Interlochen Arts Academy senior wins national community service award

Charlotte Kearns of San Francisco, CA, was the recipient of an annual National Community Service Award

Charlotte Kearns

Interlochen Arts Academy senior theatre student Charlotte Kearns took home a National Community Service Award for her work contributing to a San Mateo, CA, theatre program. Charlotte previously won other accolades from this organization, including the Michigan Governor Youth Service Award Youth Spirit of Hope Award and the 2019-20 National Community Service Awards Merit Award.

Several projects that Charlotte is spearheading led her to win this year’s award.

"In 2019, I founded the drama program at Peninsula Bridge, a non-profit organization for high-achieving, low-income middle school students. Over the past three summers, I have directed more than 20 students in three musical productions, two being on Zoom. I’m currently building a cohesive five-week theatre curriculum that concludes with a full-scale musical production. This curriculum will be shared with teachers at Peninsula Bridge so they can lead their own drama classes.” 

Charlotte went on to explain how this initiative was made possible by her education at Interlochen.

“I have utilized the skills and training that I have received as a four-year Theatre Major at Interlochen to educate others in the arts who might not have the same opportunities to perform as I do."

The National Community Service Award program elevates and expands the awareness of youth leaders contributing time and talent to drive positive progress toward global issues.