Letter from the President

To our loyal IPR listeners,

The Trump administration has released a budgeted blueprint for the federal government. This blueprint proposes to end future funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Today and every day, Interlochen Center for the Arts remains committed to Interlochen Public Radio. Our commitment began with our first station—WIAA—in 1963; continued with our participation as a founding member station of NPR in 1971; and now features our dedicated music and news services, regional expansion, and quality programming and people. That commitment has not—and will not—waver.  

However, the support we receive from the CPB is critical for our services and our programming. As this budget process plays out in Washington and across the country, you play an important role in the national debate, and an important role closer to home in your support for IPR—support that is essential to our future.  We must do everything that we can to preserve federal funding for public broadcasting. Visit ProtectMyPublicMedia.org to take action and be heard, and show your support for IPR by donating during our upcoming spring fund drive.

Two things are sure in the success of Interlochen Public Radio. One: Our loyal listeners and supporters have been essential to our growth and success over the last 54 years. Two: Loyal listeners and supporters will be even more essential to our future.  

Together we can ensure the success of public broadcasting in our region and the country. It starts with YOU, and IPR looks forward to counting on you in the days ahead.


Jeffrey Kimpton
President, Interlochen Center for the Arts