COVID-19 guidance for the Interlochen Center for the Arts community

The safety and security of our community are always our first priority. We are closely following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), and working in coordination with our local partners at Munson Medical Center and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

A COVID-19 Task Force has been activated to guide and plan Interlochen’s continued response.

There are no suspected cases of COVID-19 on the Interlochen campus. Interlochen Arts Academy students began spring break one week early and will transition to online instruction beginning April 6. Our hope was that by taking proactive measures, Interlochen would help mitigate the spread of the virus and support critical healthcare infrastructures.

Campus Closure

In accordance with Governor Gretchen Whitmer's statewide 'stay at home' order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Interlochen campus is closed to the public until further notice.

Travel Restrictions

We have cancelled all Interlochen-sponsored travel, including tours that were scheduled to take place over spring break.

Interlochen Arts Academy Classes Resume Online Starting Monday, April 6

In order for students to continue their high school credits, classes will resume online beginning Monday, April 6.

Our goal is to reopen residence halls on Friday, May 1, and to resume normal operations on Monday, May 4. We very much hope that long-anticipated events such as MORP, Festival, and commencement will continue as scheduled. We will continually assess what is possible, what would be in our students’ best interests, and what will serve to safeguard our community.

Summer 2020

At this time, Interlochen Arts Camp and the 2020 Interlochen Arts Festival are proceeding as normal. There are no plans to cancel any programming for summer 2020. We plan to announce the 2020 Interlochen Arts Festival lineup in May. Please check for the most up-to-date programming information.

On-Campus Health Resources

Interlochen Arts Academy maintains a health clinic that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and fully staffed with licensed nurses. Our campus nurse practitioner also works at Munson Medical Center in the infectious disease department.

Interlochen Arts Camp has three health services centers that are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with licensed nurses, and at least two physicians or nurse practitioners on campus at all times.

Emergency medical services are located 1.5 miles from Interlochen’s main entrance and Munson Medical Center, a level II trauma center, is just a short drive away in Traverse City.

Staying Informed

It is important that our community stay informed and we encourage families to visit the CDC’s Share Facts, Not Fear page for the most up-to-date information. 

Join Us Online

"Promoting world friendship through the universal language of the arts”—the motto that is displayed on the back of Kresge Auditorium—has always been a core value at Interlochen, and is now more relevant than ever. Even though social distancing pulls us apart, art brings us together.

We are broadcasting recent and archival music, theater, and dance performances by Interlochen Arts Academy and Interlochen Arts Camp students and faculty on our Facebook page. Videos will be viewable after each broadcast on Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.

We will also highlight the ways Interlochen students, faculty, and alumni around the world are creating art to uplift and inspire others during this global health crisis. Keep an eye out for the hashtag #interlocheninterludes on our Instagram channel and throughout social media—and let the abundant talent of Interlochen artists lift your spirits and provide reprieve.

Travel Registration Form

Tips for Staying Healthy

Frequently Asked Questions

Interlochen Arts Camp

Will there be Camp this summer?

At this time, Camp is proceeding as normal. There are no plans to cancel any programming for summer 2020. Should Interlochen cancel any camp programming, tuition would be refunded.

Are there international students coming to Camp?

All students coming to Camp will need to abide by the CDC travel restrictions and quarantine procedures. As always, international students are required to have an F-1 visa to be on our campus. These visas are obtained within the home country and access depends upon embassies remaining open; embassies in a number of highly affected countries are currently closed. 

Is a refund possible for Camp?

At this point, our admission policies and practices have not changed. If a student cannot travel to Interlochen because of CDC Warning Level 3 as of June 15, 2020, tuition will be refunded. If Interlochen cancels a program, tuition will be refunded. 

When is tuition due?

Camp tuition is due June 1. 

What happens if a Camp student or faculty member gets coronavirus during Camp?

Because this is our 93rd summer, Interlochen staff are experienced and prepared. Having recently put our policies into practice with Avian influenza, SARS (2003), h1n1 virus (2009), Ebola (2014), measles preparation (2019), and ongoing flu, the site emergency plan and communicable disease policies are updated and quarantine plans are in place. 

Interlochen Arts Academy

Is the Academy in session right now?

Spring break for Academy students begins Friday, March 13 and classes resume online on Monday, April 6. We hope to resume classes on-campus on Wednesday, May 4. 

I just got admitted to the Arts Academy and would like to plan a visit.

Right now, our campus is closed to the public.  Contact to find out about our virtual visit options. 

How are you monitoring people on campus who are traveling?

Interlochen-sponsored international travel has been suspended and domestic travel must be approved as essential by supervisors. All travel, personal and Interlochen-sponsored, is reported; CDC guidelines must be followed; and health screenings are conducted upon return to campus. 

How are you monitoring visitors?

Our campus is currently closed to visitors.

Will current Academy international students be able to return for fall 2020?

Interlochen will offer programming and housing for the summer, beginning in late May, for any current students who are not able to travel to their home country due to a CDC Warning Level 3. 

I am a new international student and am worried about getting my F-1 visa. What happens if I can't get to Interlochen this fall?

While we hope that by this fall there is no concern around issuing visas for international students, our international student advisors will work with each family on their specific circumstances. Should a student not be able to get to Interlochen, tuition would not be charged. Email with any questions.