IPR Broadcaster's Circle

The following gifts were received between June 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011. We are sincerely grateful for the support of all of our donors and would appreciate the opportunity to correct any errors or omissions; please call us at 231.276.7623.

* Interlochen alumni
◊ Five consecutive years of giving
◊◊ Ten consecutive years of giving
ᴴ Heritage Society member

Porter and Anita Abbott
Bill and Barb Alldredge ◊◊
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce T. Alton
Anonymous ◊
Mrs. Beulah  Appleton ◊◊
Ms. Carole H. Bailey ◊◊
Jerry Beasley and Fleda Brown
Reverend Theodore W. Beiderwieden III ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Bell ◊◊
Peter and Carol Bergin
Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Peter Brown III *
Ms. Virginia Brownell
Mr. and Mrs. Leith D. Butler ◊◊
Donald and Sarah Cohen ◊
Mr. William T. Collins ◊
Stephen and Sheri Constantin ◊
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Cook
Mrs. Betty Croft ◊◊
Peter and Bonni Curran
Ted Curran ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Mick DeGraeve ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Paul Drew *◊◊
Ms. Carol J. Duvall ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Edson ◊◊
Bruce and Julie Falconer
Patrick and Nancy Griffin ◊◊
Ms. Laura Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Heydon *◊◊
Al and Julie Hurd ◊
David and Ann Irish ◊◊
T. Michael and Joan L. Jackson ◊◊
Mr. Timothy Michael Jackson *◊◊ᴴ
Mrs. Nancy Jacobs ◊◊
Mr. John R. Kane *ᴴ
Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Kelly *◊◊ᴴ
Mr. David M. Kilian ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Kimpton ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kinzel ◊
Sharon R. Lanning ◊◊
Miss Dency A. Lippert *◊◊
Mrs. Judith Loveless *◊◊
Mr. Donald G. MacDougall ◊◊
Dr. and Mrs. Carl G. Madion ◊◊
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. McElroy ◊◊
H. Roemer and Constance McPhee
Ms. Jane McPhilimy
Mr. William McWhirter ◊
Dr. and Mrs. G. Robert Miller ◊◊
Elnora Milliken ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Milock ◊◊
Jerald and Carol Murdock *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Edward Murphy ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Murray ◊◊
Mr. L. Andrew Norman ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Ogilvie ◊◊
Dr. and Mrs. Norman D. Olson ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. G. William Paine ◊◊
Tommy Thompson
June Rengo ◊◊
Louis and Patricia Richardson ◊◊
Ms. Mary Anne Rivers ◊◊
Ms. Ellen Schrader ◊◊
Mrs. Phyllis Shafer ◊◊ᴴ
Mr. Stephen Shetron
Ms. Joanne L. Sprouse ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Steffen ◊◊
Mrs. Elfie Steigerwald ◊◊
Mr. Paul R. Stimson III
Ms. Jane Stowe ◊◊
Dr. Gene D. Tang ◊◊
Ms. Suzanne Voltz ◊◊ᴴ
Mrs. Nancy Waldron ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart White ◊◊
John Wilkinson and Robin Silva-Wilkinson ◊◊
Janet Wolf ◊◊
Ms. Nina Wolpe