Interlochen Alumni Organization Award Nomination

The Interlochen Alumni Organization (IAO) represents the interests of more than 95,000 former students, campers, faculty and staff members. The Interlochen Alumni Council welcomes nominations for Applause (staff) and Bravo (volunteer) Award recipients. All recommendations to the Alumni Recognition Committee become the property of the IAO Council. The IAO recognizes the diverse artistic, academic, professional, generational, and cultural contributions of dedicated alumni with these awards. Your thorough response to the following questions assists the Alumni Recognition Committee in creating a slate for the entire IAO Council to review at one of its regularly scheduled meetings. Awards are presented at various times during the year, ideally during a program where other alumni can celebrate these individuals’ achievements and contributions.
Due Date: December 1, 2013
The Applause Award
The Applause Award is presented to an outstanding Faculty/Staff member (past or present) in recognition of exceptional service and concern for Interlochen during his or her employment.
The Bravo Award
The Bravo Award is presented to a past or present Interlochen volunteer in recognition of outstanding dedication and service to Interlochen. While the Interlochen Volunteers program announces annual awards for hours of service to the institution, the Bravo award includes service or projects that may fall outside the realm of on-campus volunteer service.

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Some individuals serve Interlochen in both capacities and can be nominated for both awards but would receive only one award if selected by the IAO Board.