Special Initiatives

Interlochen Arts Academy Singer Songwriter Students Perform in Miami

With a gift to one of our Special Initiatives, you can support key areas that students value and position Interlochen even more firmly as the destination for young artists. 

Building new facilities like Dow House and exemplifying Interlochen’s long-standing commitment to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion are among our current priorities. Other priorities include increasing visiting artists and touring opportunities; when combined, these create a boundless stage through regional and national touring showcases and by welcoming additional top talent as visiting faculty and artists.

Donors can have a philanthropic impact by supporting key initiatives at Interlochen, including these current priorities:

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fund

Interlochen is committed to finding ways to dedicate our time and effort, and to secure additional resources, to sustain a socially inclusive and responsible community for artists of every age. Learn more about supporting the DEI Fund. 


Dow House

Dow House is a new residence hall for Interlochen Arts Academy students that converts to housing for Arts Camp faculty in the summer. It also has a special wing for visiting artists year round. Learn more about supporting Dow House.


Visiting Artists

Visiting artists bring their exceptional talents, insights, and real-world experience to our campus community, inspiring our students and faculty. Learn more about supporting visiting artists. Learn more about supporting visiting artists on our Endowment Gifts page.


Student Touring

The opportunity to perform for audiences outside the Interlochen campus, connect with other young artists, and bring the magic of Interlochen to communities adds further value to the overall Interlochen experience by our change-makers. Learn more about supporting student touring on our Endowment Gifts page.