Academy Alumni Weekend 2017

Return to Interlochen on October 13-15, 2017 for the Academy Alumni Weekend! Plan to join us for this fun-filled weekend open to alumni from any and all Interlochen Arts Academy classes!

October 13-15, 2017 (see schedule below for optional pre-weekend activities)

Registration Fee: $100

Register now for Academy Alumni Weekend

Reconnect with classmates and friends, engage with faculty and staff, enjoy campus performances, tour new campus facilities, and celebrate together. Rekindle your love of Interlochen and restore your creative muse, all while having a lot of fun. Schedule of activities and lodging details can be found below. Additional activities will be added to the weekend schedule as they are confirmed. Please check back for more information. Make sure your contact information is up to date for future announcements.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who's Coming

Frederic Haarer 1962 Music Trombone
Danis Kelly 1964 Music Harp / Faculty
Ellen Mosher 1964 Music Piano, Clarinet
Jerry Rogan 1964 Music Tuba, Trombone
Donald F Williams 1964 Music Horn
Arturo Steely 1965 Theatre Voice
Lynda Roller Verner 1965 Music Cello
Cindy Housh Glovinsky 1966 Music Violin
Ann Strait Larimer 1966 Music Viola, Piano
Gloria Rogan 1966 Visual Arts
Barb Bengel Boren 1967 Music Flute/Piano
Ken Giles 1967 Music
Steven L. Huyser 1967 Music Voice, Music Composition
Jean Barrett Kacanek 1967 Music Clarinet, Piano
Fernando Leon 1967 Music Clarinet
Peter Levy 1967 Academic / General
Polly McMahon 1967 Academic / General Piano
Banna Rubinow 1967 Theatre Academic
Gail Wallach Buell 1968 Dance Dance
Patricia Dermody 1968 Theatre Voice/Dance
John Hecker 1968 Music
Candi Lavender 1968 Theatre Drama
Mary Leon 1968 Music Piano
Martha Davies Lovering 1968 Music Piano
Betsy McPherson Cregger 1969 Academic / General Choir/Piano
Barbara S Hammon 1969 Academic / General Visual Art
Robert Levin 1969 Music Violin
Peter Sparling 1969 Dance Music
Mark Hood 1970 Academic / General Math/Science/Russian
Dave Schinbeckler 1970 Music Oboe, English Horn
Cathy Dannecker 1970 Academic / General Dance
James Carter Cathcart 1971 Music Piano
Janet Crossen 1971 Music Piano
Herb Mendelsohn 1971 Theatre
Lawrence Probes 1971 Music Bassoon, Voice
Connie Strait 1972 Music Cello
Garnie Cliff Stidham 1972 Academic / General Guitar/Flute
Martha Jacobi 1973 Dance Voice
Tom Tordi 1973 Music Trumpet, Composition
Loren Layfeyz 1974 Music Flute
Robert Bracken 1975 Music Flute
Hillary Burchuk 1975 Music
John Dudd 1975 Music Bass
Shawn Kurrelmeier-Lee 1975 Music Violin
Cynthia M. Whitacre 1975 Music French Horn
Lois Briggs Swartzell 1976 Theatre Voice
Judy Rosen 1977 Dance Dance/Choreography
Barbara Scott 1977 Music Double Bass
Terry Branoff 1978 Music Clarinet, Voice
Dwight Brown 1978 Music Viola
Leisa (Hungle) Rich 1978 Visual Arts Fibers
Tad Smith 1978 Music Violin
Robin Nelson Crocker 1980 Visual Arts Sculpture & Ceramics
Cindy Hecht 1980 Creative Writing
Michael Meredith 1980 Visual Arts Photography
Erika Ekayani Chamberlin 1981 Visual Arts Ceramics
Wendy Kay 1981 Theatre Dance
Carol Mengel-Mavrakis 1981 Music Clarinet, Percussion
Alvin Waddles 1981 Music Voice
Edward Anderson 1982 Academic / General Piano
Robert B. Dimmick 1982 Theatre
David R. Hoffman 1982 Theatre Design & Production
Alison Cebula 1983 Music Clarinet
Cindy Cross 1983 Music Trombone
Maria Vomlehn Flurry 1983 Music Percussion
Krista Keck 1983 Music Flute
Susie Lorand 1983 Music Violin
A. Haley Margoles 1983 Music Viola
Daniel Balsam 1987 Music Bass Trombone
Katie Barrett 1988 Theatre Voice
Carla Christensen 1988 Creative Writing
John David Duncan 1988 Creative Writing
Holly Higgins Gilbert 1988 Music Cello
Seth Goldstein 1988 Theatre
Tim Martin 1988 Music Euphonium
Kristen (Bergstrom) Palazzola 1988 Theatre
Dawn Patch 1988 Creative Writing
Debbie (Gelfand) Secan 1988 Visual Arts
Stephanie Steele 1988 Theatre Theatre
Abby Stern Anderson 1989 Music Piano
Catherine (Sperry) Beckett 1989 Creative Writing
Terry Cook 1989 Music Cello
Ted Hogarth 1989 Music
Asha Ironwood (Ashley Gilbert) 1989 Theatre
Rachel Gottlieb Kalmowitz 1989 Music Voice
Michael McNeil 1989 Music String Bass
Zara Davison Merbaum 1989 Visual Arts Weaving
Laura Ricci 1989 Academic / General Theater
Melanie Vesey 1989 Dance
Danny Franklin 1990 Creative Writing
Joseph Portolese 1990 Music Classical Piano
Lauren Zachry-Reynolds 1990 Music Voice / Staff- Charitable Gift Officer
Brett Megan Griffiths 1991 Creative Writing Poetry
Clifton Ogea 1991 Music Voice
Chris Passeri 1991 Music Music
Melanie Walker 1991 Music Clarinet
Emy (Johnson) Zener 1991 Theatre
Joy Bautista 1992 Music Percussion
Katherine (Danek) Brito 1992 Academic / General
Laura Fried 1992 Music Bassoon
Teri (Smitherman) Slick 1992 Music Flute
Alan Cohen 1993 Creative Writing
Alethea Crippen Fleming 1993 Music Double Bass
Tyler Clark 1994 Music Percussion, Voice, Conducting
Amanda Colligan 1994 Academic/General
Katie Eyer 1994 Creative Writing
Courtney Kaiser 1994 Music Voice / Faculty- Singer Songwriter
Kris Shapiro Lang 1994 Visual Arts Creative Writing
Jeanine Lintz 1994 Music Bassoon
Daria Portillo 1994 Visual Arts Creative Writing
Laura Eilders (Robbins) 1994 Music Piano
Kerin Black 1995 Music Horn
Don Fairman 1995 Music Trumpet
Matthew Kuhns 1995 Music Trumpet
Michael Vrielink 1995 Music Trumpet
Leslie Williams 1996 Dance
Alexis Cregger 1996 Music Voice
Rino Greenwood 1996 Dance
Maggey Oplinger 1996 Music Voice
Asa Roach 1996 Music Bassoon
Jonnah Speidel 1996 Music Piano
Kyle Taylor 1996 Music Voice
Brittany Beyer 1997 Dance
Carl Butler 1997 Music Flute
Katie Crawley 1997 Theatre Theatre, Voice
Toby Dusette 1997 Music Guitar
Toby Dusette 1997 Music Guitar
Jack (JW) Ferver 1997 Theatre Theater
Megan Fisher (Gilbride) 1997 Music Percussion
Mike Fried 1997 Music Music Composition
Lee Gabe 1997 Music Saxophone
Jen Kuhn 1997 Music Cello
Chris Landau 1997 Visual Arts Sculpture, Painting
Conrad Lumm 1997 Creative Writing
Sara Mankins 1997 Creative Writing
Amy Mulzer 1997 Creative Writing
John Phinizy 1997 Music Cello
Jori Quinlan 1997 Creative Writing
Lesley Skousen 1997 Music Music Composition
Peter Zillmann 1997 Music Tuba
Reid Bartelme 1998 Music Voice, Dance
Amanda Jo Gaylord 1998 Music Flute
Eric Johnson 1998 Creative Writing
Trey Hogan 1998 Music Euphonium
Ken Jones Jr. 1998 Visual Arts Fibers, Metals
Wendy Birndorf/Kwiatkowski 1998 Dance Dance
Jennifer (Holland) Ludwig 1998 Music Viola
Betsy Thurmond Matz 1998 Theatre Design & Production
Geoff Mlinarcik 1998 Music Saxophone
Josh Smith 1998 Music Flute
Ian Whitney 1998 Creative Writing
Natalie Priest Yaw 1998 Music Voice
Beth Bigler 1999 Creative Writing
Alex Hirshfeld 1999 Creative Writing Painting
Layla Cassavaugh Holveck 1999 Music Voice
Boja Kragulj 1999 Music Clarinet, Technology
Leah Price 1999 Theatre
Kathleen Stetson 1999 Music Voice
Libby Brouwer 2000 Academic / General Textile Art
Marie Clyatt-Larson 2000 Music Percussion
Nathan Greenwood 2000 Dance
Justin Koertgen 2000 Dance
Stephanie Markle 2000 Visual Arts
Audrey McDonnell 2000 Creative Writing
Anahita Pajuhesh 2000 Music Percussion
Leah (Robinson) Christian 2000 Dance
Megan Cole Urban 2000 Music Cello
Owen Smith 2001 Academic / General
Brian M Devine 2001 Dance
Heather Eichhorst 2001 Dance
Meredith Marder 2001 Creative Writing
Maria Meschi 2001 Theatre
Melissa Solomon 2001 Music Cello
Carla Stickler 2001 Music Voice, Ceramics
Elissa Graff 2002 Creative Writing
Brenna Pierson-Tucker 2002 Dance
Christopher Tucker 2002 Dance
Alexa Langrock 2008 Creative Writing
Rana Tahir 2009 Creative Writing
Lily Esposito 2010 Dance
Melanie Ebanks 2012 Theatre
Johanna Seidel 2012 Dance
Cobby Brzeski 2013 Music Flute
Ryan Apathy 2014 Music Trombone
Kathleen Mills 2014 Music Piano
Julián Fueyo 2015 Music Music Composition, Conducting
Tink Baker 2016 Comparative Arts

Travel, Lodging and Dining



Need a lift? If you are arriving by air via Cherry Capital Airport (TVC), shuttle service to Interlochen may be available for a fee. Please speak with someone at the Stone Center Hotel desk to make arrangments. 231.276.7570

Special Lodging Rates

Stone Student Center Hotel

Contact: 231-276-7570
Group Name: Alumni Reunion
Room Type: Sunrise room or Lakeside room
Rates: $112+tax or $127+tax
Minimum Stay: n/a
Check-In / Check-Out Times: 3pm, 11am
Cancellations: Fully refundable up to 3 days prior to check-in
Other: Room block held through Oct 5, 2017

West Bay Beach Resort (formerly Holiday Inn)
615 E Front St
Traverse City, MI 49686

Contact: 800-888-8020 or 231-947-3700
Group Name: Interlochen Center for the Arts
Room Type: 2 Queen Beds
Rates: $159.95+tax (Thu), $249.95+tax (Fri/Sat)
Minimum Stay: 2 Nights
Check-In / Check-Out Times: 4pm, 11am
Cancellations: Fully refundable up to 24 hours prior to check-in
Other: Room block held through Sep 11, 2017

Fairfield Inn and Suites
3701 North Country Dr
Traverse City, MI 49684

Contact: 231-922-7900
Group Name: Interlochen Alumni Reunion
Room Type: 2 Double Beds
Rates: $129+tax (Thu), $149+tax (Fri/Sat)
Minimum Stay: 2 Nights
Check-In / Check-Out Times: 3pm, 12pm
Cancellations: unknown
Other: Room block held through Sep 14, 2017

Crystal Mountain
12500 Crystal Mountain Dr
Thompsonville, MI 49683

Contact: 855-520-2974
Group Name: Interlochen Alumni Weekend; Group #4619XK
Room Type: various
Rates: 10% off published lodging rates
Minimum Stay: varies depending on room type
Check-In / Check-Out Times: 5pm, 11am
Cancellations: Fully refundable up to 14 days prior to check-in
Other: No room block reserved

Additional Nearby Hotels

Interlochen Motel, Interlochen
Courtyard Marriott, Traverse City
Park Place Hotel, Traverse City
Baymont Inn & Suites, Traverse City
Grand Traverse Resort, Acme

Recommended Local Restaurants

Hofbrau, Interlochen
Bud’s, Interlochen
Maddy’s Tavern, Interlochen
Best restaurants in Traverse City

Additionally, alumni and guests may purchase a meal ticket for dining in the Stone Cafeteria directly from the Stone Hotel Desk for $9 per meal, or $25 for the day.