Motifs: January 2014

Crescendo issue: January 2014

Paul Kirby's (AS 61, IAC/NMC 62-62, UM 64) “Sonata for Oboe and Piano” received its premiere in a recital at The Juilliard School in December. Paul serves as assistant conductor of an El Sistema youth orchestra in Washington Heights, New York, and as treasurer of the Musicians Club of New York.

Arthur Michaels's (IAC/NMC 63-65) concert band march "The Quest" will be published by TRN Music Publisher in 2014. TRN also publishes Arthur’s concert band piece entitled "Jazzy Capriccio."

Marvin Carlton (IAC/NMC 70) participated as a composer in The Atlanta Opera 24 Hour Opera Project, which pairs composers with librettists and gives them 12 hours to write a 7-10 minute opera. Marvin's opera, "3Ds Dance Hall," received the Audience Choice award at the public performance on November 2.

Pianist Kevin Cole (IAC 72, IAA 76-77) appeared in "Marvin Hamlisch: What He Did for Love," a film biography of the late composer Marvin Hamlisch, which premiered as part of the American Masters series on PBS stations last month.

Joel McNeely's (IAA 74-77, IAC ST 76, ICA Trustee) "Celebration March," commissioned by the University of Miami's Frost School of Music, premiered at Festival Miami in October 2013.

Gary Barwin (IAC 78, IAA 79-81) has two books scheduled for publication in 2014. His 17th book, a poetry collection entitled "Moon Baboon Canoe," will be published by Mansfield Press in the spring. "Sonosyntactics: The Selected Poems of Paul Dutton" will be published as part of the Laurier Poetry Series in the fall. A multimedia work, "H: For it is a pleasure & a surprise to breathe," will be featured at the Guelph Jazz Festival in 2014. He teaches writing at Mohawk College and to street-involved youth in Hamilton, Ontario, where he lives with his family.

Annalisa Pappano (IAC 91-92, IAA 92-93) is the founder and artistic director of Catacoustic Consort, an early music ensemble based in Cincinnati, Ohio. She teaches viola da gamba at the University of Cincinnati College--Conservatory of Music.

Molly Bashaw's (IAA 95-96) first book of poetry, "The Whole Field Still Moving Inside It," received the 2013 Washington Prize and will be published by The Word Works this spring.

Ian Whitney (IAA 96-98) has been elected chairman of the Monroe County Democratic Party and represents the Florida Keys on the Florida Democratic Party state executive committee. He works in real estate and owns a small publishing firm in Key West.

Richard Hinds (IAC 96-97, IAA 97-00) is the associate director for "Newsies" on Broadway. He recently choreographed Macy’s “After Christmas Sale” and “New Year’s Sale” commercials and is a faculty member at Broadway Dance Center.

Performance artist Jaamil Olawale Kosoko (IAA 99-01, IAC St 01-02, 04) presented his work "Black Male Revisited" at the Miami Theater Center in December.

Luke (Balzuweit) Winslow-King's (IAA 00-01, IAC St 01, ICCA Fac 08) song "The Coming Tide" was included in "American Songwriter" magazine's top 50 songs of 2013.

Jazz pianist Quinn Sengupta (IAC 04-05, 07-12) performed with the Stamps Jazz Quintet at Festival Miami's Jazz and Beyond program in October.