Video: "I Get To Be Here"

Thanks to the generous gifts of our donors, hundreds of aspiring artists were able to attend Interlochen Arts Camp and Interlochen Arts Academy in 2019. Here are some of the amazing moments you helped make possible. Special thanks to singer-songwriter students Breezy Love and Grace Monahan for creating this song. May the year ahead be full of opportunity and art!

"I Get To Be Here" by Breezy Love & Grace Monahan

I've been walking through blankets of white
admiring the footprints I'm leaving behind me
and the path I've paving

Gentle whispers through pine trees and I start to hear new melodies
creating amazing

Catch another snowflake on my tongue
my roots have settled in, in this home where I belong
I could be a thousand things or settle anywhere
but because of you … I get to be here.