Interlochen Center for the Arts asks donors to Create Amazing

Interlochen has publicly launched Create Amazing: The Campaign for Interlochen. Supporters of Create Amazing will help complete the revitalization of Interlochen's campus, including the first centralized home for Music, a renovated and expanded home for Dance, as well as a completely new building that promotes student health and wellness.

"As Co-Chairs of the Campaign Cabinet for Create Amazing, we are proud to lead the most significant fundraising campaign in this exceptional institution’s history and to ensure it continues to set the standard for arts education worldwide," said Nancy Hoagland (IAC 1974) and Glynn Williams (Interlochen Trustee, Camp & Camp Staff Parent: 2009, 2013, 2015).

Other campaign priorities include enriching the Interlochen experience through innovative programs that help students realize their artistic dreams. These include securing the legacy of Interlochen's founding ensemble, the World Youth Symphony Orchestra, supporting guest artists in all disciplines, and helping Interlochen Public Radio share the Interlochen experience with the world.

"Since 1928, Interlochen has been a place where talent blooms, where friendships are made and where futures begin," said Interlochen president Jeffrey S. Kimpton. "Through this campaign, we will have the opportunity to profoundly affect the people, place, and programs of Interlochen Center for the Arts, and set the stage for our second century as a beacon of arts and culture and a leader in arts education."

The campaign will also allow the arts institution to:

  • create bold new programs that pave the way for the future of the arts;
  • increase scholarship funding to aspiring artists from all backgrounds;
  • complete the revitalization of Interlochen's campus;
  • broadcast important and powerful news, music, and original programming to communities across northern Michigan and the world.

Students at Interlochen discover, often for the first time in their lives, a community of like-minded individuals who match their artistic passion and teachers who unlock their potential to create at the highest level. Supporters of the campaign will help to ensure that Interlochen students have the opportunity to flourish.

This $100 million campaign has raised nearly $90 million thus far thanks to some of Interlochen’s most involved benefactors.

More information about the campaign can be found at