A letter from President Trey Devey

To the Interlochen Family,

As I stepped on campus this morning, I was once again reminded of the bold vision born nine decades ago that would become the Interlochen Center for the Arts. And as I reflect on the many accomplishments achieved and dreams realized over these intervening years, it comes with a keen awareness and great admiration of the countless individuals who made these successes possible.

Students, thank you for exploring your potential through your art. Parents, thank you for supporting your children in their artistic pursuits. Faculty and staff, thank you for devoting yourself fully to building this world-class institution. Volunteers, listeners, concert attendees, trustees, and supporters, thank you for giving your time, your talent and your resources. Alumni, thank you for representing Interlochen to the world with distinction.

It is deeply meaningful for me to join you in building upon this proud tradition. I can think of no more important cause. Interlochen inspires discovery—of ourselves, those around us, our communities, and the world—through the gift of the arts. The potential for personal, artistic and societal transformation exists here in greater measure than anywhere else. This is our gift to treasure and our responsibility to share.

I ask that we continue this climb and we do it together. Progress, and sometimes bold action, extends from the insights that come from listening and understanding, and I will do my best to listen to the Interlochen community. The aspirations of Interlochen are my aspirations. Your hopes and dreams are my hopes and dreams, and our work is essential.

I am blessed to be joining you today as part of a truly extraordinary organization. Thank you for allowing me the honor to be a part of the Interlochen family. I look forward to meeting you here on campus and in my travels.

Most important, Interlochen’s promise and its greatest potential is only possible through you. Let’s continue this journey with passion, energy and joy!


Trey Devey
President, Interlochen Center for the Arts