About Interlochen

Interlochen Arts Academy students laugh on their walk to launch

You Belong Here

Since 1928, Interlochen has offered an immersive arts experience that fosters a sense of closeness discovered only through a deep, shared appreciation. Generations of artists and arts enthusiasts have experienced the special and intangible magic that transpires on Interlochen's beautiful campus, nestled between two pristine lakes and surrounded by quiet pines in northwest Michigan. 

A true artist's retreat, Interlochen invites students grades 3-12, as well as adults of all ages, for once in a lifetime arts education programs designed to hone their skills and nurture their humanity. The depth and breadth of our offerings is unmatched. Our community transcends backgrounds and beliefs, borders and barriers: here, we are united through the universal language of the arts.

Our umbrella organization, Interlochen Center for the Arts, encompasses six distinct program areas, each founded to propel arts education and engagement: Interlochen Arts Camp, Interlochen Arts Academy, Interlochen Online, Interlochen Public Radio, Interlochen Presents, and Interlochen College of Creative Arts. 

Interlochen Strategic Plan

As we approach our centennial, we celebrate Interlochen's leadership in arts education, drawing upon our remarkable success to envision an even brighter future. The resulting plan, Vision 2028, is supported by four fundamental pillars: The Young Artist Destination, The Formative Experience, One Interlochen, and Student Value Investments.

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Fostering Growth and Transformation

Interlochen Arts Academy students perform Everybody

At Interlochen, young artists transform artistically and personally through our programs. We are continually pushing ourselves to find new ways to stretch talents, build confidence, and help artists find their unique voice. Our students emerge from their Interlochen experience standing taller, imbued with a strong sense of purpose and possibility. 

Leading to Inspire

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Our phenomenal faculty and staff are committed to the students they serve and the mission they model. They set a high bar not only for artistic excellence—as many are practicing artists themselves—but also for effective mentorship. They embrace their role to inspire the next generation of creative changemakers. 

Creating Lifelong Connection

Students hug goodbye at the end of the summer

The strong sense of community found in the Interlochen experience bonds generations of artists. Our alumni remain connected to this place, to their peers, to the indelible time they spent at Interlochen—always.