Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships serve as a permanent investment in our educational mission, helping to ensure that the very best young artists from every corner of the world have the opportunity to attend Interlochen. The full amount of an endowed gift is invested, and only the earnings from that investment are expended for scholarships. Since the principal is never spent, this type of gift can be especially satisfying for donors seeking to establish a permanent legacy in the arts.

Currently, 4.5% of our endowment funds are used to support the designated scholarship or program. You can increase the impact of your gift as you continue to build the endowment over time:

  • An endowment of $180,000 would fully fund a six-week Arts Camp scholarship each year.
  • An endowment of $1.2 million would fund the annual tuition, room and board for an Arts Academy student.

A Named Endowed Scholarship is a wonderful way to honor a family member, a friend or someone special who has made a positive difference in your life. It also helps perpetuate the development of young artists, promotes the arts, and transforms lives. Making a gift to endowment is a way to ensure a permanent legacy to the arts.

To take the first step towards creating your permanent legacy to the arts by establishing a Named Endowed Scholarship, contact at 231.276.7623 or advancement@interlochen.org.