Nicola Conraths Lange

Director of Comparative Arts and Instructor of Dance, Interlochen Arts Academy; Instructor of Dance, Interlochen Arts Camp

Dancer, scholar and resource panelist for the Singapore School of the Arts (SOTA)


Ph.D. candidate, Performing Arts, Brunel University, London, UK; M.A., Communication and Theatre Arts, Eastern Michigan University; B.A., Communication and Psychology, Eastern Michigan University; Diploma in Performing Arts, London Studio Center

Nicola Conraths Lange, Director of Comparative Arts and instructor of dance, is a dancer, choreographer and author. Born in Italy to a baritone father and photographer mother, she grew up immersed in art, music, languages and travel. She began her dance training at a young age at the Balletto di Roma and London Studio Centre, and following her performing career, dancing in ballet, jazz and musical theater productions throughout Europe, she moved to the United States to teach dance at Wayne State University and University of Michigan. She's currently on the faculty of Interlochen Arts Academy.

Greco-Roman antiquity, mythology and culture, and the role of ritual in everyday life, are important influences from her Italian childhood that continue to shape Conraths Lange's work as a choreographer and artistic director. She also draws inspiration from psychology, food cultures, nomadism, foreign languages (she's fluent in four), world literature and the healing arts, to make pieces that investigate the boundaries between peoples, cultures, the mind and body. At the heart of much of her work is an interest in intercultural exchange as a vehicle for evolution and understanding between artists and humanity. In 2013/2014, she was granted a sabbatical leave and spent a year circumnavigating the globe, watching performances and studying Ohad Naharin's innovative movement language, GAGA, in Israel.

In her work with musicians, creative writers and composers, she's interested in projects where artists have the opportunity to discover and develop a shared vocabulary, working together over time and across disciplines to create pieces that are truly collaborative. Conraths Lange views technology as a tool for storytelling, as well as an important instrument in arts education, and often uses digital media in both the classroom and performances. She's currently developing online learning models, in collaboration with Canada's National Ballet School. Co-founder of Logokinesis Publishing, she has authored several books on wellness for performers and produced a ballet music CD.

Conraths Lange's interest in Performing Arts Medicine has lead to research and presentations on injury prevention and performance enhancement for dancers and musicians, and has presented at conferences in Singapore, Europe, Israel, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Conraths-Lange holds degrees in communications, psychology and theater arts from Eastern Michigan University.

Nicola's collaborations at Interlochen: