Interlochen's Inter*mester Has a Bit of Something for All

Crescendo issue: February 2014
While the Polar Vortex created travel challenges for many students returning from break, Interlochen’s campus was still alive with all forms of activities and learning opportunities during the 2014 Inter*mester session.

On one end of campus, students learned about wilderness survival from the professionals at the Green Lake fire and rescue department. The class culminated in a complete call-out of every capability the department had, totaling at least ten major pieces of equipment and vehicles. On another end of campus, students were learning the fine art of non-verbal communication. Elsewhere, dance principles, musical genres, visual arts practices, writing collaborations and more were taking place.

“The Inter*mester term is an opportunity for the Interlochen community to explore an exciting new curriculum designed with an emphasis on collaboration, interdisciplinary themes, and the creative spirit of the artist,” says Christopher Chesley, Interlochen’s director of education programs and student academic support. “The shorter elective classes are intended to introduce students to new skills, topics and ideas in order to expand student knowledge and interests.”

“The longer workshops are constructed to be both intense and immersive learning experiences, meant to go beyond the learning of new skills and material,” Chesley continued. “Students in workshops are commonly asked to demonstrate what they have learned through the creation of new works through both individual and collaborative means. In order to accomplish this, the workshops typically include a project-based assessment or performance at the conclusion of the term. Students also continue to work within their declared arts area in order to continue their training and development specific to their discipline across all academy terms.”

“The resources and collaboration between Divisions, Arts and Academics, the performances that we are able to put on after just two weeks, and the mix of extraordinary skills that our students bring forth is what makes this part of their academic year so very impressive,” concluded Chesley.