New IAO Council Member Application

The Interlochen Alumni Organization (IAO) Council represents the interests of more than 95,000 former students, campers, faculty, and staff members. The IAO Council welcomes all nominations, and in selecting nominees, seeks diverse representation of artistic, academic, professional, generational, demographic, and cultural backgrounds of the Interlochen family.  Your responses to the questions below will assist the Council Development Committee in assembling a Council that best serves the mission of Interlochen’s Alumni Organization. 
Council members meet in their respective communities with other Interlochen alumni in order to increase Interlochen’s alumni engagement.  Alumni engagement is not fund-raising, but a great opportunity to share your experiences and reconnect with others who share a similar and positive Interlochen experience.  This group of passionate former campers, students, teachers, administrators, and employees of Interlochen also has the great opportunity to meet on campus semiannually to develop strategies and programs to improve alumni interaction.  Serving on the IAO Council is an honor and a satisfying way to affect Interlochen positively while promoting world friendship through the universal language of the arts. 
Much of a council member’s work is done in their respective communities, along with representation on IAO Council committees.  Semiannually, while on campus the Council meets as a group and in committees, works on engagement projects, sharing best practices and developing effective ways to increase Interlochen alumni engagement, and establish timelines for their completion off campus.  Most committees have telephone conferences periodically between Council meetings. 
Interlochen Alumni Council members are responsible for their own transportation to and from campus, with the exception of travel to and from the Traverse City Airport.  The Interlochen Alumni Office provides Council members’ accommodations on campus. Council members are expected to contribute to the fiscal health of Interlochen through an active donation to the Annual Fund, normally at the Fall meeting.  The size of the donation is less important than the full participation of all Council members. If you are interested in joining this exciting group and have the time and ability to make a positive contribution to the Interlochen family, we’d like to learn more about you.  Please take a moment to highlight some very important information below.
(please include area code and country code if outside U.S.)
(please include area code and country code if outside U.S.)
Please elaborate on activities that can be undertaken between Council meetings. These can include, but not be limited to, alumni events in your region, participation in online communities, and individual outreach.
Please provide detail on volunteer work for Interlochen, other charitable, environmental, community, fraternity/sorority, MENC, political, or other activities.
Committee and full Council conference calls occur throughout the year. Participation in these is crucial to the Council’s on-going alumni engagement.
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