Live at Interlochen, from Your Home

Crescendo issue: November 2013
The Interlochen campus has been recently outfitted with a selection of stand alone web cameras, strategically placed so as to best capture various venues' stages and the subsequent performances happening on them.

And, with a simple swipe of a card (held by some faculty members), these cameras will spring to glorious life and broadcast student performances that may have otherwise gone unbroadcasted. While this technology will result in an increased amount of live broadcasts, there will still be performances that will go unbroadcast.

Simply by visiting, you can not only find a listing of scheduled live broadcasts (many of which are professionally done by our in-house wizards), you can also sneak a peek at a few webcams that are always connected. Many times, these webcams will burst to life without any scheduling or previous announcement, featuring a student recital or performance.

These surprise performances will not be the major culminating performances, which are scheduled in advance and much anticipated - such as a major theatre performance. If one of those performances is to be livecast, it will be scheduled and professionally done - not a surprise.

This static technology, made available to our faculty, is an opportunity for both our students and our fans and patrons to see and be seen. It allows parents of students to be a bit more involved and it brings a touch of Interlochen campus life to the outside world.

We encourage you to keep an eye on this page and its schedules and archives. You're certain to find some fantastic art residing there!