Christopher Rountree’s 2016 NY Phil Biennial Spotify playlist

Since its inception in 2014, the NY Phil Biennial has already established itself as an invaluable outlet for classical, contemporary, and chamber music as well as a venue for avant garde performance art and dance. Wrapping your mind around the vast breadth and depth of music and art on display during the festival’s May 23-June 11 run is a daunting task for even the most ardent fans of performance based art.

Thankfully organizations such as The New York Times have stepped in to offer their guide and suggestions for must-see biennial events. Adding to the list of resources is “Young Americans” guest conductor Christopher Rountree. Below is a Spotify playlist curated by Rountree that is comprised of several of our “Young Americans” contributing composers and other artists and composers performing or featured during the 2016 NY Phil Biennial. Additionally, Rountree has compiled a video carousel of interesting work by NY Phil Biennial artists such as Ashley Fure (IAA 98-00), Chris Kallmyer, Hannah Lash and more.

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Spotify Playlist

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