Heidi Swedberg

Instructor of Music, Uketoberfest! Fall Ukulele Event

You may know Heidi as Susan, George Costanza's fiancee on "Seinfeld" who died licking wedding invitation envelopes. She has acted in a variety​ of other television shows and movies but has an even longer history with the ukulele. When she was 5 years old Heidi, received her first ukulele from the Hawaiian Easter bunny while living in Kailua, HI. She has fond memories of teaching herself chords and writing songs in her room in Albuquerque NM and reintroduced herself to the uke in Hollywood, while playing a singer-songwriter for a network TV pilot. Now life imitates art, and she plays a musician full time and travels across the country teaching and performing. She's a great teacher and a whole lot of fun, you will love her! Discover more about her at her website.