IPR Begins to Build Student Recording Archive

Crescendo issue: April 2014
The new Interlochen Public Radio effort is a dream come true for parents, students and alumni.

Nothing is better than a live performance at Interlochen, but it can be difficult or impossible for many people to make it to concerts. Soon, however, music-lovers will have more ways to enjoy the next-best thing: high quality recordings of Interlochen concerts.    

"Our goal is to make recordings of Interlochen student performances available to students, friends, and families as soon as possible," says Interlochen Public Radio General Manager Thom Paulson. "These recordings will have a permanent home online and can be easily streamed, downloaded and shared."

"We are in the early phases of this effort and there are copyright and publishing restrictions on some pieces, but recordings approved for release will be made available online, usually within two weeks following the performance," says Paulson.

Right now, Paulson's team is busy archiving recent performances and preparing for those that are upcoming. However, they do have an eye to the more distant past, and not just because they've already received inquiries on whether or not those more distant performances will soon be part of that archive.

"The recordings available online will feature performances in 2014 and going forward," said Paulson. "As time and resources permit, audio recordings from the archive will be published online as well, perhaps eventually reaching back to the beginning of the Interlochen recorded archive in 1936."

Interlochen Public Radio encourages everyone to keep an eye on the archived site, available here, for new additions to the archive.

Grand performances, both old and new. That's what IPR has always been about and soon, it will be even more so, thanks to the students of Interlochen, past and present.