listen and enjoy!

Spotify Playlist