2014 Dance, Theatre and Music Audition Tours

Crescendo issue: December 2013
The Interlochen Dance faculty are certainly no strangers to the road. The dance audition tour has been an annual event for a while now, presenting faculty with a whirlwind cross-country trip, full of raw, potential talent, housed inside students eagerly seeking placement within either the Academy or Camp programs.

"Because it is the norm for dance programs to hold auditions, we try to make this one-time encounter with students and parents a memorable one," says Interlochen dance director Cameron Basden. "In other auditions, dancers come in, take a class, and leave - no information, no personal greeting - sometimes they don't even know what they are auditioning for. In our auditions, the personal connection and sharing of information is very important. The first half hour is spent in registration and conversation about Interlochen, the dance program for the summer or Academy, the day, the living - sharing as much as is possible so the parents and students understand what Interlochen is about and what they would experience over the summer or in Academy. We then do ballet technique, pointe for the ballet majors and modern for all. Questions are then asked and answered and conversations are had with students and parents that may be a particularly good fit. Our response time for acceptance is about two weeks."

During 2014, this tour will span 18 cities across the nation.

New this year is the Interlochen combined audition - that includes music, theatre and dance. These auditions are being held in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Detroit and Chicago. Interlochen is about all of the arts and the connections that students make with students of the various other art forms - this new venture is a step toward that philosophy. This will include all the information sharing, etc. prior to breaking off into their own respective art groups. While the dance auditions have a small time lapse between audition and acceptance, some who audition for Music or Theatre may find out on that day if they are accepted.

"I am very pleased that theatre arts will be on the road for these audition stops," says theatre director William Church. "A prospective student (or camper) can expect a group warm-up and activity, followed by an individual audition with me. There will also be time to ask any questions about particular programs and to get to know more about theatre at Interlochen. This important one-on-one time will also allow for a more informed decision regarding prospective campers. I am very much looking forward to meeting these aspiring young performers as we travel around the country!"

Also represented on this tour will be Interlochen's music department. As "music" is such an expansive category, Interlochen has set up an easy to follow online pathway for students, for both music and dance or theatre, to learn more about these auditions and the requirements that each individual art category requires of them during the auditions.

First and foremost at these auditions is the experience. All three departments hope to offer the same attention to detail, sharing of knowledge and constructive criticism and praise on a face to face basis at the auditions as these students would receive were they officially Interlochen campers or Academy members.

Students interested in learning more about the dance audition tour should visit here.

Students interested in either the theatre arts or music audition tour should visit here for more information, to RSVP and to learn about various requirements.