Interlochen Online: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What things do I need to provide for my classes?
To use Canvas and Zoom, you will need access to a computer (preferred) or mobile device with internet access. This is a list of basic system requirements.

Screen Size

  • Canvas and Zoom are best viewed at a minimum screen size of 11+ inches. If you want to use a device with a smaller screen, we recommend using the mobile apps for Canvas and Zoom.

Operating Systems

  • macOS 10.13 or newer (Interlochen recommends Apple products)

  • Windows 10

  • chromeOS

  • Apple iOS or Android

Computer Speed and Processor

  • Use a Mac or PC 5 years old or newer if possible. While it is possible to use an iPad or mobile device, the experience will be better for you on a laptop or desktop.

  • If using a laptop, it should have the following specifications:

  • At least 4GB of RAM

  • At least 2GHz processor

NOTE: While we do recommend using a laptop/desktop, if you are planning to use an iPad or mobile device, you will need to download the Canvas mobile app for students on that device, and select "Interlochen Online" as your school.

Internet Speed

  • Minimum of 1.5Mbps download and 800Kbps upload

How do I access my classes?
Students will engage with instructors in real-time, using Zoom video conferencing technology, and they access program materials through our Learning Management System, Canvas.

When will I get access to Canvas?
A few days prior to the start of the program. You will access Canvas via the Education Community (the portal you used to register for the program).

What do I need to do once I'm granted access to Canvas?
All students will be enrolled in the Student Hub in Canvas, which is a course for training, resources, and general information throughout Interlochen Online. You will:

  • Go through the Canvas training resources in the Student Hub
  • If your program includes private lessons, you will select your private lesson times (instructions for this will be in the Student Hub)
  • Check out your main program course once you have access to it; it will have a "Get to Know Each Other" discussion board for you to post on prior to and throughout the program.

If my program includes private lessons, how do I sign up for those?
When you are granted access to Canvas, you will see your private lesson course on your course dashboard. You will follow the instructions in your Canvas training (which are also included in each private lesson course for reference) to select your lesson times from the instructor's available time slots on the Canvas calendar. You will select one lesson slot per week.

Will I be able to choose my private lesson instructor?
Students will be assigned a private lesson instructor. Due to the varying availability and capacity of each instructor, students are unable to request a particular instructor. All of our instructors are excellent and well-regarded, teaching with Interlochen Arts Academy, Interlochen Arts Camp, and/or institutions of higher education.

How will I access Zoom?
You will access Zoom through Canvas. All of your Zoom links can be accessed through your Canvas calendar. When you are first granted access to Canvas, some of the Zoom links for your courses may not be set up yet. That is okay. Everything will be ready for you by the first day of class.

What can I expect to see when I get access to Canvas?
When you get into Canvas, you will click on Dashboard on the left to see all of your courses. For Interlochen Online, you will have:

  • The Student Hub - this is where your onboarding materials will be, and where you will find general information and resources for Interlochen Online
  • Your main program course
  • Your private lesson course, if your program includes private lessons

Courses are typically still under construction until a day or two prior to the start of class. There is a lot to get ready to make sure this is a great experience for you; rest assured that everything will be ready by your first day of class.

How can I see my schedule?
You will see all of your classes and other obligations/opportunities on your Canvas calendar, including your private lessons once you sign up for those.

Are Interlochen Online programs refundable?
Once registered, Interlochen Online programs are not refundable, though in some cases we may be able to apply payment to another Interlochen program. Please see the Interlochen Online Enrollment Agreement for further information.

More questions?
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