Heritage Society

Interlochen's distinguished Heritage Society honors alumni, friends, faculty, and staff who have chosen to bequeath Interlochen Center for the Arts through Wills, Charitable Annuity Trusts, Charitable Remainder Unitrusts, Lead Trusts, Gifts of Insurance, Retirement Plans or other estate-planning arrangements. The members share a strong common bond of generosity that nourishes and sustains Interlochen's role as a world leader in arts education.

Through their foresight and beneficence, members of the Heritage Society provide countless opportunities for future generations to benefit from Interlochen's education, outreach and public service. Interlochen recognizes the significant role that planned giving donors play in ensuring our future and are pleased to pay special tribute to their philanthropic leadership and vision.

Membership in the Heritage Society is voluntary and without obligation.

For more information on Interlochen's Heritage Society and how Planned Giving might work for you, please contact our Director of Planned Giving, Kathleen Kasdorf, at 231.276.7637 or kathleen.kasdorf@interlochen.org.

Heritage Society

The following individuals have made a provision for Interlochen in their estate plans:

* Interlochen Alumni
† Deceased

Jeanne Blumenfeld Aaronson *
Mr. Morton Jay Achter *
Alfred Berkowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Alsaker
Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Alsup †
Virginia Alten Estate *†
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin F. Amstutz
Mr. Dean W. Anderson *
George W. & Carolyn T. Anderson Family Trust
Mr. Glenn H. Anderson †
Ann T. and Richard G. Anderson †
Mr. Robert Wade Anderson *
Audrey Andrews
Charles and Laurel Angus
Anonymous †
Mr. Warren William Ansbaugh †
Ms. Julie Aragon *
Jon S. and Mary E. Armstrong
Mr. John David Arthurs *
Bertha Bachrach †
Mr. Richard Bagans *†
Edward R. Bagley
Lucile Cummings Bagle †
Ms. Mary L. Bain *†
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Baker †
Ms. Sheila Baker
Mr. and Mrs. John Vincent Balint, Jr. *
George and Merry Ball *
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund F. Ball †
Miss Mary Baloyan †
Mr. Charles Barclay †
Mrs. Jean Maschmeyer Bardonner ('46) *
Mr. Clark W. Barnes
Charles W. Barr II
Mr. and Mrs. Ned K. Barthelmas
Kathleen Varney Bates *
Joel McNeely and Margaret Batjer *
Mr. Walter E. Beebe, Jr. †
Phillip B. Begley †
Harriet Benfer and Emil Weber
Mrs. Dorothy Berar
Ms. Phyllis Gold Berenson *
Mr. L. J. Bert †
Ms. Anita Biabani †
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry H. Bilik *
Mr. William Whipple Bing *
Mr. Edward F. Bittner †
Mrs. Frankie Claudia Bolling †
Peter W. Bowman *
Mr. Robert C. Boyer *
Mr. Ted Braciak
Mr. Robert E. Bracken *
Miss Eleanor Brakeman †
Ms. Mary Brandenburg †
Ms. Maureen Breen
Ms. Ellen Brehm
Ms. Victoria Brehm *
Mr. Robert E. Breining †
Dr. Michael Bresler *
Mr. Franklin D. Brown †
Dr. Josephine H. Brown †
Dr. Leslie Ellen Brown *
Ms. Nancy Brown †
Mrs. Doris A. Brucker *
Ms. Donna Louise Brunsma *
Helen and Tony Buday
Mrs. Marilyn Burchuk †
Mrs. Dorothy B. Burke
Mrs. Charles A. Burnett †
Mrs. Nancy Calcutt †
Mr. Vincent Carcello †
Dr. Lillian Jane Cassie *†
Mary Elizabeth Catto †
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Cheney *
Mr. Leslie E. Clark †
Mrs. William E. Clark †
Lawrence W. and Barbara L. Clarkson *
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Colker
Mr. Arthur J. Collins †
Mrs. Helen Bishop Collins
Mr. Fred Michael Combs
Miss Annabel Comfort †
Dr. and Mrs. Donald B. Comin
Ms. Catherine L. Compton *
Katherine Cooke *
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Cooper
Mrs. Matilda Core †
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Corson
Dr. Sharon F. Cramer *
Miss Adelia Anne Cubbon †
Ms. Ruth Currie †
Mrs. Gertie Cutler †
Kenneth Vaughan Dake, Jr. *
Ruth Elizabeth Datz Estate †
Betsy Davidson and Sheryl Coston
Mrs. Helen Davies †
Anita C. Dean
Ms. Portia Dean
Mrs. Mary E. Demaline †
Mrs. Peggy Dendrinos
Peter C. Dendrinos †
Mrs. Malcolm F. Denise †
Ms. Lee W. Dennison *†
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Dennos †
Ms. Marian G. DeRavignon †
Michael Dermody *
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Detweiler †
Mr. John Robert DeYoung
Mr. Robert Byron Dimmick *
Ms. Beth Susan Dochinger *
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Douglass *†
Mr. and Mrs. Elton F. Drake †
Mrs. Myrtle S. Drechsler †
Mr. Rudolph A. Duerks †
Mr. Robert Duffey †
Ms. Julie Irene Duke *
Mrs. George E. Dutton †
Marge Eckert
Mr. Charles R. Eilber
Mrs. Jean Ellis †
Carol and Charles Emmons, Jr.
Ms. Stephanie G. Ettelson *
Gordon and Barbara Evans *
Ms. Kathryn Evans †
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Ewing †
Ms. Diana Jean Farran *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Faulhaber *
Jo Faulmann
Roger Faulmann *
Frederick and Elizabeth Ludwig Fennell †
Dr. Michael James Finton *
Mrs. Beth Fischer †
Gerald B. and Catherine L. Fischer *
Kenneth and Penelope Fischer *
Dr. William Fishbeck †
Nancy Vaden Fitton
Mr. James R. Flagg
Mrs Joan E. Flagg †
Mrs. Margie E. Fleming †
Mr. Gunther S. Fonken *
Mrs. Ruth Forbes †
Mr. David Foster *
Mr. John D. Foster †
Ms. Pamela R. Francis *†
Ms. Diana Sparkes Frederick *
Mr. Edward P. Frohlich *†
Jay Frost and Yuko Iida *
Alan Garber *†
Dr. Beth Gilbert
Mr. Charles E. Goff †
Mr. Randall Kerry Goff *
Ms. Clara W. Golay †
Dr. George Goldberg *
Mr. Denny Jack Goldman †
Mr. Donald Gonzales †
Mary Gonzales †
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Goodman
Barbara Gordon and Bradley Gordon
Hannah B. Gordon †
Mr. and Mrs. Britton L. Gordon †
Mr. and Mrs. George Gordon *
Ms. Sondra Joyce Graff *
Mrs. Margaret Nichols Gray †
Ms. Nancy Hancock Griffith *
Miss Helen J. Grinnell
Mr. William C. Groth †
Sheldon Grundwag *†
Ms. Anna Guertin †
Mrs. Margaret Schuele Haegg *†
Lt. Colonel William G. Halliday †
Ms. Helen H. Hamilton †
Miss Virginia Anita Hammel *†
Moe and Francine Handleman †
Mr. Joseph Phillip Handleman *†
Ms. Julia Hansen *
Mr. Michael Hansen
Mr. Francis R. Harlow †
Mrs. Enid H. Harris †
Ms. Judith Rachel Harris and Mr. Tony Woolfson *
Dr. Vincent C. Harris *†
Mrs. Elizabeth Lindsay Harrison *
Mr. James Harvey †
Mrs. Keith Harvey
Mr. David B. Hattner *
Mr. Stephen E. Hayden *
Paul Heaton
Mrs. Bettyjo Heckrodt †
Ms. Ruth Mary Heeler *
Mrs. Coggin A. Heeringa
Eleanor Heinz *
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hemken *†
Mr. William S. Henderson †
Miss Margaret B. Hendrichs †
Mrs. Patricia Brown Hennessy *
Mrs. Dorothy Dietzel Henricks †
Karla Herbold
Mr. John Herlitz †
Mr. David F. Heroy *
Martha and Jack Hicks *
Dr. Barbara C. High
Mr. Howard H. Hintze
Ms. Carolyn Kimball Holmquist
Mr. Jan Q. Holmquist *†
Gary J. Holt *
John and Diane Horwitz
Ms. Clara Mae Hoselton †
Ms. Candace M. Hughes *
Robert T. Hughes †
Mrs. Russell C. Hussey †
T. Michael and Joan L. Jackson
Mr. Timothy M. Jackson
Mary Jane Jacobi †
Roger Jacobi †
Ms. Emmy Jacobson
Roseanne Jamrok *
Mrs. Paula F. Janousek †
Dr. Emil H. Jebe †
Mrs. Elma Eleanor Jewett †
Mrs. Marilyn R. Johnson
Nicholas A. Johnson *†
Dr. Thor Johnson †
Mr. William C. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glen Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Jordan, Jr.
Mr. William Joy
Mr. Edward W. Kahler Jr.
Ms. Margaret C. Kalb †
John R. Kane *
Mr. Daniel Lawrence Kanter *
Mrs. Pearl Kashkashian †
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Kay *
Mrs. R. Graham Keevil †
Ms. Jan Reinhart Kelley *
Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Kelly *
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Kempton †
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Kempton
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kent *
Mr. Stuart Kent †
Dr. Warren Ketcham *†
Mr. Rex T. Kiess †
Ione Killman †
Ms. Lois King †
Dorothy M. Kirby †
Mr. William Kirchberg †
Mr. Paul Kithcart †
Ms. Jacqueline Klein †
Mr. William C. Knicely †
Mr. Benjamin M. Kosins †
Eugene and Janet Lambert
Mr. Robert James Lange *
Mr. and Mrs. Will Larson
Mr. James LaTulip †
Elizabeth D. Lee †
Mrs. Leo A. Levi †
Judy and Shel Levin *
Mrs. Edward F. Lewand †
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Lewis
Richard and Sally Lewis
Ms. Jill Libman *
Ms. Louise Abigail Linden *
Mr. Lewis Fredric Lipnick *
Mrs. Maureen Morrison Long
Mr. Bruce A. Loomis
Dr. Charles T. Louisell †
Mr. Kenneth D. Lowenberg
Ms. Kate Lunsford *
Mr. William MacGowan *†
Mrs. Edith W. Maddy †
Dr. Joseph E. Maddy †
Carl and Carolyn Maksimowicz
Miss Rosemary M. Malocsay *
Malcolm Manley
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley L. Mann †
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Markel †
John Ruder Mason *
Mr. and Mrs. Gary May
Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Mayfield *
Alexandra Evenks Maylou †
Dr. Angela McBride
Kathy McCune
Mrs. Elleva Davidson McDonald *†
Mr. Robert McDonald †
Mary Elizabeth McDougle *†
John McGarry and Michelle Wernli *
Frederick McOmber †
Charles Kinsley McWhorter *†
Richard S. and Marion L. Merrill
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Metrick *
Ms. Genevieve Rae Miess †
Ms. Louise Tuller Miller *†
The Honorable and Mrs. William G. Milliken
Drs. Nicholas and Elaine Mischler
Ms. Elizabeth S. Mitchell
Ms. Helen Montgomery Moore †
Mr. Brian Morgan
Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Morris
Marcia H. Mullin †
Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Murner †
Mr. Robert Henderson Murphy *†
Miss Bonnie Murray †
Ms. Bessie Myers †
Miss Frieda E. Myers †
Ms. Ruth Ann Myers
Dr. and Mrs. Harold M. Nelson
The Reverend Douglas Reed Nettleton *
William R. Newcomb
Mrs. Susan Comstock Noble *†
Mr. and Mrs. Myrl D. Nofziger
Mrs. Jane E. Norton †
Ruth Novick †
Mrs. Dawn Marino Ohmes
Mr. John Olbrich, Jr. †
Mrs. Richard W. Olson
Mr. and Mrs. E. George Osius *
Ms. Dena Osterhart †
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Helen C. Osterlin †
Mrs. Kathryn Wells Paauw *
Mr. Daniel Abbott Packard IV *
Ms. Cyd Pacot
Daniel and Barbara Palazuk *
Mrs. Marcia Weissgerber Palmer †
Mr. Dale L. Parshall
Kay Marie Partleton *†
Ms. Linda Patrick
Mrs. W. Calvin Patterson †
Ms. Harriet Payne *†
Mr. Lee Edward Percy *
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman C. Perry *†
Marguerite L. Peterson †
Mr. and Mrs. Lucas E. Pfeiffenberger
Ms. Rebecca Phelps *
Mrs. Ramona Dahlborg Pitts *†
Mrs. Monica Popoff *†
Mr. and Mrs. Delmar J. Proctor
Mr. D. Russell Putnam †
Ms. Hortense Ramsay †
Ms. Susan L. Raye
Sally Reahard †
Pauline Regna †
Mrs. JoAnn Rehkopf *†
Mildred Reisner †
Mrs. G. Manning Richards *
Mr. Dean E. Richardson †
Ms. Katherine Rines
Elizabeth G. Roan †
Edward Roberts III and Wilma J. Patterson
Mary Agnes Roberts *
Ms. Cynthia Elayne Robertson *
Mr. Robert L. Rosenfeld †
Mr. John S. Ross, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Royce
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Ruggaber †
Becky Ruthven
Mr. and Mrs. David Sanders
Miss Marie Sayles †
Arthur and Mary Schmuckal †
Frederick Arthur Schurmeier *†
Carrie E Schuyler Estate †
Mr. Garry A. Schwartz †
Libby Parkhurst Scott *
Ms. Melinda Scott *
John W. and Charlene B. Seabury †
Mr. James Dale Seebach *†
Hamer Shafer †
Phyllis Shafer †
Ruth M. Shanberge
Mrs. Norma Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Shikles †
Mr. Lloyd H. Shillabeer †
Mr. E. W. Shineman Jr. *†
Mrs. Webster B. Shippey †
Mrs. Mary DeLano Sholkovitz *
Dr. Werner Simon †
Steven and Rachel Sindell *
Mr. Harry A. Sisson †
Ms. Florence H. Skaggs †
Mr. Allen G. Smith *†
Larry and Izzy Francis Smith *
Mrs. Marilyn J. Smith
Dr. Martha L. Smith
Van P. and Margaret A. Smith
Ms. Theodora Smokler
Mrs. Martha Longfellow Snyder *†
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Sofhauser *
Mrs. Everett J. Soop †
James and Ann Spica *
Arturo Steely *
Ms. Nancy Jean Stephenson †
Ms.  Marjorie Stettbacher *
Ms. Shirley Ann Stevens †
Ms. Aura Stevenson †
Mr. Arthur R. Stickles
Mrs. Jennie C. Stoddard †
Alexander Stolley *†
Mr. Daniel John Stolper
W. Clement and Jessie V. Stone †
Mr. Ronald F. Stowe *
Mr. Stephen W. Stracke
Mrs. Dorothy Suchner
Mrs. Evy Kaplan Sussman *
Evy and Ross Sussman
Ms. Gina Maria Tabachki *
Susan and George Tagatz *
Mr. David Terrell and Mrs. Diana Terrell
Portia Ruth Thede *
Ms. Patricia Monteith Thibodeau †
Ms. Catherine-Aimee L. Thompson *
Mr. Robert F. Thompson †
Miss Frances Eleanor Tibbals *
Rev. Dr. Christina L. Tillotson *
Mr. Aaron L. Tilton †
Ms. Jo Ann Trisler *†
Mrs. Julie Trudeau *
Philip and Julie Trudeau
Randy and Patty Tucker
Mrs. Dorothy L. Tunnacliff †
Ms. Alice Campbell Tyler *†
Madeline Udow
Ms. Eugenia K. Ulrich
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Upton
Gary and Margaret Valade
Gary C. and Margaret A. Valade *
Ms. Roberta Gay Van Meter *
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Vance Jr. †
Mr. Kenneth Paul VanderPloeg *
Dr. Toni VanHandel
Ms. Suzanne Voltz
Ralph and Margaret von Walthausen
Mrs. William E. Votruba †
Erika Deane Walker
Ms. Suzanne Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Earl S. Ward †
Michael A. Waschevski
Weber Family Living Trust †
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Weinberg *
Mrs. Ruth Wenger †
Mr. Richard K. West †
Ms. Bonnie H. West †
Mr. John Clark Wheeler
Ms. Constance Whittlesey †
Candace Wiebener *
Mrs. Ieva Wiechmann
Mrs. Harold J. Wise †
Mrs. Audrey Wolfe †
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Wolfinger †
Mr. George J. Worden *
Dr. Elizabeth Young and Mr. Robert Lovell *
Ms. Shirley Young
Robert H. Zahnow *†
Mr. Barry Zalph *
Christine Heustis Zimmer *
Mrs. Francis J. Zimmermann *†