Information for Academy Families

Below is an overview of some of the services that we provide at the campus Health Center during the Interlochen Arts Academy school year.


Interlochen’s Nurse Practitioner has Clinic hours on-campus for any student referred by one of the nurses, faculty, parent or the student themselves. This service is free to the student with the exception of annual exams.


Nurses dispense any medications to students that are required to be maintained in Health Services. If a student forgets to pick up their medication, a nurse will reach out to remind them to take their medication as it was prescribed.


This is located in Health Services and free to students. A student only needs to call or stop by Health Services and schedule a time to reserve the whirlpool.


Elite Physical Therapy comes to campus every Wednesday and Friday to evaluate and treat students. Elite PT will bill a student’s medical insurance for their services if they are provided a prescription. A student may obtain a prescription by either their own Primary Care Provider or they can be seen by the Nurse Practitioner who will provide them with a prescription for their PT sessions.


If a laboratory test is ordered, a nurse will obtain the necessary sample then send it to Munson Medical Center for analysis.  Test results will be sent to the ordering Provider as well as the parent.


Thompson Pharmacy will pick up any prescriptions from Health Services and then deliver the medication to the Health Center free of charge to students. Those prescriptions can be written and received by a student’s Primary Care Provider or prescribed after a student was seen by the Nurse Practitioner in Clinic. Thompson Pharmacy will bill a student’s insurance directly and any copays are deducted from the student account through our billing office.


The Health Services staff assist students with appointment and transportation arrangements for all off-campus appointments.