Academy Playwrights Realize New Play with Help from Theatre Students


On a recent spring afternoon, theatre students read through and rehearsed a new play in Harvey Theatre while the two authors of the play watched from the audience, occasionally making comments to the director and actors. The two new playwrights just happened to be two creative writing students, Danny Rothschild and Mishka Hoosen. It was the type of learning experience that exemplifies the Arts Academy.  

Danny and Mishka co-wrote the play about Vincent Van Gogh's last days, with the guidance of Anne-Marie Oomen. The play features broken, poetic text spoken by a chorus, made up of characters from Van Gogh’s paintings. After a reading by creative writing students, the play was finally performed by theatre students, giving the writers an opportunity to see their vision realized, and theatre students a chance to perform a new play and work directly with the playwrights.