Instrument Rental

Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Only music majors and campers who are signed up for private lessons may rent an instrument.

Specialty instruments (such as English horn, alto clarinet, etc.) required for ensemble work are exempt from any rental fee, as are pianos, harps, and most percussion instruments (for students in those majors).

Campers/parents are fully responsible for the care of the instrument and/or accessories during the rental period.  Should the instrument be lost, stolen, accidentally or intentionally damaged, misused, or abused by the camper or others, the camper/parent is solely responsible for repairs to or replacement of the instrument and case.  (This includes instruments borrowed free of charge.)

Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own instruments, mouthpieces, bows, and accessories whenever possible, as our selection is limited.

Flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola

Rental fee: $25 per week.

Oboe, bassoon, saxophone, horn, euphonium, cello, double bass
Rental fee: $35 per week. 

To reserve an instrument for a camper, please complete the Instrument Rental form in the Admissions Community. To reserve an instrument for any Interlochen College of Creative Arts adult programs, please contact J Berry, Instrument Services Manager at