Summer Music Programs

Each Interlochen summer affirms the power of music to enrich and shape our lives. Inspired by distinguished teachers, renowned conductors and memorable performances, our students reach new heights in understanding their art and themselves.

High School Division (grades 9-12)

Interlochen offers a wide range of summer music programs for high school musicians and attracts some of the world's most talented students and teachers.  In addition to large-ensembles, Interlochen also offers summer music programs geared towards individual performers.

Intermediate Division (grades 6-9)

The Intermediate summer music camp program offers a variety of artistic experiences for students in grades 6-9, providing students with a comprehensive and stimulating program of performance and learning.

Junior Division (grades 3-6)

Interlochen's Junior Music Program offers a unique and exciting environment for young musicians of all levels - from beginner to advanced. With a curriculum geared for success, positive experiences are provided in which participants will gain a sense of accomplishment.

Please note: Students who will have completed grades six or nine may request consideration to either of two divisions. The admission committee will determine appropriate placement based on skill level.