IPR: Prelude to the NY Phil Biennial - Jonatan Myhre Jørgensen

From Interlochen Public Radio, an interview with Young Americans Interlochen Dance Company member Jonatan Myhre Jørgensen.

On June 5, the Interlochen Arts Academy Orchestra will perform at Lincoln Center for the New York Philharmonic biennial. Between now and then, the composers, choreographer and guest conductor will be working with students here at Interlochen, preparing the program for their trip to New York.

This week we feature Jonatan Myhre Jørgensen, one of six students from the Interlochen Arts Academy Dance Company chosen to premiere Christopher Williams' The Good So Far for the biennial.

Jørgensen grew up in Denmark and came to the United States for the first time in September 2015 to attend Interlochen Arts Academy as a sophomore. Before that he attended the The Royal Danish Ballet School in Copenhagen for two years.

He spoke with IPR's Meg Gruits about working with Christopher Williams, learning a new genre of dance and the excitement of preparing for New York.