Friends of Interlochen

The following gifts were received between June 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011. We are sincerely grateful for the support of all of our donors and would appreciate the opportunity to correct any errors or omissions; please call us at 231.276.7623.

* Interlochen alumni
◊ Five consecutive years of giving
◊◊ Ten consecutive years of giving
ᴴ Heritage Society member

Larry and Holly Aaronson *◊
Mr. Jeffrey Aaronson *
Joan Abbott ◊
Ms. Margo Abbott
Scott and Karen Abbott ◊
Ernest and Jennifer Abel
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome William Abend ◊
Ms. Marilyn Aberlich ◊◊
Salem Andrew and Ruth Ann Abraham ◊
Dwain and Christina Abramowski ◊◊
Mr. Harry Abramowski ◊
Mrs. Ann M. Abrams-Carlman
Joan Wotiz Abramson *◊
Morton Achter *ᴴ
Craig and Carol Adams
Mr. Craig Adams
Mr. Dale J. Adams ◊
Beverly and Gene Adams ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Douglas Adams ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Russell F. Adams
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Wade Adams
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Adler *
Keith and Carol Adler
Sylvia K. Adler ◊◊
Wendy (Kasden) and Michael Adler *
Mr. Andre Aerne
Mr. Bruce A. Ahlich ◊◊
Dr. Sandra Ahlum
Mr. Charles Ailsworth
Ms. Erica Margaret Aittama *
Professor and Mrs. James E. Akenson ◊◊
Katherine E. Akos *
Lynda and Clifford Alan
Mrs. Florie Alandt ◊◊
Dona Alba
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Albee
Mrs. Marion Albright
Marc Alderman *
DeDe Alderman *
Mr. Alan B. Aldrich *
Mary Aldridge
Joseph Alexander and Linda Cullen
Paul and Maryanke Alexander
Mr. Pablo Alfaro *
Mary Alkire
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Allaben
Tom and Kathleen Allard
Aaron Allen and Joanna Nigrelli ◊
Bruce and Chris Allen ◊◊
George and Nancy Allen
John and Marie Allen ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Allen ◊
Thomas and Christine Allen
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Allen
Gwenne Allgaier ◊
Rev. Dr. William and Joan Allinder ◊
Ms. Grace Pachman Allison *◊
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Allison III ◊
Georgia and Mike Allison
April and Tom Alliston ◊
Ms. Paige Allyn
Dr. Jeneen Hollenberg Almdale *
Ms. Patricia Alpers ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Alstrom
Jolayne and Roger Altimus
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Altman ◊
Carolyn Altman
Sharon and Mark Altmeyer
Ms. Julie Alton ◊◊
Nadja Altstetter *
The Alvarado Family
Jose Alvarez and Suzanne McGilvray
Mr. Brian C. Amato *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Amato ◊◊
Mrs. Karen Stewart Amber *
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ambo
Mr. Joseph Ambrosi
Ms. Bobbi Ames ◊
Professor and Mrs. Gordon L. Amidon ◊◊
Amelia Amin
Rebecka Amodei and Jerrold White *
Bonnie Sue Anchak
Ms. Janice Andahazy
Maurice and Margaret Andaya
Carl B. Anders, MD *
Mr. Carl Andersen ◊
Soren and Walli Andersen ◊
Mr. Wayne Andersen
Ms. Barbara Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson ◊◊
Ms. Christy Anderson ◊◊
Dr. and Mrs. David G. Anderson ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Anderson ◊◊
Ms. Erin Kathryn Anderson *◊
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Anderson ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Hira D. Anderson Jr.
Ms. Jeanne Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Anderson
Ms. Karen Anderson ◊◊
Ms. Lois Anderson ◊
Ms. Loraine E. Anderson
Pam Anderson
Mr. Paul A. Anderson ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Anderson
Ransom Anderson
The Reverend and Mrs. Richard A. Anderson ◊◊
Tom and Pat Anderson
Tom and Sallee Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Andrasi ◊◊
Edward Andres and Nancy Turner ◊
Paula Andresen ◊
Mrs. Bruce Andrews ◊◊
Steve and Mary Andriese
Larry and Sharon Andringa
Mr. Ernest E. Anger
Valerie Angers ◊
Miss Patricia Jo Angood *◊
Anonymous *
Anonymous *◊
Anonymous ◊
Anonymous ◊◊
Mrs. Emily Sandler Anthony *
Dr. James L. Anthony
Ms. Linda Anthony ◊
Mr. Alexander Anvari *
Mr. Olton T. Apeseche
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Appel
Michael and Leslie Applebaum
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Appleford ◊
Bill Watson and Gina Aranki
Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Arcuni
Jerry and Kelly Arduino
Mrs. Bonnie Jean Arfstrom *◊
Dr. Robert R. Arfstrom ◊
Lin and Mary Arkles
Mrs. Nancy Warsawer Arkuss *◊
Dennis and Kim Armbruster
Charles D. and Susan G. Armour ◊
Ms. Caroline C. Armstrong
Fern Hodge Armstrong
George and Linda Armstrong
Thomas and Maryalice Armstrong
Professor and Mrs. Harvard L. Armus ◊◊
Ms. Lynda Arno
Mrs. Gale H. Arnold
Judy and Paul Arnold
Ms. Arlene Arntz ◊
Jay and Sara Arons
Robin and Shelley Aronson ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Arps
Ms. Josephine Arrowood ◊
Ms. Alison Arthur *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Arvo ◊◊
Jann Parsons and Tim Ascroft
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Asher ◊◊
Ms. Candace Ashley
Mr. Charles Ashley ◊◊
John and Nancy Ashton ◊◊
Ms. Cynthia Asiala ◊
Mrs. Kay Asiala ◊◊
Ms. Mary Ann Asmus ◊
Mr. Brad Aspey ◊
Mrs. Jane Asplin
Mr. Clyde A. Atkinson
Mrs. Harriet Attaway
Ms. Laura Linson Atwood *
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Auer
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Aug
Ms. Avery Canada Augustine *
Mr. Carl Augustine ◊
Ms. Anna Austin ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Austin
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Austin
James and Laura Austin ◊
Mr. Simon Joseph Austin *
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Auten ◊
Bill Autenreith
Mr. Jim Avery
Mary Ann Avery ◊
Mr. Ragnar Avery ◊
Mr. Rayman Solomon and Dr. Carol Avins *
Alan and Callie Avondet
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Awe
Ms. Margaret Iva Axon *
Roy and June Aydelotte
Mr. Richard H. Ayling
Ms. Jean Azar ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Renzo Azzano
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman A. Baarstad
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Baas ◊◊
Jessie E. Babcock *
Mr. and Mrs. Lorimer Bacasmot ◊
Mr. Daniel C. Bach
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Bach ◊
Loren Bach
Anna and John Bachman ◊
Ms. Virginia Bachteal
Faye C. Backie and Steve Szilvagyi
Ms. Leah Backus
Mrs. Elaine Badelt
Mr. Bruce Badger
Susan and Joseph Bagby ◊
Bob and Nancy Baglan ◊◊
Edward R. (Ted) Bagley ◊◊ᴴ
Ms. Robin McClellan Bahle
Ms. Marie Bahlke
Edward R. and Jane Ann Bahr *◊
Ms. Jo Bahry ◊◊
Ms. Cleo R. Bailey ◊◊
Mr. Dan A. Bailey
Martha and George Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bailey ◊
Mr. John Bailey ◊
Michael and Diane Bair ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Walter M. Baird ◊
Ms. Barbara Baker
Mr. Bruce Baker ◊
Andy Knott and Denise Baker *
Don Russell Baker, D.M.A. *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Baker
Kristin R. Baker *
Ms. Marilyn Baker ◊
Ms. Nancy Baker
Ms. Patricia Baker ◊
Ms. Virginia Clayton Baker ◊
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Balcom ◊
Mr. and Mrs. David Baldwin ◊
The Baldwins *
Ms. Melanie Bales *◊
Miriam Bales
Bridget Kennedy Balint *
Ms. Irene Balks
Steve Ballance
Whit and Peggy Ballantine ◊◊
Daniel Alan Balsam *◊
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Balsam ◊◊
Mrs. Diana Bangert-Drowns
Ms. Beth Bannister
Mrs. Elizabeth Bannister ◊◊
Dr. Gregory Baran
Jack and Nancy Barber
James and Betty Barber
Mr. Larry Barber
Martha Barbour ◊
Ms. Susan Betts Barbus
Jim Bardenhagen
Ms. Ann Bardens-McClellan *
Mrs. Jean Maschmeyer Bardonner ('46) *◊
Mr. Edwin Douglas Barker *
Ms. Hanna Nickerson Barker *◊
Anne Witkowsky and John Barker
John and Dorothy Barker ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Barker Jr.
Mr. Robert M. Barker
Ross and Helen Barker ◊
Don Barkus ◊◊
Bob and Linda Barlekamp ◊◊
Mrs. Colleen Barnard ◊
Megan Barnard
Kay and Chuck Barnell ◊◊
Mrs. Bonnie M. Barnes ◊◊
Ms. Emily Kathryn Barnes *
Gloria N. Barnes
Ms. Henrietta Barnes ◊
Mr. James M. Barnes
Lindy and Doug Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. McKim Barnes ◊◊
Connie and Michael Barnes ◊
Mr. Miles T. Barnes ◊◊
Ms. Sarah Jane Barnes *
Ms. Susan Margaret Barnes *
Mr. Tom Barnes ◊
Elizabeth M. Barnett ◊◊
Ms.  Michaeline Barnhart
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Barratt *
Ms. Jennifer Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Barrette
Bob and Rita Barron ◊◊
David and Patricia Barrons ◊◊
Ms. Connie Barrow ◊◊
Laura Bartell and Stan Harr *◊
Lee and Floy Barthel
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bartko
Mr. Stephen W. Bartlett *◊
Dr. and Mrs. William H. Bartlett
Mr. and Mrs. Beryl B. Barto ◊
Jim and Nancy Barton
Ms. Lauralee Barton
R. G. and Eileen Bartram
Ms. Brenda Bartz
Ms. Alyca Basch
Ms. Cameron Basden
Evelyn Basile ◊
Joe Bass *◊
Mr. Randall Jacob Tiger Bass *
Mr. Roy Bassett ◊
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Basta Jr.
Karl Bastian &Maria Perez-Bastian
Mr. Joseph and Dr. Mary Bates *
Mrs. Harriet Batson ◊◊
Mr. Fred Battershell
Mr. Joseph M. Battocletti ◊
Mr. Arnold Bauer
Donna Bauer
Roger and Jan Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bauer
Ms. Susan Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Baumann
Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Baumann ◊
Mr. Warren Baumann
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Baumgartner *◊◊
Mr. Daniel Baumhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bay ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Bayles
Mrs. Barbara Smith Bayless *
Mr. and Mrs. David Bayse
Ms. Kimberly Bazemore
Ms. Nancy Bazemore ◊◊
Ms. Rebecca Beach
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Beadle ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gordon Beadle *◊
Miss Linda S. Beall *
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Beals Jr. ◊
Mrs. Kathryn Hodgman Beam *
Christine Beard
Mr.  Duane Beard
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Beardslee ◊◊
Sarah Bearup-Neal
Ms. Susan R. Beattie
Richard and Dana Beatty
Mr. Brian Beauchamp
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Beaver
Penny Howk Beavers *
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Bechtold Jr. ◊◊
John H. Beck
Ms. Margaret Kolb Beck *◊
Dr. Richard Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Beckenstein ◊
Dennis and Carole Becker
Gordon A. Becker II and Patricia A. Becker ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Becker ◊◊
Ms. Linda Becker
Mr. Bill Beckett
Mrs. Nancy E. Becknell *◊◊
Kyle Bedell *
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bednarsh
Ms. Lois Bedtelyon
Nancy Yarbrough & Bruce Beebe ◊
Drs. Earl and Esther Beeks
Mr. Brian Beer
Mr. Michael Dale Beery *
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Begg
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Begley
Ben Begley and Kathleen Wills ◊
Mr. Steve Begnoche
Mr. Forrest Begres
Mr. H. Jack Begrow
Melissa Behr
Ms. Nancy Behring
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Behrman *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Beidler ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Montague Belgrave ◊
Mr. Mark Belinsky *
Bill and Jackie Belko
Ms. Barbara Bell
Mr. Brian David Bell *
Mrs. Jay Q. Bell ◊
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Bell ◊◊
Ms. Helen Bell
Mrs. Mozelle S. Bell *◊◊
Ms. Sally Bell
Ms. Marcia Bellinger
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bellingham ◊
Andres Bello and Jill Strawbridge
Ms. Patricia Belonnay
Mark and Amy Belovich ◊
Ms. Nancy Belton
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bender
Dr. and Mrs. Leslie Z. Benet ◊◊
Mr. Lawrence Benjamin ◊
Ms. Judith Benner
Mr. Arthur J. Bennett ◊
Mrs. Betty Bennett ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bennett ◊◊
Mr. James A. Bennett ◊◊
Norma R. Bennett ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Bennett Jr. ◊
Roger Bennett
Darl Bennink
Mrs. Lawrence S. Bensman
George and Ruth Benson
Mr. Guy R. Benson ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Benson
Ms. Marilyn J. Benson ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Benson *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bento
Lan and Adele Bentsen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Beres
Ms. Barb Berg
Peter Berg and Lisa Fine
Ms. Elizabeth Berger
Ms. Maggie Marie Bergeron *
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bergeron
Ms. Mary Beribak
Drs. Bruce and Joanna Berkowitz ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Berman ◊
Ann and Gordon Berman ◊
Pat Bermingham
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Bernbeck ◊
Pete and Mary Bernek ◊◊
Kenneth Bernstein and Barbara Clay
Mrs. Nancy Caplan Bernstein *
Alfred and Rachel Berry
Ms. Barbara Ann Berry ◊
Mr. James Verd Berryhill
Mr. and Mrs. John Bert *
Mark and Marilyn Bertacchi
Warren and Barbara Berthelsen
Mr. Matthew Bertrand
Terry Bertrand
Dan and Sandra Besselsen ◊
John and Carol Best
Mr. Robert J. Betley *
Mr. John Betts ◊
Kitty Hodge and Mike Beveridge ◊◊
Meredith BeVier ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Beyer
Ms. Bernadette Beyer
Earl R. Beyer, DPM, JD
Ms. Rachel Bezile
Stephen and Cathy Biagini
Ms. Linda Bicum
Ms. Eileen Bien
Stanley and Harriet Bieri ◊
Dean and Carol Bigelow ◊
Mr. Paul Bigford
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Biggs
Ms. Summer Bigham
Mr. Victor Patrick Bilanchone *
Ms. Pamela Leighton Bilik *
Dr. and Mrs. Peter M. Billey
Mrs. Michelle Robinson Bindeman *◊
Ms. Kimberli Bindschatel
Mr. Robert W. Bingham
Mr. and Mrs. D. Keith Birchler ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald C. Bird ◊◊
Ms. Kathy Birdsall
Ms. Sandy Birdsall
John Birdsong
Ms. Jordan A. Bires *
Kirk and Amy Birtcher ◊
John and Joy Bisaro *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Biskupski
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence A. Bittermann Jr. ◊
Ms. Sandra Leona Bittermann *
Mr. Doug Bixby
Mrs. Marjorie Wykes Bjork *◊
Ms. Bonnie Black
Ms. A. Christine Black ◊
Ms. Marilyn Williams Black *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Blackburn Sr.
Mr. Roy W. Blackburn Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Leland Blackledge ◊
Ms. Julie Blackshaw ◊
Ms. Margaret Blain
Susan Blaine
Ms. Suzette Blair
Mr. Robert Blake
Mr. Ken Blakey-Shell
Ms. Mary Oleson Blandin ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Blandin
Marie and Howard Blaney ◊
Verne and Marilyn Blankenburg
Deb Blashill and Christine McKee ◊
Mr. and Mrs. William Blashill
Mr. Andrew Hanson Blau *
Ms. Jo Blaugrund *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Blauwaert
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Blazier ◊
Nancy Jo Bledsoe and Thomas Werth *
Madeline Bleier
Thomas E. and Edith M. Bletcher ◊◊
Ms. Ann Blight
Erin Blocher
Annette Block
Christopher and Margaret Block
Carolyn and Richard Block ◊
Joe and Elizabeth Blondia *◊◊
Mr. Brian Blood
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Bloom
Roger and Carla Bloom
Mrs. Jerry Bloom
Ms. Barbara Bloomer ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gene Bloomquist ◊
Mrs. Dorothy Blue ◊◊
Frannie and Ken Bluhm
Mr. Steve Bluhm
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Blum
Toby Citrin and Phyllis Blumenfeld ◊
Ms. Ann Boal
Drs. Dean and Ellen Boal ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. William Bobier
Mr. Thomas Bock
Jennifer and Emanuel Bodner
Christina Bodurow, Ph.D. *◊◊
Ron and Gina Boe
Ms. Nancy Boehm
Brent and Kate Boerema
Mr. Charles Boesel
Bryan and Michelle Boettcher
Gil and Anne Bogley ◊
Colin and Margaret Bohash
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Bohl ◊
Eric and Louann Bohman ◊
Dr. Donna May Bohn
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bohnhorst
Mr. Ross Boissoneau
Mrs. Maggie Boleyn
Greta Bolger *
David and Robin Bolig ◊
Mr. Mat Bolin
Ms. Julie Ann Bolthuis *
Mr. Andrew Paul Bonczyk ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Bond *◊
Mr. David Bondurant
Mr. Joseph A. Boner ◊◊
Mr. Steve Bonkoski
Charles and Kathleen Bonneau
Al and Joan Bonney *◊◊
Mrs. Alice Bonta ◊◊
Dale and Kathy Boone
Ms. Ruth Boonzaaijer
Ms. Sara Booth ◊
Mr. R. Scott Boots *◊
John A. and Jean E.B. Boquist
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Borak ◊
Stephen and Jan Bordelon
Harold Borden
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bordine
Jerry and Rosemary Borgen
Mr. Christopher Francis Borgmeyer *
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Borke
Clark and Mary K. Bormann ◊
Miss Priscilla Ann Boroniec ◊◊
Mr. Jack Bosgraaf ◊◊
Kenneth and Jennifer Bosma
Carroll Ann Bottino
Ernest Bottke III *
Mr. Gordon Boucon ◊
Jon and Jennifer Bouda
Mr. and Mrs. Homer K. Boughner ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Bourdo
Jack and Jeanne Bourget *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bower
Mrs. Barbara . Bowermaster ◊
Mr. John B. Bowers ◊
Ms. Carol Bowman ◊
Ms. Katherine Bowman
Victor Bowman and Cynthia Hilton *◊◊
Mr. Ben Bowmaster
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Bowron ◊◊
Ms. Anne Remine Boyd *
Calvin and Ellen Boyd
Mrs. Emily R. Boyd ◊◊
Miss Evelyn Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Boyd
Ms. Katheryn Irene Boyd
Ms. Kira Boyd
Ms. Rebeca Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Boyd ◊
Mr. Stephen Norris Boyd *
Linda Boyer
Mr. Robert C. Boyer *◊
Ms. Connie Boyle ◊
Ms. Margaret J. Brace
Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Brach ◊◊
Mr. Robert E. Bracken *ᴴ
Edward and Jenny Bradford
Evelyn Bradley
Ms. Helen Bradley
Ralph and Jacqueline Bradley
Ms. Barbara Bradshaw
Ms. Caroline F. Brady ◊◊
Mrs. Marjorie A. Braem ◊
Stephen and Patty Braem
Ms. Jean Brakel
Miss Mara Rose Bralove *
The Reverend James Harvey Brammer ◊◊
Ms. June F. Brammer
Ms. Lucy Brand ◊◊
Robin Brandenburg
Mr. Mark James Brandfonbrener *
Ms. Joan Brandon
Mr. Robert Brandriff
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Brandt
John and Viola Brastrom ◊
Mr. Fred Braun ◊
Ms. Ruth C. Braun
Janis Braun-Levine *
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brausa ◊
Ms. Mary Brayton ◊◊
Donald Breed ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Brege
The Reverend Thomas Edward Breidenthal *
Martin and Nancy Breighner
The Reverend and Mrs. K. H. Breimeier ◊
Mr. Gary Robert Bremer *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert  P. Bremner ◊◊
Ms. Maureen Brennan
Ms. Jean S. Brenner *◊◊
Jeffrey Brenner
Ms. Lois Breseman
Michael and Adrienne Bresler *◊
Michelle and Steven Brett
Ms. Susan R. Breuer ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Breuker
Mr. John Brewer
Leslie and Jim Brewer *
John and Phyllis Brewster ◊
Leslie J. and Bonnie Bricker ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Louis Bridges
Mrs. Betsy Edgar Briere *◊
John V. and Sarah F. Briggs
Bill McKinley and Judith Briggs
Beverly Brighton
Ms. Ellen Brill ◊
Mr. Paul Brink
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Wesley Brink *◊◊
Ms. Valerie Brinks
Robin L. Brister *
Mr. Jeff Broddle
Ms. Caroline Brody *
Mr. and Mrs. Sherwin Broersma ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Brogan ◊
Ms. Sarah Brokaw
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Brolick
Carl and Joyce Bromberg
Ms. Pepper Bromelmeier
Mr. Ned Bromley
Eric Bronsky *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Bronson ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Blake W. Brooks
Mrs. Nancy Greenwood Brooks *◊◊
Bob Brooks
Ms. Margaret A. Brosnan
Mrs. Phyllis Brothers ◊◊
Stephen and Marcia Broughton
Ms. Judith Brow ◊◊
Ms. Barbara L. Brown
Mr. Bob Brown and Dr. Biancalana
Mr. and Mrs. Byron W. Brown ◊
Mrs. Donna Janet Brown *
Rex and Dorothy Elliott Brown *
Doug and Jonna Brown
Dr. Emily Brown ◊
Faith Adler Brown *◊◊
Hillary Brown *
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Brown ◊
Ms. Joan Brown ◊
Ms. Mary C. Brown
Robert and Norma Brown
Bette Jo and Richard Brown ◊
Mr. Richard Brown
Mr. Richard Seymour Brown ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Richmond F. Brown ◊
Mr. Robert L. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brown ◊
Stephen Brown and Bonnie Spanier ◊
Mr. Bill Brown ◊
Richard and Barbara Browne ◊
Ms. Virginia A. Browne ◊
Eleanor Brownell ◊
Mike and Renee Broyles
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brubaker
Doris Ann Brucker *◊◊ᴴ
Mimi Bruder and Don Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Sofyan Brugger *◊
Christopher and Lia Bruner *
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bruning
Mr. Stephen Frederick Brush *
Ms. Fiona Preston Bryan *◊
Ms. Kersti Elizabeth Bryan *
Trish and Rich Bryan ◊
Ms.  Lynn Bryant
Mr. Robert Brzezinski ◊◊
Andrew and Emily Buchholz ◊
Mr. William Frederick Buchman *
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Buckingham
Mr. Kim Buckley
Marcy and Scott Buckner
Arthur and Jean Budden ◊
Jack and Marilyn Budrow ◊
Webb and Alice Buell
Julia and William Bugera *◊
Mr. H. Michael Buhler ◊
Ms. Christine Buik
Ann and George Bukowinski
Mr. Bob Bullard ◊◊
Ms. Cheryl Bullard
David and Tiyi Bunce-Schippers ◊
Mrs. Nora Bungard ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Bunn ◊
Mr. Alan M. Bunner ◊
Mr. and Mrs. BW Bura
Ms. Susan S. Burack
Rick and Mary Kay Burbee
Hillary Burchuk IAA 1975 *◊
Ms. Elaine Burdick
Ms. Linda C. Burgert ◊
Dale E. Burgess ◊◊
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Burian
Ms. Caroline Burke
Ms. Carolyn Burke
Nancie Witz Burkett *◊
Ms. Elizabeth Ann Burkhardt *
Jess and Tim Burkhardt *◊◊
Mr. John P. Burley
Mr. Richard Burmeister ◊
Al and Sandy Burmester
Ms. Carla Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Burns ◊
Mr. and Mrs. H. Eugene Burns ◊
Jack and Susan Burns
Molly Burns *
Ms. Sylvia Burns
Mr. Andrew Phillips Burnstine *
Richard and Karen Burow ◊
Ms. Ann Joslyn Burrows
Margaret Burrows
Mrs. Donna Bursian
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Burt ◊
Mr. David Burt
Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Burton
Mr. Robert Buryta
Dr. and Mrs. Calvert Busch
David and Sandra Busch ◊◊
Mr. Michael Busch
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bush ◊
Mr. Christopher Bush
Mr. Donald L. Bush
Betty and Dennis Bushey
Mrs. Pauline Bushman
Miss Robin Bushman *◊
Ms. Alice Bushong
Dr. Fred Michael Busse *
Donald and Jocelyn Bussies
Ms. Alberta Butka
Mr. Carl Wendell Butler Jr. *◊
Dr. and Mrs. Muhammad M. Butt *◊
Ms. Nancy Buttenheim *
Bob Butz
Ms. Carolyn Buxenstein
Charles Buxton and Susan McKelvey Buxton ◊
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Buzzell ◊
Ms. Claudette Byers
Harold and Dorothy Byers
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Byl
Peggy Byland
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Bynum
Ms. Patricia Byrne *
Chris Bzdok and Colleen Masterson Bzdok
Dr. Charles Cahn *
Susan Cahn
Jim and Sandie Cain
Mr. Robert J. Cain
Stan and Dorothy Cain ◊
Mr. Don Caird ◊
Mr. Andrew Harris Calcutt
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Calcutt
Mrs. Richard L. Caldwell ◊◊
David Calfee *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Call
Mrs. Georgina Callam
George and Cameron Callaway
Phillip and Joan Callighan ◊
Ron and Diane Calsbeek
Leslie Calvin
Mr. Roger Cameron
Ms. Nancy Camilleri
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Cammin
Megan N. Campanile
Mrs. Carolyn J. Campbell ◊
Mr. Chris Campbell ◊◊
Mrs. Deborah Campbell ◊
Mr. Robert R. Campbell
Robert and Erline Campbell
Mr. William Campbell
Mrs. Eleanor Canfield ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Denis Cannaert ◊
Vincent and Deborah Cannella ◊
Mr. Richard Cantley
Mr. Steven Leslie Cantor *
Mr. Mark Cantrell
Mr. Michael Canty
Jamie Caplinger
John and Kathleen Cappellucci ◊
Mr. Tom L. Capua ◊
Dominic J. Caradonna *
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Carbone
Mr. Vincent Carcello ◊
Mr. Fieldon Carden
Ms. Barbara J. Cardinal ◊
Ann Carey ◊
Ms. Jeannine Carey
Michael Carey
Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell J. Carey
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Carey ◊◊
Mr. Ray Carie ◊◊
John H. Carley
Carlin, Carol
Dr. Jan D. Carline ◊
Richard and Judy Carlsen
Mr. Allan M. Carlson ◊
Carol A. Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Don Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Carlson ◊◊
Marianne Carlson *
Mimi Garbisch Carlson *◊
Nancy Carlson
Pat Carlson ◊
Robert and Victoria Carlson ◊
Mr. Roger C. Carlson
Thomas G. and Karen A. Carlson
Ms. Carey Carlson-Rose
Kristi Carmichael
Mr. James Carmody ◊
Ms. Linda Carmon ◊
Ms. Andrea Hall Carnahan *
Mr. James Carnes and Ms. Susan Gray ◊
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Carney
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Carney
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Carney
Mr. Mike Carney
Mrs. Virginia R. Caro ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Carpenter
Ms. Carol Carpenter ◊
Rebecca Reynolds and James Carpenter
Kathleen Carpenter
Patricia M. Carper
Dennis and Margaret Carroll ◊
Kyle McCreight Carroll *◊
E. Timothy Carroll ◊
Maureen and Robert Carson
Dr. Robert Carson *◊
Mr. Robert A. Carstens ◊◊
Donald and Marjorie Carter
Ms. Elaine Marie Carter
Captain and Mrs. Louis E. Carter
Mr. Milton "Blouke" Carus *
Ms. Sarah Potter Carwell
Rosemary Cary ◊
Ms. Julia L. Casa
Drs. Fred Cox and Marilia Cascalho
Ms. Elaine Case ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Case
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Case
Dr. Karen Casebeer
Mr. and Mrs. John Casey
Leo and Ruth Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cashman
Ms. Shirley Casler
Michael Casper
Tracey and Rick Cassard ◊
Ms. Ruth Aurand Casserly *◊
Terry and Marlene Caszatt
Keith and Eileen Catt
Jessica Cattelino *◊
James and Diane Catton
Dr. Ruth W. Catton
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cavalieri
James and Marilyn Cavanaugh ◊
Ms. Angela Rae Caviness
James and Patrese Celestino
Mr. Gregory Paul Ceo *
Dr. Joseph Stephen Ceo *◊◊
Mr. Solomon B. Cera *
Mr. Maury Chabot
Caryn Chachulski and Matt Cowall
Ms. Julie Chai
Mr. David Michael Chalick *◊
Ms. Autumn Chalker ◊
Douglas and Linda Chamberlain ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chamberlain ◊
Ms. Julia A. Chambers
Mrs. Deborah Flemming Chamulak *
Mr. Alex Chan
Mr. and Mrs. Tai-yih Chang
Dr. Michelle Chapin *
Mr. Benjamin G. Chapman
Mr. Dennis Chapman
Gil and Idalene Chapman ◊
Reuben and Mary Ann Chapman ◊◊
Mrs. Sally Chapman
Ward Chapman and Judith Fullerton ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Charlton
Ms. Diane Charron
Mr. and Mrs. James Charter ◊
Virginia Chase
Mrs. Amy Chatfield ◊
Bob and Elaine Chauvin
Richard and Linda Chazal
Mr. Thomas Alan Chelko *◊
Ms. Alice Cheney
Howard and Jane Cheney ◊◊
Ms. Janice Cheney
Mr. William A. Cheney *ᴴ
Professor Marietta N. Cheng *
Mr. Glen Andrew Cherry *◊
Professor and Mrs. Paul Wyman Cherry
Mr. Christopher Chesley
Ms. Patricia Dare Chew
Jean Russell and Bob Childers ◊
Brian and Phyllis Childs ◊◊
Ms. Ann Chinn ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Chirgwin ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Chisholm
Mr. Zachary R. Chisholm
D. Chodacki ◊
Ms. Margaret Chorney ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Allan P. Chrenka
Alyce Crawford Christ
Ms. Nelda Christ
Beverly and Thomas Christensen ◊
Carla Christensen and Jacob Foster *
Mr. Richard A. Christensen
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Christensen ◊
Mr. Graeme Christianson *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Iain T. Christie ◊
Ms. Mary A. Christman *
Jennifer Christopher
Lawrence and Nancy Christopher
Mr. Donald Christopherson ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Christopherson
Mr. Elliot Chubb
Mr. John Merton Church
Mr. Roy B. Church ◊◊
Ms. Mary Cicconetti *
Ms. Linda Cihlar
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ciminera
The Clapp Family ◊
Mr. Bernard Clark ◊
Dr. Diane M. Clark ◊
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Clark
Mr. James Clark
Mr. John T. Clark
Mr. Jonathan Clark
Ms. Kristine Olsen Clark
Ms. Patricia Clark ◊
Mr. Robert M. Clark *
Ms. Sandra Roxanna Clark *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Clark
Mr. William Clark
Mrs. William E. Clark ◊
David Duda and Marilyn Clark Duda
Gail and David Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Grant Clarke
Professor and Mrs. Norman J. Clary ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Claudepierre ◊
Mr. Wayne K. Clemens *
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Clement
James and Laura Clement
Ron and Elaine Clement
Ms. Ellen Clements
Chris and Catherine Clifford
Ms. Cathie Cline
Ms. Elizabeth Williams Cline *
Nancy and Paul Clodfelder ◊◊
Bob and Dorothy Clore ◊
Ms. Helen Cluff ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Clulo *
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Clulo ◊◊
Margaret and Thomas Clutts ◊
Caroline Coade *◊
Jim and Pat Coats
Marilyn Cobb
Mr. Dennis Coburn ◊
Mrs. Barbara Cochrane ◊◊
Mike and Marci Coco ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Cody ◊◊
Jill and Steve Cody
Don and Marylou Coe
Ms. Betsey Coffia
Doug and Sue Coffin ◊◊
Timothy and Elizabeth Coffman
Carolyn Fisher Cogan *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coggeshall ◊
Mrs. Elizabeth Ross Cohen *◊
Ms. Janet M. Cohen ◊
Karen Couf-Cohen and Family *
Mr. and Mrs. Norton Cohen
Stuart Cohen and Susan Hartman ◊
Dr. and Mrs. William Cohen
The Honorable Avern Cohn
Ms. Ellen Cohn ◊
Jessica Simonson Cohn *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Willard L. Cohodas
Ms. Marjorie M. Colburn *◊◊
Ms. Ann Cole
Mr. Edward P. Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cole ◊
Robert and Susan Cole ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Richard Coleman ◊
Ms. Christine Coleman
Fran and DeVerne Coleman ◊◊
John Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Coleman ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coley ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Collier
Ms. Marion Collier ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Collier ◊◊
Beth Collins ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Collins
Ruth A. Stephens Collins and Jerry D. Collins
Ms. Jo Collins
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Collins ◊
Dr. Martha Collins *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Collins
Mr. Terence M. Collins
Mr. William Collins ◊
Ms. Susan Colquitt
Mr. David C. Colyer ◊◊
Ms. Eileen Hanson Combs *◊
George C. Comden ◊◊
Dr. Joseph Comella
Ms. Karen Comella
Dr. and Mrs. Donald B. Comin ᴴ
Ms. Eleanor Lea Comings
Ms. Jane R. Comings ◊◊
Ms. Catherine L. Compton *ᴴ
Arthur and Leona Compton ◊◊
Ms. Jane Conard
Ms. Candie Conat
Dr. Marlene Bevan and Mr. Jeremy Conaway
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Condon ◊
Dr. Elaine Coney *◊
Mr.  Joseph Conklin
Mr. Rodney V. Conklin ◊
Ms. Cynthia Conlon
Judith Conn ◊◊
Theda T. Connell
Diane and Dean Conners *◊◊
Anne Connolly
Barbara Connolly
Mr. Daniel Connolly
Ms. Kathleen A. Connor ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Conrad
Ms. Lisa Conroy ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Conyers Sr. ◊
Mrs. Ruthmary Coohon ◊◊
William Coohon
Dr. David A. Cook *
Doug and Sally Cook ◊
Mary and James Cook
Mr. James R. Cook ◊◊
Dr. Kelsey Donald Cook *
Ms. Ronda V. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Webster Cook
Timothy Dowd and Kathy Cook-Dowd
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Cooke ◊◊
The Reverend and Mrs. James C. Cooke Jr. ◊
Kay and Richard Cooke ◊
Mrs. Amy Cooksey
Ms. Lisa Cooley
Richard L. and Susan C. Cooley
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Cooley
Ms. Linda Coon
Michael and Janice Cooney
Mrs. Anne M. Cooper ◊
Ms. Colleen R. Cooper ◊
Darlene and Jim Cooper ◊◊
Jim and Ann Cooper ◊
Jane and Leslie Cooper *
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Cooper ◊
Ms. Lynn D. Cooper ◊◊
Mr. Richard Cooper ◊
Kelly Coote
Ms. Sharon L. Cope
David Copeland and Irene Townsend
Sam Copeland ◊◊
Larry Coppard
Jeffry and Susan Corbin ◊
Ms. Lane Smith Corbin ◊◊
Ms. Lucille Corbin ◊◊
David and Michelle Cordell
Robert and Carol Cornelisen
MaryAnn and Robert Cornelison
Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Cornhill
Dr. and Mrs. Marshall H. Cossman ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Cote
Michael Couchman
Lew and Virginia Coulter
Carol and Howard Cousineau
Steve Cousins
Ludmilla Ross Coven
Ms. Janet Coville
Miss Susan Jane Cowden *
Ms. Salinda Cowdrey
David & Glenys Cowperthwaite *◊◊
Mr. Eli Cox
Mrs. Ila Mae Ingalls Cox *◊
Nancy and Jim Cox
Michael and Hillie Cox
Mrs. Barbara Coye
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Crabb ◊
William Cragg
Mr. Brent Craig ◊
Richard Craig
Andrea and Larry Crain
Chris Cramer
Dr. Mark and Kathy Cramer ◊
Thomas Crampton ◊◊
Mr. Charles W. Crandall
Phyllis Crandell ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Crary ◊
Susan and Chuck Crawford ◊◊
Penelope Bell Crawford *◊
Mr. Roger W. Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Crew
Michael and Joan Crick ◊
Nancy and Howard Crisp
Mr. Russell Crites
Mrs. Allison Hoyt Croessmann *◊◊
Julie Croff
Mr. George P. Croll
Ms. Mary Cronin ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crosby
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Crosett
Ms. Sandra A. Cross
Ms. Janet Sue Crossen *◊
Ms. Celeste Crouch ◊
Mr. Bryan J. Crough
Walter L. and Carole A. Crowley
Ms. Paula Cruickshank
Mr. and Mrs. Steven David Crump *◊
Mrs. Mary R. Cuddohy
Anna Culik
Ms. Elizabeth A. Cullen *
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Cullen ◊
Mrs. Judy Culler *◊◊
Ms. Barbara Cullman
Timothy Culver ◊◊
Carla and Bruce Cunningham
Bryce and Phyllis Cunningham ◊
Ms. Judy Cunningham ◊
George and Dorothy Currier ◊
Ced and Betty Currin ◊
Mr. John C.W Curry
Ms. Christine Curtis
Chris and Regina Curtis *
Ms. Joanne Curtis
Mr. Nicholas Curto
Mrs. Ann Cushing
Ms. Beverly J. Cuthbert
Dr. and Mrs. William M. Cutler *◊
Kenneth M. and Shirley M. Cyrus
Mr. Thomas Czarny ◊◊
Mr. Thomas Czerwienski ◊◊
Ms. Sally Czeszewski *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Andor Czompo *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Czubak
Mrs. Gerald D'Ambrosio
Michael and Marcia D'Oyly *
Mr. and Mrs. Horst S. Daemmrich ◊
Mr. David Joel Dahl *
Ms. Karen Dahman
Eric and Meghan Daigh
William and Alexandra Dailey
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Maclyn Dainer *◊
Ms. Elsie Dakota ◊
Bill Daley ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Dall'Olmo ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Raymond Dalton ◊
Ms. Susan Daly
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dame
Mr. Jonathan Damon ◊
Barb and John Dancer ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Dancer ◊◊
Ms. Jo Danford
John and Kathy Daniels
John and Janine Danko *◊
Peter and Carol Danly ◊◊
Ms. Susan M. Danz ◊
Robert Danzig *
Ms. Pamela Z. Darling
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Darlington
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Darnton
Reverend and Mrs. C. Darocy ◊
Ms. Nicole Darrow
Mr. James Datema ◊
John and Ann Davey
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Davidek
Betsy Davidson and Sheryl Coston ᴴ
Ms. Julia D. Davidson
Mr. Stephen J. Davidson
Mr. Bruce M. Davies *◊
Jim and Beverly Davies
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Davis
Dr. Chad Joseph Davis ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Don Gordon Davis
Ms. Erica Renee Davis *◊
Jaffe Davis
James Davis and Elizabeth Waggoner
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff F. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Davis ◊◊
Michael and Juliet Davis
Ms. Karlotta Davis *
Ms. Kathryn Davis
Mark and Anita Davis
Mr. Michael M. Davis ◊◊
Mr. Patrick Edward Davis *
Dr. and Mrs. R. Dale Davis ◊
Bob and Anna Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Davis ◊
Mrs. Abby Israelow Davison *◊◊
Ms. Joan Dawson *◊
Duane and Claudia Day
Mr. Robert Day ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Candido de Leon ◊
Mrs. A. Renee Dean
Leslie Dean
Ms. Lina L. Dean
Ms. Olga Dean ◊
Ms. Portia Dean ᴴ
Ms. Sharon Dean ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Dearduff
Mr. R. Gary Deavel ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood E. deBessonet ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Debler ◊
Mr. Gordon Deboard
Mr. and Mrs. Marc William DeBow *
Jon and Mae DeBruyn ◊
Graydon and Sherri DeCamp
Mrs. Alice Fitch Deck *◊
Ms. Rachel Decker ◊
Mr. John S. Deeming ◊◊
Mr. Ray Deeren
Mr. and Ms. John DeFaria *
Lisa DeFaria *
Peter Defaria
Thomas DeFaria and Madeline Franco-DeFaria *
Mr. Donald Deford
Mrs. Barbara Larson Degler *◊
Chris and Katherine DeGood *◊
Ms. Amanda Degraeve
Barbara Degreave
Thomas and Linda Degrow
Gil and Annette Deibel
Mr. Dan Deiss ◊
Carol and Will DeJong
Terri DeJong
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dekoning
Ms. Haley Jean DeKorne *
Ms. Deb Del Zoppo
Ms. Joyce E. Delamarter
Ms. Heather R. Delaney *
Ms. Liz DeLaRossa
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Delgado ◊
Mr. Daniel Bryon DeLisi *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. DeLonge ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Serkis Demirjian
Mr. and Mrs. Frank DeMonchaux
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Deneen ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Deneen
Enos Denham
Jock and Sue Denio ◊◊
William Denison *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Dore Dennis ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Bryant W. Dennison Jr. ◊
Julie Dennison
Kristine Denny
DeNyse, Bernetta and Gavin
Kathy Deplonty
John H. and Pamela Depuy
Maria DeRee
Joan Derengowski ◊
Jim and Genya Derian
Dennis and Peggy DeRidder ◊
David Desautels
John and Cindy Despelder ◊
Jennifer Desser *
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Detjen
Reverend and Mrs. Richard J. Detweiler
Mrs. Joyce Dubrow Deutelbaum *◊
Mr. Brian Devine *
Ms. Mary DeVries
Ms. Nancy DeWeese ◊
Ms. Joan Dewey ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Dewey ◊
Ms. Mary Ann DeWitt
Ms. Lois J. Dexter
Mr. and Mrs. Jay DeYoung
Tom and Marilyn Diamond ◊
Ms. Wanda Diamond
Laura and Theodore Dibble
John and Rita Dick
John and Helene Dickel ◊
Ms. Janet Dickerson
James and Kathleen Dickey
Mr. William Dickinson
William and Marilyn Dickinson
D. Dickmann and K. McKevitt ◊
Mr. Albert W. Dicks
Dr. Elaine Macklin Didier *◊
Sherry Diebolt
Pat Diegel ◊
Donald and Catherine Dierkes ◊◊
Mrs. Eleanor Diesing
Alice Diggins ◊
Joseph C. Dilger
Mr. and Mrs. Norman L.. Dill *◊
Ms.  Jane Diller
Ms. Cynthia F. Dillon ◊
Dick and Carole Dills
Preston and Mary Dilts ◊◊
Marydell Dilworth ◊
Mrs. Patricia Dilworth
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Dimmick
Ms. Sally A. Dinger
Mr. David Howard Dingle *◊◊
Mr. Victor W. Dinsmoore ◊◊
Drs. Heather Dion and Stephen LaMont *
Ms. Barbara Disborough
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Disch
Karen Dischner
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Disegna
The Arey Family
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Ditmar
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dittrich
Mrs. Louise Dixon *
Mrs. Ruth Dixon
John and Marian Doane ◊◊
Harry Dobelle
Mr. and Mrs. Larry P. Dobler
Richard B. Dobrow, MD
Bud and Nancy Dockter
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Dodd
Glen Dodd
Miss Eleanor A. Doersam
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Doherty
Mrs. Rosemary Jantzen Doherty ◊◊
Matt and Jen Dohm
Mr. David Doidge
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Doig ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley F. Dole
Mrs. Jeanne V. Donahue ◊
Mr. Perry Donahue
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Donakowski
Ms. Carole Donaldson ◊
Mr. and Mrs. James Donaldson ◊
Les Donaldson
Susan and Stuart Doneson
Bradley Evans and Diane Donley
Dr. George Donoian ◊◊
Professors Kevin and Ellen Donovan ◊
Ms. Sallie A. Donovan ◊
Tom and Helen Dorcey
Mr. and Mrs. A. Sam Dorchen
Mrs. Patricia Ternes Dore *
Trish and Richard Dormitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Dorn
Mr. Robert P. Dost ◊◊
Mr. Drew Dostal
Mrs. Jaclyn Sehrt Doty *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Douglas *
Jan Douglas
Mrs. Esther Douthit ◊◊
Elaine Douvas and Robert Sirinek *◊
Michael Dow and Kim Albright
Dr. Roberta Dow ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Dowd Jr.
Mr. Ray Dowd ◊◊
Robert Downes and Jeanette Wildman
Ms. Joyce Downing
Mrs. Barbara Dowty
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Doyle ◊
Phyllis Dozier
Alexis and Nathan Drabek *
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Drake
Dee and Madeline Drake ◊◊
Ms. Carol Draper
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Draper ◊◊
Roland and Diane Drayson
Bryce and Paula Dreeszen ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Dreier
Ms. Suzanne Dreifus
Jeremy Drelich and Rochelle Smith ◊
Joe and Marilyn Dressel ◊
Peter Dreyfuss ◊
Jack and Lois Driscoll
Mr. John Driscoll *
Ms. Mary Droesch
Mr. William Drozdalski
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Drummond ◊◊
Mrs. Mary Ann Drury ◊
Dawn and Jeff Du Comb
Ms. Marilyn DuBreuil ◊
Dan Duda
Steve and Betsy Duede ◊
Mr. Paul Duemler
Robert and Martha Dufault ◊
Mr. Bob Duff
Mr. Robert Duff
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Duffey
Mrs. Darrell F. Duffield ◊
Charles and Janice Duggan
George and Helen Duke ◊◊
Mr. Jim Dulzo ◊
Mr. John Dumala
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Dunbar ◊
Mrs. Magdalen Duncan
Chandel and David Dundee
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Dundon ◊◊
Thomas and Gretchen Dunfee ◊◊
Ms. Judy Dunmire ◊
Ms. Amber Dunn
Mrs. Beth Dennis Dunn ◊
Ms. Elizabeth Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Dunn
Ms. Dorothy Dunville ◊
Ms. Marlene Duperval
Ms. Dianne Dupont
Mrs.  Nancy Duray
Ms. Kathryn Durbin
Mr. Michael Durbin ◊
Ms. Lynn A. Durling
Drs. Edward and Janis Duski
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Dutmers Jr.
Mrs. James E. Dutmers Sr.
Ms. Joan Dutton
Ms. Antoinette Dwan
Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Dworkin
David and Anabel Dwyer
Delbert and Susan Dyche ◊
Ms. Judith Woodall Dye *
Ms. Margaret Dye
Mrs. Emily Karns Dyer *
Mr. Erik Damon Dyke *
Ms. Amanda W. Dykhouse *◊
Mr. Richard Dykstra
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Dykstra ◊
Mr. Dennis Dzierzawski ◊
Russell Dzuba and Karen Kirt
Ms. Anne McCarthy Eardley *
Ms. Leona Earegood ◊
Ms. Karen Earl
Ms. Elizabeth Early
Ms. Laurey Ann Easland *◊◊
Ms. Susan Kate Easlick
Ms. Christa Eaton
Mrs. Lois Eaton ◊
Carole and Charles Ebel *
Max and Marge Eckert ◊
Ms. Mary Edens ◊
Mrs. Ruth Bard Edick *◊◊
Fred and Carol Edmonds ◊
Ms. Linda Edmonds
Bill and Cindy Edmonson
Mrs.  Jessica Edson
Jen and David Edwards
Mr. Michael B. Edwards *
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Edwards ◊
Scott and Sally Edwards
Trina Block Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Edwards ◊◊
Mr. William E. Edwards *◊
Thrasos Eftaxiadis
Mrs. Judith M. Egeler ◊◊
Ms. Sue Eggl
Jeanne Ehinger
Ms. Karen Perry Ehinger *◊
Steve and Lisa Crump *◊
Mr. Harry Eick ◊◊
Mr. Kenneth Eike ◊
Ms. Carol Brown Eilber
Mr. Charles R. Eilber
Harry and Rhonda Eisenstein
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Eitniear
Mr. John B. Elder ◊
Larry Fox and Martha Eldredge
Ms. Nancy Coade Eldridge *
Heidi Eliot
Mr. Andre Elkon *
Ms. Margaret Ellibee
Sally and John Ellinger ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ellinwood ◊◊
Dr. Gene V. Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Elliott
Judith R. Ellsworth *
Ms. Otilia Elmasian ◊
Ms. Nancy Elmore
Mr. Steve Elrick ◊◊
Rabbi Jeffrey and Karen Elson
Pat and Fred Ely ◊◊
Mr. Robert M. Ely
Tom and Peggy Elzey ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Emenheiser
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Emerick ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Emerson ◊◊
Ms. Mary Emerson
Ms. Andree Emig
Tom and Diane Emling ◊
Kersti Bryan, Megan Bays and Kevin Emrick *
Ms. Barbara Enders
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Endicott ◊
Mr. Neal Endicott
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Endo ◊
Ms. Mary R. Engdahl ◊◊
Ms. Jody S. Engel
Mr. and Mrs. Monty Engelmann
Mr. Ethan Engle *
Dr. and Mrs. Leif Engles
Mr. Edward English
Gary and Nancy English
Katharine Enoch *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Enright ◊◊
John and Gina Erb
Ms. Rhonda Erbel
Jacque and Doug Erdman
Matthew and Virginia Ericksen *
Ms. Marilyn Erickson
Duncan and Kay Erley ◊
Dan and Ann Ernst ◊
Ken and Karen Eshelman
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Esko ◊
Ms. Christine Esper
Mr. James Esswein
Ron and Jan Estes *
Judy Ettema
Mrs. Hanya Helen Etter *◊
Ms. Catherine Eubanks ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Evans
Ms. Carol Evans ◊
Ms. Diane Kay Evans *
Gail Evans and Bob Knechel
Ms. Janet A. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Evans ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Evans
Jim and Lynn Evans ◊
Mark and Pamela Evans ◊
Bill and Pam Evans
Ms. Jennifer Marshall Evens *
Bonny Everett and Reinder Zonderman
Mr. and Mrs. David Everett
Ms. Denyse Everett ◊
Mr. Bernard Ewing
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ewing
Paul and Jesse Ewing *
Becky Ewing ◊
Ms. Margery Exton and Dr. R. David Jones *
Marylou and Bill Eyke
Barbara Faas
Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Fabbroni
Peter and Miriam Fabien ◊◊
John Faichney
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Failoni ◊
Mr. John Failor and Ms. Kristen Salathiel
Joan Fairbanks ◊
Ms. Leigh Fairey ◊
William Fairgrieve
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fairman *◊◊
Barbara and Garry Faja ◊
Mrs. JoFran Falcon *◊
Dan and Meridith Falconer
Mr. Norman Falete ◊◊
Dick and Dee Falk ◊◊
Mr. David K. Falvay ◊
Mr. Gary Fangboner
Hugh and Betty Farber ◊◊
Alex and Lorrie Farkas ◊
Ms. Edith Farnham
Mr. Hunter Farnham *
Mrs. Alice Farr ◊◊
Ms. Marjean Farr
Robert and Megan Farrell
Mike and Kay Farrimond
Mrs. Barbara Leatz Farris *
Mr. and Mrs. John Fasbender
Rich Fasi
Mr. John R. Fatersik
Larry Fatt and Jenny Munten ◊◊
Mrs. Janet Faulhaber ◊
Michael Faulhaber *◊◊ᴴ
Ms. Jan Faulkner
Bob and Alice Faulman ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Faulstich Jr.
Dr. Randall Edward Faust *
Ellen Schaeffer and John Fazio
Ms. Jeannette M. Fehner ◊◊
Ms. Susan Fehrenbach
Mr. Jim Feiker
Ms. Deborah Lipson Feldman *
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Feldman ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Feldt ◊◊
Mr. Fred E. Feleppa
Nancy, Ronnie and Katie Fellman
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas W. Fels ◊◊
David Felsenthal and Margaret Schwartz
Ms. Mary Lu Fennell
Mrs. Louise Fenner ◊◊
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Fenton ◊
Thomas Fenton and Mary Heffron
Carl and Amy Ferguson
Mr. William Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Fernand
Ms. Ina Fernandez
Javier Ferrer and Blanca Ferrer Pujals
Mr. and Mrs. Duane E. Ferris ◊◊
John Ferry
Ms. Rebecca Feyen
Sharon and Richard Fidler ◊
Mr. Greg Fiedler
Joyce and Leslie Field ◊
Charlotte and Joseph Fields
Doug and Janine Fierberg
Vincent and Carol Figas ◊
Mr.  Phillip Filipovski
Mrs. Jane C. Filkins
Mrs. Mary Ellen Fine ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Fine
Mr. and Mrs. Eben M. Finger
Rollie and Brenda Fink
Richard Finkbeiner ◊
Miss Susan Jane Finke
Colleen and Mark Finks ◊
Mr. Glynn Finley
Mr. Neil Finley
Mrs. Stephen I. Finney ◊
Mr. Edwin Fischer
Ms. Ethel Fischer
Ms. Joan L. Fischer ◊
Ms. Joyce A. Fischer ◊
Ms. Kathryn Fischer
Ms. Barbara Fishbeck *
Ms. Ann Fisher
Ms. Catherine Fisher
Mr. Herbert L. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fisher *◊
Ms. Faith Fishman ◊
Brad and Barbara Fitch ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Roger H. Fitch ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fitch
Mr. Alexander Fiterstein *
Mrs. Alice Fitzgerald ◊◊
Ms. Nancy Fitzgerald
Mr. William Fitzgerald
John and E.A. Fitzpatrick
Ellen Z. Fivenson ◊◊
Barbara and Charles Flagg ◊
John and Sandra Flaherty
Katherine M. Flaherty
Ms. Marilyn Flaherty
Eric and Libby Flegenheimer
Leah Ann and David Fleisher
Ms. Anne Fleming
Don Fleming
Mr. Gordon B. Fleming
Mr. K. Scott Fleming *
Ms. Nancy Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fleming
Molly Rose Flerlage
Tom and Sue Flerlage
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Fleser ◊◊
Ms. Jeanette G. Fleury ◊
Ms. Mary Jean Flood ◊
Mr. Jason Flower
Dr. James Marion Flugrath *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Flynn
Michael and Donna Flynn ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fodell ◊
Ms. Beverly Fogarty
Mr. Roger Foin
Ms. Cheryl Follette ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Folsom
Shirley and Thomas Douw Fonda *◊
Ms. Merceditas Font
Ms. Mary Fontaine
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Foote
Ms. MaryAnn Force ◊◊
Dr. N. Curtis Force
George and Mary Ford ◊
Ms. Leanne Ford
Ms. Margaret Forgione ◊
Ms. Elva Dyer Forman *◊◊
Ms. Ruth Carpenter Forrest
Shannon and James Forseth
Mr. Francis Forton
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Forton
Mr. and Mrs. David Fosdick ◊
Mrs. Elisabeth Updegraff Foshee *◊
Ms. Wendy Foss
David D. Foster *ᴴ
Ms. Bonnie Elisabeth Fought *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Fought
Ms. Barbara Fournier
Ms. Nancy Foust
Mr. and Mrs. James Fowler
David Fowler and Thomas Fowler ◊
Virgil and Jean Fox *
Heather Fraizer and Tony Lentych
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frampton ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Francis ◊
Joseph and Gail Frank *
Bridgit and Keith Frank *◊◊
Larry and Mary Frank ◊◊
Sue and Hal Frank
Ms. Vicki Frank
Ms. Mary Franklin
Ms. Susan Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Franklin
Ms. Lisa L. Franseen *
Mrs. William A. Franta ◊
Mr. and Mrs. James Franzen ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Frary ◊◊
Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Fraser ◊◊
Mr. Joseph C. Fraser ◊
Ms. Nancy Frass *◊
Ms. Janis L. Frazee
Mr. Thomas L. Freas ◊
Ellen Fred
Dr. and Mrs. Norman R. Fred
Karl and Sue Frederiksen ◊
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Fredrickson ◊◊
Jan Z. Freed
Ms. Deborah Sarah Freedman ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Freeman
Ms. Nancy Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. George Edward Freiburghaus *◊
Ms. Ruth Ann French
Ms. Jean Frentz
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Frey ◊
Miss Marcia A. Frey *
Mary Anne and Norm Frey ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Klaus M. Friedburg
Mr. and Mrs. David Friedlander
Mrs. Anna Belle Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Friedman
Jonathan and Lynn Friendly
Mr. Steve Frisbie
Ms Amy Fritch
Don and Karen Fritz ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Eberhardt R. Frixen ◊◊
Dick and Tina Friz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Froelich ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Froman
Ms. Hollis P. Fromm
Mr. Bill Fromm
Mr. and Mrs. William Fronk ◊◊
Alan Frost *◊
Mr. William D. Frost
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Frounfelter ◊◊
Jack and Pam Frucci *
Steve and Sue Fry ◊◊
Susan Frye
Mrs. Viola Fuchs ◊◊
Fred and Carole Fuller
Mrs. Katharina Fuller ◊
Russell and Barbara Fuller ◊
Mr. Charles H. Fultz
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Furman
Mr. Dan Furman
Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Furukawa ◊
Ms. Laurie E. Gabel
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Gaenslen ◊◊
Nancy Gaertner
Joel Gaff Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Gaff ◊
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Gaffney
John and Pat Gaffney
Ms. Mary Gaffney
Ken and Peg Haskins Gage ◊◊
Ms. Carol Gagliardi and Mr. David Flesher *
Ms. Caroline Gaines
Steve Gaiser
Ms. Sara Galan
Alexandra Day Gale *
Ms. Jennifer V. Gale *
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Gale
Mr. Alex Gales
Mr. James K. Gallagher ◊◊
Mr. Thomas Gallery
Bernard and Rita Gallin ◊◊
Gary and Victoria Gallup
Mr. Joseph Galvin Jr. ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Scott L. Gamache ◊
Mr. Robert Gamalski
Richard and Julie Gamfield
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gangi
Dr. and Mrs. Philip J. Gannon ◊◊
Ri.M. Gans
Mr. Charles Ganss
Ms. Frankie Gapinski
Ms. Greta Gappy ◊
Miriam E. Torres Garcia, M.D.
Mr. Rafael Garcia ◊
Mr. and Mrs. William Y. Gard ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Gardiner
Merrill and Linda Gardiner ◊
Mr. David Gardner
Mr. David Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Gardner ◊
Mr. Stephen V. Gardner Jr. ◊
Mrs. Phyllis A. Garn ◊◊
Penelope Garner *
Roberta Garner
Ms. Sarah Kathleen Garner *◊
Bob and Mikki Garrels *
Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gartland ◊
Mr. Anton Gartshore
Ms. Cheri Garvin ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Gasco ◊
Ms. Jennifer Gaston
Mr. Dan Gates
Sarah Gates *◊
Don and Joanne Gatz
Mr. Gary Gatzke *◊
Mr. David W. Gauger ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. David Gaunt
Mr. Bruce Gauthier
Lawrence and Suzanne Gaye
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gaylord
Ms. Delores Gearhart
Mr. Bill Geddes ◊
Donald and Lynn Geesaman *
Kerry Geffert
Scott and Pam Gegesky ◊
Mr. Cornelis Adolf Gehrels
Ms. Katharine Wence Geiger *◊
Lynn Geiger ◊
Ms. Janine Stockdell Geisel *◊
Mrs. Roberta Geissler ◊
Drs. Sheri Ford and Evan Geller
Judith Geller
Douglas and Shirley Gembis ◊
Mr. Dave Gendler
Ms. Clare Gengarelly
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Gensemer
Patricia and Thom Ritter George *◊
Miles and Joanie Gerberding
Mr. Randal Gernaat
Mr. Jeff Gerstenberger ◊
W. Scott Gerstenberger and Elizabeth A. Sweet ◊◊
Marjorie Rich and Roger Gerstle
Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Gertz
Meghan Metzger *◊
Mr. Gary Ghastin
Barbara and Vatche Ghazarian
Ms. Kiren Ghei ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Gherlan
Ms. Anni Gibson
Ms. Mary Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gibson
Mr. Gary A. Gielczyk ◊◊
John and Dona Gierak
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Gietzen ◊◊
Ms. Nancy Lorena Giffels
Mr. William Giffels
Mr. Elmer Gilbert ◊
John and April Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gilbert
Ms. Susan Gilbert *
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Gilbo ◊◊
Lauran and Steve Gilbreath *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. James Gilland
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gillett
Beverly Gillie
Donald Gilligan and Regina Maniscalco
James Gills
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gilmore ◊
Ms. Marda Gilmore
Mary Bridgham Gilroy *◊◊
Dean and Sharon Ginther
Mr. James F. L. Ginty *
Ms. Nicolle Girard ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Girardin ◊
John and Amy Girimont
Michael Gisser and Cynthia Torres
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Gitlin ◊◊
Mr. William B. Gittlen
Susan and Harry Givelber ◊
Ms. Gretchen Gladieux
Anne and Scott Glaser ◊
Mr. William F. Glass ◊
The Glatzers
Mr. and Mrs. William Glauz ◊
The Glaza Family
Mr. and  Gilbert Gleason *
Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Gleisser ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Glenn ◊◊
Ms. Connie Glidden ◊
Ms. Angeline Wolf Gloria *
Mr. Richard Glosenger ◊
Rebecca Glotfelty
Ms. Cynthia Housh Glovinsky *
Susan and Steve Glusker
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Glynn
Shalene Glynn
Dr. Susanne Glynn ◊
Patricia and David Gocklin
Mrs. Diana Godish
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. Godon ◊
Vanig godoshian
Beth Goebel
Robert F. Goeckel
Anna and Richard Goettle ◊◊
Ms. Marion Goetz ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Gofen *
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Goff ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Thor C. Goff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gold ◊◊
Barbara and Larry Goldberg *
Mr. Donn Golden ◊
Ms. Flora Goldfarb
Ms. Janice Mekula Golding
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Goldson
Steve and Lisa Goldstein ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Golec ◊◊
Patty and John Goltermann
John and Berneice Gonder
Mrs. Joseph Gonzales
Ms. Karol Goodsmith
Mr. David Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm C. Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. Armen Googasian ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Helmut Goral
Bradley and Barbara Gordon ᴴ
David and Penelope Gordon
Ms. Diane Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Gordon
Mr. Louis Gordon
Ms. Sarah Anne Gordon *
Ms. Irma Gorman ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Dickens Goslin
Ms. Jennie Gott
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gotts ◊
Larry Gougler *
Mrs. Carol McCormick Goul *
Jan Shireman and Gerard Grabowski
Stephen Grace
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Graettinger Jr. ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Harry W. Graff
Ms. Sondra Joyce Graff *
Mr. Jim Graham
Ms. June Graham ◊◊
Lois Graham ◊
Mr. Randy Graham ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grahl
Mr. Marvin Grahn
Ms. Christine Gran
Brian Jarnutowski and Maggie Granero
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Grant ◊
Robin and Francine Gratz ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grauer ◊◊
Michael and Christine Gravlin ◊◊
Ms. Brooke Gray ◊
Mrs. Georgia  Gray ◊
Ms. Mary Kay Gray ◊
Ms. Natalie Gray ◊◊
Ms. Lydia C. Grays
Ms. Carolyn T. Green
Mr. and Mrs. David Green *
Mr. David Green ◊
Donna Kaye Green
Mr. Frank Warren Green *
Tim and Patricia Green ◊◊
Ms. Michele Greenan
Mrs. Carol Greenaway
Dana Greenberg *
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Greene ◊
Mrs. Melissa Martin Greene *
Eric and Barbara Greenfeldt *◊
John and Thalia Greenhalgh
Mr. Howard N. Greenlee Jr. *
Mr. Richard Greenwald
Mr. Lorne G. Greenwood Jr. ◊
Ann and Don Gregory
Ms. Linda Gregory ◊
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Gregory
Ms. Jane Greiner
Keith and Linda Greiner *
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Gresla ◊
Mr. Donald Gretz ◊
Ms. Pam Greve
Dick and Jane Grewe ◊
Ellen Gribbell
Kevin Gribi
Ms. Meredith Grider
Dr. and Mrs. Reginald C. Grier
Dr. and Mrs. Ward Orin Griffen
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Griffin
Ms. Irmgard Griffin
Mr. John G. Griffin
Linda L. Griffin
The Honorable and Mrs. Robert P. Griffin
Ms. Stephanie Griffin
Anne Griffiths
William and Susan Griffiths
Bob and Carolyn Grigereit ◊◊
Ms. Linda Grigg ◊
Linda Griggs *
David L. Grimm ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Grimm ◊
Dr. and Mrs. James Grimshaw
Ms. Sue Griswold ◊
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Grix
Mr. Chris Grobbel
Miss Nancy Anne Groenendyk ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Grohsman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Groleau ◊
Mrs. Ruth Groll ◊◊
Dr. and Mrs. Erich B. Groos ◊
Mickey and Larry Grooters ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Groothuis ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Gross ◊
Walter Gross; James Gross (1990)
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Grosskopf ◊
Mr. Derek Grossman ◊
Mr. Jerod Groulx
Mr. Mark Grove
Ms. Mary Grover ◊
Charles and Marcia Growdon ◊
Mrs. Jane Gurtman Grubin *
Mrs. Marilyn Grueber ◊◊
David Gruenberg
Mr. George R. Gruenberg ◊◊
Mr. Douglas M. Gruizenga
Paul Grunberger
The Reverend and Mrs. Thomas Guback ◊
Mr. Harry R. Gudenberg
Paul and Ruth Guenther
Mr. Jared A. Gugnitz
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Guikema
Leslie Guildner
Jose Guillem
Mr. Samuel Taylor Guillory *
Ms. Josephine Gularski ◊◊
Victoria L. Gulder
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gundersen ◊
Ms. Barbara A. Gundrum
Mr. Ron Gurdak
Bill and Nancy Gurney ◊
Dr. Margaret E. Gustafson *
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Harold Gustafson
Mrs. Betty Guttman
Kathleen and Mark Guy
Ms. Anne Gwaltney
Dave and Jan Gwinnell ◊
Drs. Charles and Gail Gwizdala
Mr. Jack Gyr
Mr. Kim Gyr *
Ms. Marian S. Gyr
L. J. Gysel ◊
Mr. Robert Haack ◊◊
Howard and Judy Haag
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Haan ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Haberman
Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Habermann
Mr. Julian Habrowski ◊
Ms. Margaret Hackenberger ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Hacker ◊
Ms. Kathleen Hackett *
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Hackney
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Haddick ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Haddix ◊
Dale and Carole Haddon
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene N. Hadjisky ◊
Dr. Don J. Hadley
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Haenlein
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Hagan
Mary & Thomas Hagan
Stan and Mary Ann Hagemeyer
Ms. Carine J. Hagen
Ms. Corrine Hahn ◊
Tom Hahn
Mrs. Anne S. Haines
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Haines
Ms. Joan Hajny-Leeds
Dr. Ronald Haladyna ◊
Jan and Carol Hale ◊
Carolyn J. Hall
Curtis E. Hall and Susan Houseman ◊
Dennis and Kathryn Hall
Mr. Eric M. Hall
Ms. Gwen Hall ◊◊
Ms. Lindsey Hall
Beth Hall *◊
Robert and Susan Hall
Ms. Donna Hallin
Ms. Kathleen Halloran
Ms. Patricia Halloran ◊
Dr. and Mrs. David W. Halsted ◊
Ms. Caroline R. Ham ◊
Mr. Philip Hamburg
Mr. Thomas Hamel ◊
Ms. Madeline Hamelen ◊◊
Ms. Kathleen Hamill
Mrs. Anne Hamilton ◊
Branden Hamilton
Mr. David Ralph Hamilton *◊◊
Ms. Elizabeth Hamilton ◊
Mr. Greg Hamilton
Janice Kuse Hamilton *
Mrs. June Hamilton ◊◊
Mr. Ross Hammersley
Ms. Deborah Hammond
Ted and Jeanne Hammond ◊◊
Dr. Jonathan Acton Hammond Jr. *◊
Steve and Rochelle Hammontree ◊◊
Mr. Eric Hamp
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar P. Hampton III ◊◊
Ms. Valerie Hance
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard W. Hanchett
Mrs. Kathleen E. Hancock
Donald and Jan Hand ◊
Ms.  Betty Handy
Ms. Clara A. Handy ◊
Ms. Helen Hankins
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Hanley ◊
Mrs. Jayne Ilene Hanlin *
Drew A. Hanna
Libby Hanna *◊
Harold and Linda Hanna
Ms. Gretchen R. Hannan ◊
Mr. Richard Jason Hannan *
Joan and Ed Hanpeter ◊
Ms. Elizabeth Hans
Ms. Alice Hansen
Mr. Dale Hansen
Mr. Doug Hansen
Jeffrey and Teffanie Hansen
Ms. Joanne J. Hansen
Mr. Martin Frederick Hansen *◊
Mr. and Mrs.Nick D. Hansen ◊
Bill and Dorothee Hansen ◊◊
Ms. Marlene Hanses
Mr. and Mrs. Allen A. Hanson
Mr. Kenneth Roger Hanson *
Miss Meredith Louise Hanson *
Bob and Marlas Hanson
Ann and John Harbeson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Harbold
Mr. and Mrs. W. Logan Hardie ◊
Richard and Audrey Harding
Patricia and Thomas Hards
Mrs. Sondra Hardy
John and Shirley Harkins ◊◊
Anka and Dan Harkness ◊
Ms. Kay Harley
Ms. Gayle Harlow ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Harmer ◊◊
Ms. Ellie Harold
Ms. Christina Harper
Ms. Harriet P. Harper ◊
Mrs. Cynthia W. Harrington ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin S. Harris
Mr. Charles T. Harris ◊
David and Marcia Harris ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Harris
Dr. and Mrs. George P. Harris ◊
Mr. George Harris ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Harris
Shirley A. Harrison
Ms. Cornelia Hart ◊◊
Kathy Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hartigan ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. David Hartley
Dr. Cliff Hartmann ◊
Joanne and John Hartmann
Ms. Paula Hartmann ◊
Mr. and Mrs. John Hartsough ◊
Ms. Michelle A. Hartwig *
Mr. Charles D. Harvey
Ms. Cheryl Harvey
Christine Harvey
Chris Harvey
Kristine and Kurt Harvey
Ms. Marilyn Harvey ◊◊
Mrs. Thomasina Harvey ᴴ
Mr. and Mrs. Randall M. Harwood *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hasenick ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Haskell
Eleanor K. Hastie ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Hatch
Charles and Irene Hathaway
Mr. David Benjamin Hattner *ᴴ
Ms. Linda Haubold
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Hauser ◊◊
Will Case and Lisa Havens
Mrs. Rachel Bronson Haviland *
Martin Havlin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hawes ◊
Harry and Cyndi Hawkes
Ms. Barbara J. Hawkins ◊
Dr. Carl Hawkins
Cole and Priscilla Hawkins *◊
Mrs. Alexandra Williams Hawley *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. David Hawley
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Hawley ◊
John and Susan Hayes
Ms. Margaret Hayes
Michael Hayes
Mr. Norman Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hazen
Bronwen Heath
Gail Heath *◊◊
Dr. Charles H. Heaton, FAGO
Ms. Jane Heaton ◊
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Heaton
Paul Heaton ◊◊ᴴ
Linda Hebert ◊
Mr. Louis F. Hebert
Deborah Hecht and Joseph Falik ◊
Ms. Claire Hector
Mrs. Josephine B. Hector
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Heddesheimer ◊◊
Ms. Teri Hedrich
Dr. Elmer Heerema Jr. ◊
Bill Heeschen *◊
Mrs. H. Jan Heespelink *
Chuck and Judy Heethuis ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Heffelfinger
Robin Heffelfinger
Judith Heffron
Ms. Donna Hegedus
Bob and Peggy Hegel ◊
Donald Heian Fund *◊
Miss Madeline Heibel
Ms. Jacquie Heidamos
Mr. David R. Heidenreich ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Heiderer
Mr. Dave Heidtke ◊
Mr. and Mrs. William Heika
Ms. Katherine Heil and Mr. David Monstrey
Mrs. Jamie Downing Heim *◊◊
Gerald and Joanne Hein
Richard F. and Cynthia L. Heine *
Mrs. J. Sumitra Heinert
Mr. Warren Heinke *
Mr. Jim Heinrich
Conrad and Alison Heins ◊◊
Ingrid and Jeffrey Heinze ◊
Mr. and Mrs. William Heisler ◊
Ms. Ellen Heit ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Heit
Larry and Martha Heitkamp
Bob and Sandi Hekhuis ◊
John and Sarah Helge
Barbara Heller *
Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Helms ◊
Helmsworth Family ◊
Ms. Susan Helppie
Judith Helton
Mrs. Janet Helwig *◊
Mrs. Barbara Hemming
Ms. Eleanor M. Hendershot ◊
Mr. and Mrs. L. Omar Henderson
Ruth Henderson ◊◊
Mrs. Carlotta Ziegeler Hendrian *
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Hendricks ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Al Hendrickson ◊◊
Patricia Hendry ◊◊
Michael T. Monroe and Candace Henig-Monroe
Mrs. Jo-Ann M. Henle *
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Henschell
Ben Henson
Ms. Ann Elizabeth Hepenstal *
Mr. Harry W. Hepner ◊
Ms. Ngaire Hepner ◊
Paula and Kenneth Herbart *◊
Mr. James Preston Herbison
Karla Herbold ◊◊ᴴ
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Herd ◊◊
JosephHeringlake&BarbaraYoung ◊◊
Mrs. Ruth Heringlake ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Herman
Mr. Victor Herman
Mrs. Doreen Hermelin
John Herrold ◊
Ms. Ellen Herscher
Bill and Debbie Hershey
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Herstein
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Hesse ◊
Mr. and Dr. James G. Hesser
Pat and Hugh Hessler ◊◊
Ms. Shirley Hetzel
Ms. Janice Heuer
Mrs. Sandra Heuer
Linda and John Hewett
Kirk and Jan Hewlett
Ms. Beckie Hewson ◊
Mr. Bob Heyden
Drs. Peter S. and Adair R. Heyl
Wallace and Dolores Hibbard ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Hickey
Alan and Cynthia Hickman
Martee Hickman
Ms. Stephanie Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. William Hicks
Hiebert Family *◊
Dr. and Mrs. Talmage Hiebert ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. William Hieshetter ◊◊
Mr. Hal Higdon ◊
James and Joan Higgins
Ms. Mary Higgins
Mr. Thomas Higgins ◊◊
Patrick and Nancy Higgs ◊
David and Helen Higley
David and Martha Hild
John G. Hildebrand *
Ms. Beverly Hildreth ◊◊
Ms. Betsy Hill ◊
Charles and Mary Hill ◊
Dan and Gilda Hill ◊
Dr. Emita B. Hill ◊◊
Drs Philip Hill & Elizabeth Rodgers ◊
Ms. Toni Hill
Ralph and Jean Hillman *◊◊
Ms. Susan Lynn Hillman ◊
Ms. Sharon Hillquist
Mr. Mark O. Hillsamer
Wanda and Homer Hilner ◊
Ms. Susan Hilton
Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Himmell ◊
Pam and Sam Himmelrich ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Drew E. Hinderer
Ms. Elizabeth Hindmarch
Ruth C. Hinricks ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hinsberg
Mrs. Elizabeth Schmeltzer Hinson *
Mr. Howard H. Hintze ᴴ
Thomas Hirsch and Audrie Brown
Julie and Bill Hirschfeld
Mrs. Jill T. Hirsh *
Dick and Diane Hirtreiter *
Mr. Robert Hirtz
Mr. Richard Hitchingham ◊
Tom and Myrna Hitchman ◊
Ms. Teresa Hittner
Mr. Stephen D. Hoadley ◊
Ms. Mary Hoban
Deborah Saygers Hobbs
Mr. Tracy Hobbs
Dr. Leigh Robert Hochberg *◊
Mr. Thomas Genung Hodges *
Mr. and Mrs. Byron K. Hodgson
Mr. Harold Hodgson ◊
Mr. Howard G. Hodson *◊◊
Barbara J. Hoedema *◊◊
Ms. Joan M. Hoefer ◊◊
Walter Hoegy and Julie Weeks ◊
Mr. Gerald L. Hoekwater ◊
Dr. Lilo Hoelzel-Seipp ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Hoepfinger
Mr. Chad Hoeppner
Suzanne and Bill Hoff ◊
Ms. Anne Hoffa
Ms. Virginia Hoffa ◊
Connie Hoffman
Tony Hoffman
Tony Hoffman ◊
Ms. Cynthia Hoffmann ◊
Mrs. Helen Hoffski
Ms. Joan Hofstra
Max and Kate Hogan
Robin Hogan
Mr. Ron Hoge
The Reverend Barbara Anne Hoig ◊◊
Ms. Mary Stahler Hoiles ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoisington
Jean Holbrook ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Holdeman
Mr. Denny Holden
Ms. Cindy Holiday
Steven and Kathryn Holl
Daniel and Joyce Holland
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Holland ◊
Mr. Richard J. Holland ◊
Ms. Alice Hollenbeck ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hollerith Jr.
Fran Holly
Margaret Hollyday
Elizabeth Holmes
Kim Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Holmes ◊
Ms. Beth Holmes-Bozung
Ms. Nancy Holstad ◊◊
Mike and Theresa Holt *
Ms. Kathryn Holtfreter ◊◊
Mr. Wilfried Holtje ◊
Richard and Lorraine Hominga ◊
Eric Homminga
Peter Honeyman
Joel and Carol Honigberg ◊
Mr. Boyde Wyatt Hood *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Hood *
Ms. Cynthia Hood
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hood *
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hook
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hook
Ms. Anne Hooper
Ms. Lauren Hooper *
Dennis J. and Katherine M. Hoorn *
Mrs. Miriam U. Hoover
Ms. Celeste Hope
Dr. Phyllis Hope ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Hopkins
Ms. Celeste Hoppe
Ms. Ruth Hoppe
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hoppin Jr.
James and Susan Hopson ◊◊
Lee and Donna Hornberger ◊
Mr. Eldon Horner
Mr. Tim Hornsey
Jill Gottlieb Horowitz and Family
Mrs. Margaret Moore Horton *◊
Byron and Georgina Hosmer ◊
Mrs. Karen Elizabeth Hosmer-Werg *
Mrs. Denise A. Hostetter
Mrs. Nancy M. Hotchkiss ◊
Ms. Marla Houghteling
Ms. Michelle Houghton ◊
Mr. Gary Houle
Joan Houseman
Mr. Thomas Houseman ◊
Mrs. Eileen Houston ◊◊
Oliver M. Houx *◊
Mr. David Hovest ◊
Dr. and Mrs. David W. Howard
Mr. and Mrs. James Gary Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Kim D. Howard ◊
Rick and Laura Howard
Ms. Marta Soderberg Howard *
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Howard
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Howard ◊
Mrs. Arline L. Howe
Mr. Gary Howe
Ms. Lauren Howe
Mr.  Marvin Howe
Ms. Carol Howell ◊
Randy and Colleen Howes
Ms. Karen F. Howie
Billy Hoxie and Julie Clynes
Anna Hradel
Dr. Karen Lee Hrapkiewicz *◊◊
Robert and Linda Huber ◊
Randy Hudnutt-Dean *◊
Jan Schreiber and David Hudson ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Hudson Jr. ◊
Rick Hudson and Susan McLendon
Ms. Carol A. Hueller
Mr. and Mrs. William Huellmantel ◊
Patty and Michael Huff
Fran and Gary Hughes
Gary Hughes
Ms. Joan Hughes
Mrs. Kathleen Chapman Hughes *
Ms. Marcia Hughes ◊◊
Thomas and Phyllis Hughes
Timothy and Lisa Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Huisman
Mr. Paul A. Huizenga
Mrs. Cindy Hull ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hull ◊
Dr. Sonia Elise Hulman *
John and Wilma Hultman ◊
Mrs. Mary Anne Huminski ◊
Steven and Kyra Humphrey
Ms. Flournoy Humphreys ◊
Mr. Michael Humpula
Mr. William O. Hund ◊◊
Bryce Hundley and Alicia Walker
Ms. Lindsey L. Hundley *
Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Hunsberger ◊
Mrs. Ann Freedlander Hunt *
Mr. and Mrs. James Hunt ◊
Terry Hunt and Jeanie Johnson
Nancy and David Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Hunter
Jean Hunter and Thomas Hirasuna *◊
Mr. John Hunter ◊
Mrs. John Hunter
Ms. Margaret Hunter
Mrs. Ruth Hunter ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Craig T. Huntley
Ms. Sally Huntsberger
Shirley and Ken Kenneth Hurlin ◊◊
Mr. Bruce W. Hurst *
Mr. and Mrs. Karel Husa
Ms. Kristine Anne Huskey *
Mr. Gregory J. Hustis *◊
Jim and Margaret Hutchison ◊
Tafel and Michael Hutchison
Peyton and Betty Hutchison
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hutter
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hybza ◊
Mr. Albert E. Hyde
Mrs. Nancy Eastham Iacobucci *◊
Cindy Idema
Mr. Mike Ierulli
Mr. Richard Igo
Dr. Kenley P. Inglefield *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Bart Ingraham ◊
Ms. Mary Lou Ingwersen ◊
Gretchen Iorio
Duane and Lucie Irmen ◊◊
Dr. Jerry and Martha Ann Irwin *◊◊
Barry W. and Alysa H. Isaacson *
Mr. Terry Isenbarger ◊◊
Elizabeth Ives
Ms. Marjorie Ives
Joseph and Corinna Izokaitis *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Marty Jablonski
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jackman
Ms. Patricia Jackson
Mr. Paul Trescott Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Jackson
Mrs. Susan Olson Jackson *◊
Milton and Karen Jacobi ◊
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Jacobs ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jacobs *
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Jacobson ◊
Mrs. Gloria Jadwin *
Mr. and Mrs. Don Th. Jaeger *◊
Ms. Rosalind Jaffe ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jaissle
Mr. and Mrs. Andris Jakobsons
Ms. Sarah James
Roseanne Jamrok *ᴴ
Mr. J. C. Janes
Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Janis
Mrs. Millie Janka ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Albert Bela. Janko ◊
Mr. Robert Jankowski
Mrs. Sandra Janos
Drs. William M. and Nancy Jantsch, M.D.
Donald and Marilyn Jacquish
Ms. Jeanne Jaquish ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. W. Joseph Jarecki ◊
Charles and Laurie Jarrett *◊
Mr. Michael Jarvis and Ms. Lynne Brach
Mr. Tom Jasperse
Christine Jaymes ◊
John and Susan Jazdzyk
Mrs. Cynthia Gephart Jean ◊
Mr. Walter Jedena
Pat and Jerry Jehle ◊
Mr. Clifford Jenckes ◊◊
Ms. Barbara Jenkins ◊
Dr. Ronald J. Jenkins ◊◊
Peter and Katy Jenks ◊
Mrs. Geraldine May Jennings *
Dick and Lil  Jennings
Ms. Sue Jennings
Mr. Soren Jensen
Ms. Phyllis Jenson ◊
Ms. Judy L. Jerome ◊◊
Ms. Marilyn Jewell
Ms. Linda Jeynes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jillson ◊
Ms. Barbara M. Joabar
Ms. Diane I. Jobson
Mr. Wallace E. Jobusch *◊
Jodi Jocks
Mr. and Mrs. Ingemar Johansson
Elizabeth Stuart John *◊
Suzanne Heckman John *◊◊
Harold Johne ◊
Ms. Francesca Johns
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Johns ◊
Michele and Tom Johns
Ms. Anita Johnson
Roger and Barbara Johnson ◊
Barry and Susanna Johnson
Mr. Bruce Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Colby Johnson ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Johnson
David and Kathy Johnson
Mr. Eric C. Johnson *
Frances and Gerald  Johnson ◊◊
Mr. Frederick Campbell Johnson *
Irving and Joyce Johnson ◊
Jay and Betsy Johnson ◊
Richard Johnson and Jennifer Kirkpatrick Johnson ◊
Jon and Marla Johnson
Sue and Kevin Johnson
Kim and Margaret Johnson
Ms. Maria Johnson
Mrs. Marjorie D. Johnson ◊◊
Mark and Ursula Johnson ◊
Ms. Mary Johnson
Michael and Wendy Johnson ◊
Rex Johnson ◊
Mr. Robert Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Johnson ◊
Patricia and Tim Johnson
Timothy Johnson and Ewa Einhorn
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Johnson ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Johnson
Mr. Zak Johnson ◊
Mr. Aaron M. Johnston *
Ms. Florence M. Johnston
James and Sandy Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Johnston
Matt and Cynthia Johnstone
Ms. Anne Holliday Jones and Mr. John Jones
Ms. Bronwyn Jones
Carter Jones
Chet and Shirley Jones ◊
Christopher and Lisa Jones
Charles and Daphne Jones
Mr. Duane Jones
Ms. Geraldine V. Jones ◊
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Jones
Mr. Jim Jones
Dr. Jay Jones
Drs. John W. and Margaret Z. Jones ◊
Mr. and Mrs. John Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jones
Mrs. Lillian Jones
Ms. Muriel D. Jones ◊
Ms. Patricia H. Jones
Philip and Dale Jones ◊
Philip Weaver Jones and Amanda Wade
Ms. Rachel B. Jones
Richard and Barbara Jones ◊
Rod and Sue Jones ◊
Rollin and Lloy Jones
Ron Jones
Daniel Jordan, IAA 87-91 *
Michael D. Jordan ◊
Linda and Richard Jorgensen *
Ms. Judy Jorgenson
Ms. Cynthia Jose *
Dr. Dan Joseph ◊
Franklin Joseph
Mrs. Mary Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Joseph ◊
Rebecca Brown and Simon Joseph ◊
Tim and Wanda Joseph ◊
Michael and Anne Josephson
Mr. and Mrs. Norman O. Jung *
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Jungck
Mark and Nancy Jungemann
Ms. Sarah Juntune ◊◊
Mr. Brad Jurik ◊◊
Mr. Clifford M. Jurrjens ◊◊
Ms. Julie Anne Jurrjens *◊
Ray Jusick
Ms. Meredith Kadlec
Professors Monica and Fritz Kaenzig
Ms. Clara Kahle
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kahn ◊◊
Ms. Wendy Lee Kahn *
Ms. Karen Kain ◊
Ms. Pam Kaiser
Pamela H. Kaiser
Pat Kajdan
Dr. and Mrs. Edward D. Kalat ◊
Ms. Laura Kalchik
Dr. Jeffrey Ward Kalenak *
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Kalisz
Ms. Rachel Anne Gottlieb *
Ms. Judith Kalter
Ms. Wendy Kalush
Anna M. Kalynych *
Mrs. Laurel Bye Kamen *
Mrs. Anne DeVroome Kamerling *◊
Mr. and Mrs. George Kaminski
Eric and Ellen Kamischke
Ms. Marilyn Kamp ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Kampmueller
Janine and Daniel Kane ◊
Dave and Lee Kane ◊◊
Ms. Nikki Kane
Susan Kane and Gregory Palitz
Ms. Lynne A. Kane ◊
Choong-Min and Dong-Hyo Kang
Mr. Thomas Kapala
Ms. Judy Rosensweig Kapiloff *◊
Mrs. Rosemarie Kapla ◊
Avery Kaplan
Danielle Kaplan and Family
Mimi Spiwak Harris, Alumni NMC 1976-1979
Mr. Charles W. Kapplinger ◊
Rosy and Dinesh Kapur
Ms. Pam Karbowsky ◊
Ms. Jane Karel
Miss Ruth L. Karloski ◊
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Karoly ◊◊
Mr. Gary S. Karpinski *◊
Ms. Nadine Thea Karplus *◊
Ms. Janet Karr
Randy and Marci Karsten
Ms. Rosalie Karunas
Ms. Laura Kaser
Deborah and William Kaska *◊
Ms. Nancy Kasperzak *◊
Chuck and Rebecca Kass
Ms. Gay Kasza
Dr. Daniel E. Katz *◊◊
Joel and Harriet Katz *◊
Dr. Marlene G. Katz *
Mr. Milton Katz ◊
Mrs. Roberta Brown Katzman *
Mrs. Margaret J. Kauffman ◊◊
Mr. Peter H. Kauffman *◊
Terry Eder *◊
Laura Kaufmann *
Ms. Melpo Kavadella ◊
Ms. Ida Kavafian *
Mr. Paul Kavanaugh
Mr. Jerold Seth Kayden *
Miss Marcia J. Kaye *◊
Ms. Mary Kayler
Ms. Betsy Kaylor *
Ms. Mary Kee ◊
Ms. Jean Keegan ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Keeler ◊
Ms. Mary Keeman ◊
Mr. Daniel L. Kegan *
Ms. Kirsten Keilitz
Ms. Sara Keinath
Ms. Linda Keiser ◊
Mr. Craig Keith
Ms. Sybil Keith ◊
Ms. Catherine Kelder ◊◊
Ms. Linda Keller ◊
Rose Keller ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kelley
Mr. Brooks Kelley ◊◊
David Kelley and Carol Buxton
Ms. Kay Kelley
Mr. Richard Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Kellom ◊
Becky Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. James Kelly ◊
Joe and Donna Kelly
Mr. Michael J. Kelly ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Kelly ◊
Victoria and Edward Kelly
Ms. Virginia Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford A. Kelto ◊
James and Polly Kemler ◊
Robert and Dorothy Kemmer ◊
Sue and Phillip Kench
John and Ann Kendrick
Dr. Gerald Kennedy
Ms. Jackie Kennedy ◊
Jim and Nancy Kennedy
Ms. Karen Kennedy
Mr. Mark Kennedy
David and Rebecca Kennerly
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Kenney
Mr. Robert Kenny
Frederick Luety and Tomi Kent *◊◊
Troy and Paula Kent ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick W. Kerby ◊
Paul R. Kerbyson ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kerle ◊
Ms. Gloria Kern
Mrs. Judith L. Kern ◊
John and Connie Kerns
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nathan Kerr Jr. ◊
Ms. Ellen Kerr ◊
Jeff and Susan Kessler ◊
Blake and Lynda Key
Eric and Katherine Keydel *◊
Ms. Julia Helen Keydel *◊◊
Phyllis and Ted Kidd
Mr. Lawrence A. Kidd
Mr. Eugene Kidder *◊◊
Mr. LeRoy E. Kiefer
Mrs.  Rebecca Kienholz
Katie Kieren ◊◊
Ms. Jane Kiernan
Brad and Amanda Kik ◊
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Killeen ◊
Arthur Killian ◊
Doug Kimble ◊
Ms. Meghan Kimpton
Mr. Paul Kimpton
Ms. Dianna Kinaschuk
Mrs. Mary Reinhart Kincaid *
Mr. Gregory Kindig
Ms. Barbara E. King
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. King IV
James and Mae King ◊
John King and Brigid McNamee
Sandy and Layton King ◊◊
Susan and Robert King ◊
Ms. Sharon D. King
Sheila King ◊
Ms. Heather Kingham
Mr. Robert Kingon
Marjorie Kingsbury
Ms. Susan Kinnaird ◊
Ms. Kimberly Kinnan ◊
Darrell and Shirley Kinnan ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Kinnard
Mrs. Cynthia Dieterichs Kinnear *
James and Eileen Kinneary
Scott Kinner
Drs. Lucinda Buhse and Steve Kinsley ◊
Mrs. Anne G. Kinzie ◊
Jan Kirby ◊
Ms. Kathleen Kirch
Ms. Julia Anne Kirchhausen *
Mr. Tom Kirchner
Charles and Virginia Kirkwood
Diana Kirsch
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Kirschke ◊
Mr. Richard Kirschner *◊◊
Mrs. Joyce Kirshner ◊◊
Mr. F. Richard Kishline
Mr. Stewart Kissinger
Ms. Martha Kitchen
Phillip Kiteley
Mrs. Ellen C. Kitt ◊
John and Diane Kitzman *
Jean and David Kjellberg
Mr. Norman Kjome ◊
Martha Klapp
Douglas B. Klaue
Mr. Gerald Klein ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Klein ◊
Thomas and Terri Klein ◊
Dr. David Kleinerman
Mr. Gary Klepper
Chris Klimecky *
Mr. James Kline
Ken and Nancy Kline ◊
Mr. Mark Klingbail ◊
Mr. Bruce Norman Klingbeil *
Thomas and Diane Klingler
David and Elizabeth Kluesner
Henry and Barbara Klugh ◊
Stephen W. Klyce
Phil and Margaret Knapp ◊◊
Mr. Robert Knechel ◊
Holly Knibbs and Bob Long
George and Cheryl Knight
Ms. Lisa Knight
Hannah Stephens ◊
Tom and Joan Knighton
Ms. Vicki J. Kniss
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Knoppow ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Knoppow
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Knott
Mr. Kurt Knowles
Ms. Sandra Pak Knox *
Mr. and Mrs. Willam A. Knox Jr.
Carl and Joanne Kobernik ◊
Dr. Peter Kobrak *◊◊
Judy and Dave Koch ◊
Ms. Lynn Jeanette Koch *
Mr. Edward Kocher *
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Koditek ◊
Linda Koebert and Mike Vickery
Mrs.Sue Koehrsen
Arie Koelewyn and Katherine Corby
Dick and Sherry Koenig ◊
Mr. Robert Koeppen
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Koessel
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Koestner
Ms. Ellen Kohler ◊◊
Ms. Jean Kohler ◊
Mera and Peter Kohler ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Donald William Kohn *
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Kohrherr ◊
Ms. Mary Kokosky
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Kolarik ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Kolb
Ms. Marjorie Koleski ◊
Lise A. Kolinski ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kollar
Ms. Nancy Kollhoff
Dr. Robert C. Kolodny *
Ms. Wanda J. Kolpus
Donald and Mildred Komrska ◊
Mrs.  Robin Komrska
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Kondek ◊◊
Mr. Tim Kool ◊
Ellie Koon ◊
Mr. Ronald Koontz
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kooyers ◊
Ms. Diane Travnikar Kopp *
Ms. Marie Kopp
Mr. and Mrs. Verne T. Koppin ◊
Mr.  Norman Korpi *
Mr. Juston M. Korson
John and Sylvia Koschara
Mr. Thaddeus Kosnikowski
Ms. Debra Kosowski
Paul and Jeanne Koss
Mr. Michael Kovaleski
Ronald and Paula Kovar
Ms. Cathy Kowaleski
Dennis Dobrowa &Holly Kowalske ◊◊
Ms. Rosemary Kowalski
Carol Kozelka
Dr. Stephen Kozelko
Mr. and Mrs. Vladimir Kozhevnikov
Mr. Stanley Koziatek
Jeff and Donna Kozisek
RichardKraemer ElizabethHanson
Carol Burns and Steven Kraft
Ms. Lois Krafve
Mr. Ted Kraimer
Inge and Walter Kraimer ◊◊
Christine Kramer ◊
Geoff Kramer and Michelle King
Ms. Karen L. Kramer *
Dr. Maeona Kay Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Allen Kramer
Robert Krasa
Mrs. Phyllis J. Kraunz
Mr. Dave Krause ◊
Kenneth and Elizabeth Krause
Fred and Virginia  Krauss ◊
Ms. Dorothy Kreag
Allen and Bettina Krebs
Mr. Keith Kreider and Ms. Eliza Morrison
Ms. Joan Krempel
Neal and Joy Krieger ◊
Richard Krieger
Dr. and Mrs. Edmund M. Krigbaum ◊◊
Ms. Susan Kaye Krischel *
Kaye and Karl Kristen
Mr. Jeff Kroeger
Jeffrey S and Sandra Kroin
Ms. Marian Kromkowski
Janet Kronk ◊
Ms. Stefanie Kruchko-Hanson
Warren and Sharlene Kruger
Mr. Marty Krusniak *
The Kucharski Family
Mr. Don Kuehlhorn ◊
Karen Kuehlhorn ◊
Petra Kuehnis
Tom Kuenning Jr.
Mrs. Carol J. Arden Kuhn and Mr. Ward Kuhn *◊◊
Debra and Ray Kuhn
Mr. George R. Kuhn ◊
Mrs. Julie Bagans Kuhn
Leo and Marlene Kuhn ◊
Mr. Philip Kuhn
Mr. Kern Kuipers
Lawrence and Jane Kulik
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Kulka ◊
Dr. and Mrs. James Kulpa ◊
Al Kumor
Mr. Dan Kunitzer
Ms. Judith A. Kuntz
Jim and Kris Kunz
Jomathan and Pam Kunz
Ching Chuang Kuo and Lin Hua Liu
Ms. Eileen Kuras *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kuras
Inara and Alan Kurt ◊
Mr. Michael Kurta
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Kurtyka
Barbara Kurtz ◊
John and Elaine Kurtz
Ms. Stephanie Kurtz ◊◊
Ms. Clare Kurz
Ms. Emily Susan Kuschell *
Leslie and David Kuschner
Dr. David and Rebecca Kushner *
Ms. Patricia Kustak
Dr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Kutt ◊
Mrs. Margaret Martin Kvamme *◊
Jenny Kwan
Heakyoung Kwon
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Laarman ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Don Laatsch ◊
Prof, and Mrs. Eli Labiner ◊◊
Mr. Scott LaBonte
Mr. Matthew Scott Lachniet *
Mr. Tom Lacinski
Ms. Martha Bird Lackritz *
Glenn and Judy LaCross
Joe Lada and Gary Cozette *
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ladd
Mr. Laurence LaGattuta
Ms. Karol Lahaie
Mrs. Bonnie Lahde
Mr. Kenneth Lahti
Mrs. Harold Laimon *
Mr. Peter Laing
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lajko
Ms. Deborah Steffen Lake
Dr. Edward Crafts Lake Jr. *◊
Mrs. Mary Dutcher Lake ◊
Pat and Don Lakin ◊
Ms. Barbara LaLonde
L. LaLonde
Mrs. Heidi Michaels Lamar *
Ms. Lois Lamb ◊
Susan Lamb
Joe Lambert
Mr. Tim Lambert
Sherry and Joe Lambiotte ◊◊
Ms. Marie Lamothe
Mr. and Mrs. Gary LaMott
Ms. Ruth Lamper ◊
Ward and Carla Lamphere
Arthalu Lancaster ◊
Doris (Fowler) Lance *
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Landback ◊
Jim and Sue Landes
Ms. Nancy S. Landfair ◊◊
Keehn and Judith M. Landis
Martha Landis ◊◊
Ms. Jessica Landon
Ninion and Sheldon Landy *◊
Mr. and Mrs. John Lane
Jane Lippert and Mark Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hampton Lane *
Mrs. Sandra Langdon ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Lange ◊◊
Mr. Adam C. Lange-Pearson *
Ms. Gail Lanphear ◊◊
Metta Lansdale
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Lantis
David and Louise Lantz ◊◊
Mr. Eugene H. Lapham
Mary Lappan
Renee LaReau *
Mrs. Joan E. Larimer ◊
Mr. Melvin Larimer *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Larimer *
Helen and Anthony LaRocco
Marge and Nick LaRose ◊◊
Jeffery Larry and Susan McKeever
Mr. Brian Larson
Mrs. Doris Joens Larson ◊
Ms. Lynn Larson ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Larson ◊◊
Mr. Richard Larson
Mr. and Mrs. John Larzelere ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Laske ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Laskowski
Mr. David Latanick
Ian and Karen Latchford
Ms. Stephanie E. Latour ◊
Ms. Carol Latsch
Mr. and Mrs. Joey Latterman ◊
Ms. Brenda Lau ◊
Ms. Joanna Lauber
Laura and John Laubhan
Ms. Ruth R. Laudenslager ◊
Mr. Chad Lautner
Mrs. Mary E. Lautner
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Laux ◊◊
Judy LaVaute
Ms. Susan Lavender
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Lavitan
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Lawrence ◊◊
Robert L. Lawrence *
Ms. Peg Lawrenson
Ms. Diana Lawson
Mrs. Marcia Lawton ◊
Mr. John Joseph Lawyer *
Thomas and Mary Layher
William and Joyce Lazer ◊
Mr. Brian J. Lea
Mr. Philip W. Leach *
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Lean
Linda Leavell *
Tena Lechtanski ◊
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Ledahl ◊◊
Mrs. Elizabeth Lucy Leden ◊◊
Ms. Candace J. Lee ◊
Mr. Daniel Robin Lee *◊
Hyung  Kook Lee and Jung Hwang
Jack and Marnie Lee
Jung-Goo Lee and Mi Gyung Kim ◊
Ms. Katherine L. Lee ◊◊
Lowell and Susanne Lee
Dr. James Merrell Leenhouts *
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Leete
Lona Leigh *
Dewitt C. and Doris J. Leipprandt
Carol H. Leitch
P.A. Leitner
Ms. Helen Leitz ◊◊
Amy and Garret Leiva
Louis and Janice Lekich
Paul Leman and Heather Stetson-Leman
Suzanne Lembke
Sharron and Donn Lemmer
Robert and Marie Lemmer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Lennon
Yolanne Leno
Derick and Diane Lenters ◊
Tony Lentych
Mr. and Mrs. George N. Leo ◊
The Reverend and Mrs. Richard Davis Leonard *
Mrs. Ruth Leonard ◊
Ms. Marianne Lepczyk
Mrs. Marilyn Leppek ◊
Mr. Sean M. Les
Mr. Jay David Lesenger *
Joyce and Quincy Leslie ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Don Lessard ◊◊
Luann Lessard
Ms. Melissa Miller Lessure *◊
Drs. Norman Letvin and Marion Stein *
Ms. Anne Leugers
Mr. Mark Leugers ◊◊
Connie Leutloff ◊
Tracey Lev-Ary
Mr. Larry Levin and Ms. Lynne Hazelip *
James and Elaine Levine
Mr. Jonathan Levine *
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Levine
Roslyn Friedlaender Levy *
Alvera Lewis
Dr. Anne Lewis
Mr. Gregory Crowe Lewis *
David and Jennie Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. and  John Lewis
Jon Lewis
Joseph and Barbara Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. William John Lewis ◊
Ms. Joyce Lewton
Mr. Tom Lhamon
John and Cynthia Lhost ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lichtenstein ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Lichter ◊◊
Cathy and Rene Lichtman
Risa Lichtman *
Thomas R. Lieb ◊
Maria and Steven Liebhauser
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Liestenfeltz
Ms. Kirsten Lietz ◊
Ms. Martelle D. Lietz
Ms. Denna Light
Dorothy Light
Ms. Patricia Light ◊
Roger Lilak and Julie Urban
Ms. Amanda Liles
George and Mary Mary Liljeblad ◊◊
Cynthia Lilley ◊
Ann Elizabeth Lillya *
Prof. and Mrs. C. Peter Lillya ◊
Tom and Liz Limberg
Mr. David Limer
Ms. Patricia H. Lin ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Sechoing Lin ◊
Mr. and Mrs. John Linahan ◊◊
Kris and Barb Lindahl
Jeffrey and Deborah Linder ◊
Ms. Rebecca Lindquist
Mrs. Sally Selby Lindroth *◊
Lance and Mary Lindwall ◊◊
Mr. Roy Linenberg ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison C. Lingle
Mr. Carl Linhart
Dan and Mary Link
David and Mary Lint *◊
Mr. Jerry A. Linzy
Mr. Ben Lipson ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Channing T. Lipson
Toby and Seymour Lipton ◊
Mr. and Mrs. M. Alan Lish ◊
Barry and Linda Lishawa ◊
Marty Litherland ◊
Dr. Jay F. Littell *◊
Mr. Doug Little
Ms. Mary Little ◊
Ms. Alice Littlefield ◊
Jennifer Littlefield and Peter Wilkinson *
Patricia Littlefield ◊
Ms. Dorothy Litton
Jinxun Liu and Li Ding ◊
Mr. Jay Lively
Jim and Kelly Lively
Miss Pamela Jean Livinski *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Lloyd ◊
Mr. and Mrs. John Lobbes
Richard Locke
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lockett III ◊
Mr. Frank Lockhart
William A. Loeb
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Loeffelbein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Loewy ◊◊
Mrs. Barbara Loftus
Jane Logan *
Robert and Becky Logee
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Logsdon ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Owen J. Logue III ◊
Pamela Stone Lohan
Mr. and Mrs. William Lohela
Ryan  Lohr and Donald McKinney *
James and Lori Lohrberg
Ms. Lynne A. Lombard
Mr. Jason Lome
Ms. Judith Long
Robin Long and Corey Sanderson ◊
Mrs. Carolyn L. Longmire
Ms. Catherine Look
Ms. Esther Loosemore
Florence LoPatin ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Loper
Colonel and Mrs. Carl W. Lord ◊
Mary Lorenz
Staton Lorenz
Mr.  William Lorne
Mr. Robert A. Loss ◊
Gregory and Kathleen Lott
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Lottie ◊◊
Julijana Love
Mike Lovelady
Ms. Marte Lovell
Mr. Andrew Lovlien
Louise Anderson Low *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Lowe
Mr. Frederick S. Lowe
Mr. Scott Lowe ◊
Mr. Kenneth D. Lowenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lowenstein ◊
Mrs. Lois A. Lowenstern ◊◊
M. Lowenstern and  K. Cooke *
Paul Berger and Janice Lower
Rod and Diane Lowes ◊
Richard and Christiane Lubeley ◊
Mr. Mike Lubig ◊
Judy Lucas
Ms. Martha Luce
Allan and Beth Lucksted
Muriel and Nils Luderowski
Nancy and Ray Ludwa
Mr. and Mrs. Dean R. Luedders
Kelene and Kurt Luedtke
Mrs. Jane P. Luer *
Mr. Kaz Lukowski ◊
Mr. Benjamin Everett Lulich *
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Lund ◊◊
Ben and Sally Lundquist ◊
Charlie Lundstrom
Ms. Michelle Myers Lundy *◊
Beth and Terry Lurtz
Susan C. Lutes
Mrs. Donna Luth
Dr. Wayne Lutton ◊◊
Ms. Rosemary E. Lutz *◊
Sherwin Lutz ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Lutz
Mr. Thomas John Lymenstull
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Lynch ◊
Ms. Marcia A. Lynch
Roy and Asta Lynch
Tom and Barbara Lyon ◊◊
Ms. Ginger Lyon
Prof. and Mrs. John T. Lyon Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Norm Lyon
Ms. Laura Lyons
Dr. and Mrs. James Maas
Ms. Susan Mabee ◊
Claudie M. Mabry (IAC '05-'07) *◊
LaDonna Mabry
Mr. Gary Macaulay ◊
Dr. and Mrs. John Alan MacBain *◊
Mrs. Verna MacDonald
Mrs. Mary MacDowell ◊
Ms. Olga R. MacDowell ◊◊
Ms. Mary MacDuff ◊
Mr. Jim Macey
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Leroy MacGowan *◊
Mrs. Margaret Machlan
Mrs. Christina Petritz MacInnes *
Mr. Charles E. MacInnis *◊◊
David and Lorah MacIntosh ◊◊
Mr. Thomas Mack
Kate and Andy MacKenzie
Jim and Robin MacKenzie ◊
Robert J. and Ellen M. MacKinnon
Don MacMaster and Tina Rossi
Leland and Madeline MacMillan ◊
Ms. Sandra Maconochie ◊
Mary Anne Macy and Gregg Chance ◊◊
Ms. Virginia Madaras
Ms. Kara Madion
Ms. Ann Madison
Lesley Madsen
Jane and Martin Maehr ◊◊
Anne and Peter Magoun
George and Judy Magsig
Tom and Gladys Maguire
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Mahaffy ◊
Ms. Laurie Mahan
Daniel and Lillian  Mahaney
Mr. and Mrs. Allen R. Mahler
Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Mahler
Mrs. Edward Charles Maier II
William and Ruth Mainey
Ms. Andrea Claire Maio *
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Maio
Mr. Tom Mair
Michael and Gwen Maisch
Ms. Kathy Maisonville
Mr. and Mrs. George Maiville ◊
Mr. Robert Makela
Mr. Bruce Makie
Mr. John P. Makinen ◊
Amy and Dennis Malaney
Ms. Nancy Malecki ◊◊
Bob and Grete Malhiot ◊◊
Mr. Joseph Malone
Ms. Kristine Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Tad Malpass
Mrs. Selinda K. Mandarano
Dr. M. J.  Mandelbaum *◊◊
Sarah Coade-Mandell *
Ms. Lindsay Mang ◊◊
Mr. Leonard C. Mankowski ◊
Connie Mann
Carolyn and David Mann
Ms. Judith Mann
Kristen Mannes
Miss Chelle Mannhardt
Robert and Carol Manning ◊◊
Ms. Marcia Manseau
Mrs. Phyllis S. Mansfield ◊
Mr. Tom Mansfield
Ms. Christina Mantecon
Ms. Martie Manty
Charle Asaf and Narine Manukova
Ms. Jennifer Manville ◊◊
Mrs. Diane M. Manzin
Peter Marabell ◊
Jim and Joan March
Denyse and Daniel Marcinek
Dr. and Mrs. Ira B. Marder
Eric and Cari Marderstein *◊
Mr. Gary Marek
Mr. James E. Marek
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marentette *
Mr. Philip Stewart Margolis *
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mariage ◊
Deborah A. Marias
Staci Marino
Mr. Jonathan I. Mark *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley G. Markavitch
Jim and Martha Markham
Ms. Stephanie Danielle Markle *
Roberta L. Ewing Marks *◊◊
Heather Marlatt *
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Marlatt ◊
Ms. Deb Marois
Mr. Duaine Marquand
Mr. and Mrs. Holger Marquardsen
Ms. Susan Marrah
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Marsh ◊
Jamie Marsh
Robert and Lisbeth Marsh
Wendy and Stanley Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. William Marsh ◊◊
David and Christy Marshall
John and Lynne Marshall *◊
Kathy and John Marshall ◊
Judith Marshall *
Robert and Nancy Marshall ◊
Robert Marshall and Mary Easthope
Mr. Alfred Leonard Martin Jr. *
Ms. Ann B. Martin ◊
David and Niki Martin
Donna Jean Martin *
Dr. and Mrs. Hirschel A. Martin
Mr. James A. Martin ◊
Ms. Lynn Augusta Martin *
Ms. Lynne Martin
Drs. Malcolm and Arline Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Martin ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Martin ◊◊
Mr. William Martin
Dr. Lois J. Martindale ◊◊
Ms. Deborah Martineau
Stephanie and Phil Martineau
Mr. David Martinsen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Martinson
Ms. Charlotte Marx
Mrs. Dorothy Heick Marx *◊
Mr. Octavio Mas-Arocas
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Masengarb
Carol A. Mason *◊
Ms. Christine Mason
Mr. David Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Gene E. Mason ◊
James and Laurel Mason ◊
Ms. Jeanette A. Mason
J.T. Mason, Mary Mason and Gretchen Hausmann
Ms. June Mason
Ms. Karen Mason
Melody Mason *
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Lloyd Mason *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mastick
Ms. Dawn Mathews
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Mathews *◊
Ms. Michiko Matsuka *
Ms. Emily Matteson ◊◊
Mr. Barry Matthews
James B. Matthews ◊
Ms. Jan S. Matthews ◊
Ms. Lilian P. Mattson
Ms. Marcia Korn Maull *
Mr. Paul Maurer
Robert Mawn ◊
Ms. Catherine Ann May ◊◊
Chip and Sarah May ◊
Kathryn and Mike May
Mr. Roger Lee May
Mr. Ronald May
Dr. and Mrs. James Eugene Mayer ◊
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Mayer ◊◊
Raymond and Betty Mayer
Ms. Bonnie Mayhew
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Mayhew
Mr. Preston Mayhew ◊
Jessica Maze
Jan McAllister
Mr. and Mrs. K. Dale McAlvey
Mrs. Lynn M. McAndrews ◊
Ross and Lee McAninch ◊
Ms. Gretchen McArthur ◊
Ms. Sandra McArthur
Ms. Susanne McBride
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. McCabe
Brian and Carly McCall
John and Havala McCall ◊
Leah McCallum
Ms. Barbara McCann
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Wray McCann ◊◊
Ms. Maureen McCann
Mr. and Mrs. John G. McCarthy ◊
Thomas and Linda McCarthy *
The Taylor and McCarthy Families
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McCarty ◊
Michael and Barbara McCarty
Mathias McCauley
Mr. Dewayne R. Mccave ◊
Mrs. Gloria McClay ◊◊
Mrs. Bingham A. McClellan
Mr. and Mrs. and  Walter McClelland
Mr. and Mrs. William James McClintock *
Mr. and Mrs. John McCloskey
Peggy McClure ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McCollom
Ms. Meredith Parsons McComb *
Rod and Lynda McComber
Mr. and Mrs. John McConnel Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McConnell ◊
Mrs. Sylvia L. McCormack *
Mr. and Mrs. Allyn McCormic ◊
Mrs. Cynthia M. McCormick
The Honorable and Mrs. James R. McCormick ◊◊
Jack McCormick ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McCormick ◊
Melisa McCormick
Nancy B. McCrae ◊
David and Lynn McCreedy ◊
Mr. Alan G. McCullen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. McDaniel
Ms. Kara C. McDonald *
Katherine McDonald
Mike and Sandra McDonald ◊
Dr. Susan Marty McDonnell *◊
Skip McDonough
Austin and Ellen McDowell *◊
Deborah and William McDowell
Mr. William J. McElroy ◊◊
Dick and Kathy McFall
Mr. Joseph W. McFarland
Ms. Jill B. McFarlane ◊
Julann McFarlane
Mr. and Mrs. Keith McGehee ◊
Ms. Elva Jeanne McGhee
Ms. Judith A. McGinn ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Richard McGinn
Karen  C. McGirr ◊◊
Jeannine McGlynn
Ms. Suzanne McGonigle
Mrs. Sally Nelson McGowan *
Ellen McGrew *
Ms. Mary L. McGue ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. McGurn
Jim McHugh ◊
Mr. and Mrs. William S. McIlrath ◊
Mr. and Mrs. H. Ralph McIntyre
Mr. and Mrs. James A. McIntyre ◊
Mr. James McIntyre
Mike and Paula McIntyre
Mr. James McKay and Ms. Twink Frey ◊◊
Kit McKay *
Mr. and Mrs. William T. McKay ◊
Dan and Lucy McKeen
Ms. Bonnie McKeirnan
Ms. Patricia M. McKenna
Ms. Clarice J. McKenzie
David and Debbie McKeon *
Mrs. Joseph Barry McKeon ◊
Mr. and Mrs. James McKimmy ◊◊
Ms. Sharon M. McKinley ◊
Bill McKinley and Judith Briggs
Ms. Linda McKinnie ◊
Mr. and Mrs. William McKinstry
John and Joyce McKnight ◊◊
Mr. Peter McKnight ◊◊
Ginger Behr McLaughlin *
Ellen and Jim McLean
Mr. Thomas C. McLenithan
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Paul McMahon ◊
Kathleen And David McManus
Mike McManus & Sue Brightheart *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Greg McMaster
Bruce and Sally McMillen ◊
Daniel and Elizabeth McMullen
Dr. Lauren McNaughton *◊
Ms. Jean M. McNeil
Mr. and Mrs. William J. McNeiland *
Ms. Heide C. McNichols ◊◊
Ms. Barbara McNitt ◊
Katie McQuade
Mr. and Mrs. Bob McQuilkin ◊◊
Dr. Terry Allan McRoberts ◊◊
Allen and Sandra McSweeney ◊◊
Ms. Maxine Meach
Steve and Sally Meach
Mr. Emory Mead
Mr. Franklin B. Mead ◊
Ms. Gerri Mead
Mr. Jon A. Mead and Ms. Kay Boyne-Mead ◊
Ms. Kathryn A. Mead ◊◊
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Means ◊◊
Mary Ann Meanwell
Mr. Timothy Medley
Ms. Julie A. Medlin *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Meier
Robert Meisenheimer ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Meissner
Ms. Susan J. Mekula
Peter and Natalie Melcarek ◊◊
Mr. Art Melendez
Mr. Angelo Meli
Ms. Virginia Melin
Mrs. James K. Mellow
Ms. Rita Melotti ◊
Ms. Iris Meltzer ◊◊
David and Jennifer Menard
Ms. Berta Jane Mendelsohn
Mr. and Mrs. Don Mendelsohn
David and Lauren Mendelson
John and Janet Mendler
Ms. Delores Mentel
Ms. Barbara Meredith
Ms. Janice Merriman
Kedrik and Sarah Merwin
Dr. and Mrs. John Mesch ◊
Ms. Maria Bernius Meschi *
Bill and Susanne Meserve
Rick and Carol Messick ◊
Lizbeth Messing ◊◊
James and Tammy Messner
Sue Messner ◊
Paula and Jim Meyer ◊
Thomas and Olga Meyer ◊◊
Ms. Phyllis J. Meyer ◊◊
Mr. Tom Meyer ◊
Leon and Folly Michael ◊◊
Robert and Wanda Michael ◊
Diane Michaels *◊
Dr. Vera Michaels
Mr. Gary L. Michalek ◊
Delbert and Sally Michel ◊
Mrs. Nancy Michelson ◊
Ms. Elaine Michener-Israel
Mr. Thomas Michniewicz
Bill and Mary Lou Mick ◊
Mr. William Mick ◊
Gerald Micketti ◊◊
Philip Micklin ◊
Mrs. Peggy Midener ◊
Emily and Mark Miezio
Malvina and Phillip Mikesell
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mikowski
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Mikulski
Mrs. Katherine Schnurer Milakovich *
Ms. Linda Delaney Milam *
Stephen B. Milbauer *
Ms. Dorothea M. Milbrandt
Mrs. Barbara Miles
Mr. David L. Miles
Mrs. Katy Haight Milford ◊
Susan and Charles Millar
Ms. Helen M. Millen
Alex and Marlene Miller
Dr. Anna Miller
Ms. Anne Miller
Blair Miller and Nancy Potter
Mr. and Mrs. David Miller ◊◊
Dean and Ann Miller ◊
F. Hudson Miller *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Miller ◊
Dr. Jacqueline Beth Miller *◊
Dr. Jennifer Miller
Mr. Jerry Miller
Karl and Diane Miller
Lane and Julie Miller
Laura Miller
Ms. Mary Miller
Mr. Mchael L. Miller ◊
Mr. Richard A. Miller ◊◊
Rick Miller
Mr. Robert A. Miller
Mr. Robert Miller ◊
Robert and Carmen Miller ◊
Robert and Jane Miller ◊
Ms. Sally Miller
Mrs. Sue Miller ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Miller ◊◊
Toby and Betty Miller ◊
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Miller-McDonald ◊◊
Dr. John Milliken
Mrs. John C. Milliken *◊
Ms. Penny R. Milliken
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Millikin ◊
Ms. Margo Million
Mrs. John W. Mills ◊◊
Mr. Frank Mills
Stuart Mills and Helen Probst Mills
Eileen Milner
Robert and Joyce Mims
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Minch
Ms. Kris Miner
Mrs. Roxane Miner ◊◊
Ms. Marsha Minervini
Mr. and Mrs. Al Minicucci ◊◊
Bob Mintzer and Carla Poole *
Ms. Denise Mirman ◊
Ms. Rachel Misenheimer
S.Z. Mitchel
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Mitchell ◊
Sylvia Mitchell ◊
Beverly Mitz
Ms. Becky Mix
Dan and Lynne Mixer
Ms. Marsha Mixer
Mrs. Jan Thorwaldsen Mixter *
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mixter ◊
Mr. Jim Mize
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Moats
Mr. James R. Modrall III ◊◊
Ms. Rita Moe ◊◊
Ms. Carolyn Moehle
Dorothy N. Moga ◊◊
Ms. Berta Molasky
Bob and Judy Moler ◊◊
Mr. Terry Molitor
Martha and Andy Mollema ◊
Ms. Lisa Molmen ◊
Mr. Lawrence Moloney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Molumby ◊◊
Ms. Diane Money
Mr. Robert Money ◊
Ms. Leah Monger
Bruce Monroe and Cynthia Giacobone
Howard and Miranda Monroe ◊
Jim and Cindy Monroe
Mrs. Pauline Shirk Monson *◊
David Montee and Robin Ellis ◊
Mr. Clifton James Monteith *◊
Dr. Scott Monteith &KathyBaylisM ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Raoul W. Montgomery
William Montgomery
Lynne Moon and John Nelson ◊
Connie Mooney *
Mrs. Betty Moore ◊◊
Beth and Chris Moore
Ms. Donna C. Moore
Dwight and Barbara Moore
Ms. Jalene S. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Moore
Mr. James H. Moore
Melissa Moore
Ms. Melissa Moore
Robert F. and Susan N. Moore
Mrs. Susan Spagat Moore *◊
Ms. Cynthia Moore-Curtis ◊
Ms. Carol Moorman
Roseann and Doug Moran
Ms. Julie Moran ◊◊
Ms. Diane Morand
Mr. Scott W. Morey
Mr. Brad Morgan
Mr. Charles Morgan
Mr. Ralph William Morgan *
Steve and Diana Morgan ◊
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Morgan
Mr. David G. Morkin
Mrs. Dorothy Moroff ◊
Mrs. Anne O. Morris ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Morris
Ms. Janet Louise Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morris
Mrs. Nancy Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Morris
Tom Morris ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Evan S. Morrison
John and Nancy Morrison ◊
Dr. Robert D. and Mary Ellen Morrison ◊◊
Ms. Rosalie Morrison ◊
Mrs. Sarah L. Morrison *◊
Mr. David L. Morse ◊
Ms. Margaret A. Morse
Stephen and Candace Morse
Ms. Arlene Morton
John J. Moses *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moses
Ms. Cherie K. Mosher ◊
Ms. Ellen Elizabeth Mosher *
Beatrice Moss *
Dr. and Mrs. Milton Moss ◊
George and Elaine Mostoller
Ms. Lynn Eileen Mostoller *
Kathy and Paul Motschall
The Reverend Elizabeth J. Moulton ◊
Ms. Amanda Lynn Mountain *
Julie and Tom Mountz ◊
Ms. Kathy Moyer
Ms. Robin Moyer ◊
Ms Dorothy Mudget
Mrs. Karen A. Mudgett ◊◊
Gary and Kim Mueller
Stephen O. and Mary Ellen Mueller ◊◊
Berneil Rupp Mueller and Ted Mueller ◊
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Muempfer
Jean and Jerry Muir ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Muir
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Muldavin ◊◊
Mr. Craig Mulder ◊
Ms. Karen Mulvahill
Mr. David Mundschau
Mr. Douglas Munro
Mrs. Florence B. Munuz ◊
Mr. Jim Muratzki
Mr. and Mrs. William Murgan
Ms. Judy Murphy ◊◊
Ms. Kathryn Murphy
Kirsten  Murphy
Lauren Murphy and Nathan Miller *◊
Lucinda and John Murphy ◊
Max R. Murphy ◊◊
Pat Murphy
Mr. Philip D. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Murphy
Ms. Shana Murphy
Sharon Murphy ◊
Ms. Therese Murphy
Tim and Amy Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Murray ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Murray ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Murray
Rhea Murray
Drs. Peter and Debra Muskat ◊
Mr. John Musselman
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Musson ◊◊
Ms. Patricia Mutton
Kevin Omelia and Theresa Muzzi
Scott and Barbara Myckowiak
Mrs. Sharon Pineo Myer *◊
Eyvonne Myers
Mrs. Florence Denault Myers *◊◊
Mr. Jeffrey Stephan Myers *
Ms. Judy Myers
Ms. Lisa Myers ◊
Paul and Marsha Myers
Mr. Rodman N. Myers ◊
Dr. Dorothy Gross Nadosy *
Bob and Diantha Naftali ◊
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Nagelbush ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Nagler ◊◊
Kathy and Michael Nagy *◊
Ms. Charlotte F. Nametz ◊◊
Ms. Yuri Namkung
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Naperala
Troy and Sarah Naperala
Norman and Connie Nasson
Mrs. Dolores Nathanson
Mr. Lawrence Aaron Nathanson *
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Natinsky
Ms. Dianne Navarro
Sue Nave
Kathryn Navin
Ms. Lenore D. Naxon *
Ms. June Neal ◊
Mr. Frederick Neidhardt
Mrs. Alice Perskari Neilson *
Mr. Gary Neitzel
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Nelson ◊
Mr. and Mrs. John Nelson
Kenneth&Joan Gleberman Nelson *
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Nelson ◊◊
Ms. Pamela Ruth Nelson *
Christine and Randall Nelson
Robert and Pat Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Nelson
Mrs. Valerie Nelson
Ms. Diane Nemeth ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nerone ◊
Mr. Andrew W. Nester
Patrick and Jennifer Nestor
Ms. Theresa A. Nesvacil
Gordon and Vernie Nethercut ◊◊
Al and "Maxi" Neugebauer ◊
Jean and Lawrence Neuhardt ◊
Pamela and Edward Newcomb
William and Joyce Newcomb ◊◊ᴴ
Ms. Emily Newhouse
Mrs. Doris Newman
Ms. Jeanne Newman
Cabin 8 1994 *
Kathy Newsted
Mr. Alan Newton ◊◊
Charles and Cynthia Newton *◊
Mr. David Newton
Mrs. VaLaura Nibbelink ◊
Professor John A. Nichol
Mrs. Ann Nichols ◊◊
James Nichols
Ms. Jane Nichols ◊
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Nickerson ◊
Mr. Jason P. Nickol
Ms. Patrina Nickson
Greg and Diane Nicolaou
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Nied
Tim Nielsen and Emily Mitchell ◊
Ms. Barbara Nielson
Ms. Kathryn Niemeyer
Roger and Virginia Niemitalo ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Niergarth
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nigro ◊◊
Mr. Fred Niles
Ms. Wendy Ann Niles *◊◊
Kathryn and Ralph Nilsen *
Robert and Suzanne Nimocks
Mrs. Alma Noe
David and Diane Noelke
Amy Noffke
Mike Henderson and Cari Noga
Ms. Beverly Noirot
Ms. Naomi Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Noling
Ms. Patricia I. Norcross
E.A. Nordby
Sydney and Paul Nordt III
Mr. Robert Norman
Steve and Ann Norman ◊
Ms. Ann Norris
Rebecca Norris ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Jim North ◊◊
Ms. Susan North
Ms. Elaine Northern
Mr. James L. Northrup ◊
Thomas and Michelle Northrup
Mrs. Kathryn Northway ◊◊
Glenn Norton
Jackie Norton and Bob VanDragt ◊
John and Nancy Norton ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Nothaft ◊
Mr. Gerald D. Novak *
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Novorolsky ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Nowak ◊
Mr. Stephen Nowak ◊
Ms. Barbara Nowinski
Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Nunez
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Nunn ◊◊
Mrs. Lura Nunn ◊◊
Ms. Lory A. Nurenberg *◊
Mr. John Nuske
Ms. Shirley Nuss ◊◊
Ms. Mary M. Nuttelman *◊
Mr. Roger Allen Nye *
Larry and Mary Nykerk
Dr. Gerald Nyquist ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nyquist ◊
Mr. Chase O'Black
Leslie and John O'Brien
Ms. Judith E. O'Brien *
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice D. O'Connell ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. O'Connor ◊
Ms. Patricia O'Dell
Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert O'Gawa ◊◊
Barbara N. O'Hara
James and Clare O'Meara *
Mr. and Mrs. Tom O'Rourke
Mr. and Mrs. Allan O'Shea
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Oana ◊◊
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Oates
Ms. Majel Chance Obata ◊
Jordana Oberman *
Caroline and Ed Oberndorf
Diana and Marc Oberschulte ◊
Peter and Mary Obuchowski
Ms. Victoria Oddo
Dr. and Mrs. Paul K. Odland ◊
Ms. Julie Odmark
Charles and Sara Ofenloch
Marjorie Kaiz Offer and Daniel Offer, MD *◊◊
Walter and Sarel Offinger ◊
Ms. Nancy Oien
Melissa and Scott Okerlund
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Olds
Ms. Sue Olenzak ◊◊
Leon and Nancy Olewinski ◊
James Olin and Jane Claire Marvine *
Joseph and virginia Olive ◊
William P. Oliver and Winifred I. Li
Ms. Michelle Olman ◊
Ms. Marri Olmstead
Mr. Chris Olsen
Mr. Ed Olsen
Mrs. Edwin G. Olsen
Lael and Gary Olsen *◊◊
Susie and Larry Olsen
Donald and Ruth Ann Olshansky *◊◊
Kris Olshove and James Steckley
Mr. Aaron Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Olson
Drs.  Eric and Beatriz Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Olson ◊◊
Kate and Rocky Olson *
John and Eric Olson ◊
Kim Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Olson
Ms. Karyn Elayne Oncu
Harry Ong *◊◊
David Early & Anne-Marie Oomen ◊
David Opatik
Karen and Steve Opperman
Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Oppy
Mr. Rob Opsasnick
Ms. Robin L. Oram *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Jean Orban ◊
Joan and Mitch Orcutt
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ordinario
Kim Ordway
Mr. Alan Robert Oresky *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Orland
Martha Orloff ◊
Mr. William Orlow
Daniel and Mary Orr *◊◊
John and Penny Ort
Randy and Sara Ortgiesen
Ms. Laurie Housholder Orth *
Ms. Kathy Osborne ◊
Ken and Elizabeth Osborne
Dr. Carol Ebert Oseroff *
Mr. and Mrs. Joe S. Oshiro
Mr. Richard John Osius *◊
Barbara Oster ◊
Suzanne and Andy Osterbrock
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ostrowski
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Oswald
Lucille A. Otis
Mike Hunter and Kerri Otto
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Otwell
Mr. Richard A. Ouweneel ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Overbaugh
The Reverends Frederick and Ruth Overdier
JoAnn and William Overzet
Mrs. Heather P. Owen *
Judy Owen
Miss M. Marie Owen *
Mr. John Owsley ◊
Charles and Jean Ozols ◊
Mrs. Kathryn Wells Paauw *ᴴ
Mr. Dennis Pace
Mrs. Sarilou Smart Pace *
Mrs. Elsie Packard
Mr. Victor Theisen and Ms. Joyce Paco-Theisen ◊
Mark and Ruth Paddock ◊
Mrs. Mary Campbell Paddon *◊
Miss Janet Paepke *
Mrs. Elizabeth Dillon Page ◊
Mrs. Mary C. Page
Ms. Cara Lee Paige
Sy Paige ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Paige
Ms. Rita Painter
Ms. Jennifer Palamara
Ms. Lori J. Pall
Ms. Chris Palmer ◊
Mr. Daniel Palmer
Mr. Eric Palmquist ◊◊
Mrs. Frances Palo ◊
Nicholas Pane and Susan Miller ◊
Mrs. Melba Panhorst ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin W. Pansey
Ms. Kirsten Pantall ◊◊
Ms. Maiya Rita Papach *
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald N. Papazian ◊
Ms. Jo Ann Papenfuss
Ms. Merri Para ◊◊
Scott and Vickie Paradis ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Parcell Jr. ◊◊
Andrea Parciarelli
Mr. Robert A. Pardon *◊◊
Catherine M. Parisoli ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Park ◊
Tony and Melissa Park
Mr. Stephen Parker *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Parker
Ms. Sarah Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Parkhurst ◊
Mrs. Marjorie Myrah Parkos *◊
Mr. Michael Parkoshon
Mr. and Mrs. Huck Parks
Richard Parks ◊◊
Ms. Theresa Parrent
David and Mary Parrish *
John and Judy Parsons
Michael and Stacy Pasche
Ms. Carol Pasco
Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Pashigian
Ms. Frances T. Passmore ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Patchen II
John and June Pate
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Patrick ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Pattengale ◊◊
Mr. Adam Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Patterson ◊◊
Paige and Linda Patterson
Ms. Sherri Patterson ◊
Dr. Charles H. Patton
Ms. Danielle Patton
John Paul ◊
Ms. Karen Pauler
John K. Paulson ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Pava ◊◊
Leo G. and Patricia H. Paveglio
Ms. Margaret A. Pavelka
Mr. Jim Pawlowski
Mr. Peter Craig Payette Jr. ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Tad Peacock ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Peacor
Dr. David Pearlman *◊
Ms. Elizabeth Ann Pearson *
Ms. Julie Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. M. Joseph Pearson ◊
Mr. Michael Warren Peascoe *
Dr. and Mrs. Warren Joseph Peascoe ◊
Carol Wingard and Robert Pease
Robert and Muriel Peavler *
Mr. Andrew Thomas Peck *
Ms. Greta Peck
Larry and Sarah Peck ◊
James and Marilynn Pecott
Dr. Mary Jo Peebles
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Peeters
Ms. Judith Pekarsky
Ms. Catherine Ann Pellegrino *
Bart and Patricia Pelton
Patrick McCool & Maureen Penfold
Mrs. Alma Penfold House
Ms. Margaret Penney ◊◊
Beth and Dave Pennington ◊
Mrs. Gloria Penwell
Ms. JoAnna Pepe
Ms. Pam Peplinski
Mrs. Lisa Millis Perales *
Steve H. Perdue
Mrs. Josephine N. Peregrine ◊
Mr. Douglas Periard ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Dale O. Perin ◊
Elizabeth Perkett, M.D. ◊
Ms. Michelle Perkins
Ms. Suzanne Perkins ◊
Lynne and Bill Perkins ◊◊
Elaine and Charles Perlman
The Honorable and Mrs. Alexander Perlos ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Perona ◊◊
James and Harriet Perrin
Dr. and Mrs. Burton Perry ◊◊
Mr. Douglas Perry
Mr. Harold Perry
Ms. Jasie Isabel Perry
Mr. Lee Perry
Linda Perry
Ms. Margaret Perry *
Richard and Dianne Perry *
Ms. Christine Persak ◊
Marshall and Terrill Persky
Ms. Carol A. Peschke ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. John Pesek ◊
John and Penny Pestle ◊
Ms. Beverly Peters
Dan and Sue Peters
Jean and David Peters ◊◊
Ms. Jeanne Peters
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Peters ◊
Sue Peters and Dave Murphy
Mrs. Evelyn Ann Petersen
James and Christopher Petersen
Katie Petersen
Bill and Elise Peterson ◊◊
Erik Peterson ◊
Gerand and Marlene Peterson ◊
Kathleen Peterson
Mr. Leo Peterson ◊◊
Mrs. and  Nancy Peterson
Ms. Sandra Peterson ◊
Mrs. Susan Myers Peterson *
Ted and Amy Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Peterson
Mr. Bill Peterson
Mr. Bruce I. Petrie
George and Althea Petritz
Anthony Petritz
Erik Petrovskis
Ms. Anne Pettigrew
Lyn Petty
Ms. Claudia Pfeiffelman ◊◊
John and Amy Pflughoeft ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Phelps
Michael Phelps
Ms. Maureen Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Phillips ◊
Susan K. Phillips ◊
John and Jo Lynne Phinizy II
Mr. Carl Phinney ◊
Ms. Molly Phinny
Peter Phinny *◊
Mr. Benjamin Phister
Greg Piaskowski
Mr. Dennis J. Piatkowski
Mrs. J. G. Pica
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Pickl
Ms. Marjorie Kaatz Picone *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Piehl ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Pierce ◊◊
Kathleen Pierce
Ms. Mary Pierce ◊
Anthony and Leslie Pierfelice ◊
Ms. Margaret Pierson
Mr. Tom Pierson ◊◊
Barbara B. Piggott ◊
Ms. Marilyn Jean Pikaart ◊◊
Ms. Wendy S. Pillen
Ms. Kathy Pilon
Sharla and Phillip Pine
Carol and Mark Pirie
Mrs. Helen Pische
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Pisor ◊
Robert and Dorotha Pitcher ◊
Pauline C. Pittinos
Mrs. Natasha Glauch Pittle *
Mr.  Nathan Piwowarski
Guy Plamondon and Anneke Wegman ◊◊
Mr. Tim Platte
Mr. George Pluhar
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Plumley
Marian Poczobutt ◊
Ms. Lyndia Poe
Ralph Poelling and Susan Arnold ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Poertner
Mr. and Mrs. David Pohlod ◊◊
Ms. Linda Poindexter
Ms. Sue Poirier
Ms. Patricia Pokriefka
Mr. Will Poland ◊
Mr. Roy Polhamus
Mrs. Jane Wolfson Poliakoff *◊
Debbie and Michael Polinsky
Mrs. Eileen Klain Polk ◊
Senator Lana Schoenberger Pollack *
Ms. Mary E. Pollock
K. Polman
Mr. Ian Nicholas Polster *◊
Mrs. Nancy Kaufman Polster *
Mark and Carrine Pomaranski
Ms. Cynthia S. Pomerleau
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Pont ◊◊
Molly Pont-Brown *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Pontoni *
Lynn Pontz
Ellen Pool *◊
Mrs. Arden Poole ◊◊
Lucia Poole
William Tracy Poole
Don Pope ◊
Mrs. Jane F. Pope
Ms. Jennifer K. Pope
Donald and Deanna Popielarz *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Popp ◊
Roy J. Portenga
Ed and Gay Porter ◊
Ms. Helen Carol Porter *◊
Jill Porter
Father John Porter
Tom Porter
Debby Portney
Mr. Alan Fredrick Posner *
Ann and Tom Post
Dr. and Mrs. Roger W. Postmus ◊◊
Tom and Vicki Potter ◊
Ms. Robin Potthoff
Ms. Gilda Povolo ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Povolo
Ms. Amy L. Powell
Mr. Andrew K. Powell
Calvin and Kathy Powell ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Powell ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. George Powell ◊
Carl  and Joy Powley ◊
Kusum Prabhakar ◊
Dr. and Mrs. John B. Pracyk *
Annis Pratt *◊
Ms. Mary C. Pratt ◊
Kathy and Robert Prentice ◊◊
Jim and Marie Preston ◊◊
Mr. Jim Preston
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Preston IV
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Preston Jr. ◊
William and Doris Preucil *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Preuss ◊
Mr. Larry Price
Ms. Bibi Black Pride *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Pridmore
Donald  and Ann Priebe
Ms. Carolyn Priest ◊
Russell and Ruthann Priest
Ms. Susan Priest ◊
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Priestley ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald K. Primak
Mrs. Mary Princing ◊
Mr. Frederick Pringle
Ms. Barbara Prinzi
Ms. Janet U. Prote ◊
Daniel and Jan Proudfoot ◊
Clayton Prugh
Mr. Charles Pryde
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Pryde
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Pryor
Ms. Karen Puffer
John and Lyn Pugh
Mr. Jerry Puhl
Mary and Lewis Puls
Mr. Benjamin Purdy
Jane Purkis ◊
Bob and Sherry Pursel ◊
Ms. Bette Puschel ◊
Mr. Herman M. Putman
Jack and Sue Putnam ◊◊
Ms. Anna Marie Putti
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Putz
Mr. Len Puustinen ◊
Mr.  Lawrence Pye
Mrs. Marian Pye
Ms. Linda Pyle
Morris and Sue Pyle
Susan and Don Pyne ◊
Ms. Laura J. Quackenbush ◊
George and Carol Quarderer ◊
Kate Fairman and William W. Queen Jr.
Mr. Mike Quigley
Frances Rabidue
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Racine Jr. ◊◊
Robert H. Radock and Elizabeth Palin *◊◊
Mr. Jacob Radoszkowicz
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Radtke ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Radtke
Ms. Dorothy Raetz ◊
Mr. Robb Raetz
Mrs. Marilyn Raffaele ◊◊
Mr. Kenneth Bloem and Ms. Royce Ragland
Ms. Ruth Rague ◊
Ms. Mary Ann Rahe ◊
Ms. Etta M. Rajkovich ◊
Mr. Phil Raker ◊
Ms. Amy Raley
Miss Margaret Ralph
Peg and Don Ramsdell
Ms. Christine Ranck *
Dave and Betsy Randall
Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Randall ◊
Mr. Richard Randall
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Ranger
Judy and David Ranheim
Jeanne Ransom
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Raphael
Ms. Sonya Rachel Rasminsky *
John Rasmussen and Marilyn Wedenoja
Mr. Terrence Patrick Ratcliff *◊
Mr. Carl Rauen ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Rauth
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Rauwerdink
Mary Helen and John Ray ◊◊
Mary Jo and Jerry Raymond
Mr. and Mrs. John Raz
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Read
Mr. Chris Ready
Mr. David Ready
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ready
Drs. Benjamin Rechner and Melinda Johnson *
Dave and Sue Reck
Mr. Roy Rediess ◊
Ms. Katherine Redman
Mr. Thomas Reeber ◊◊
Alexander and Mary Reed
Ms. Alice E. Reed
Cindy Reed
Ms. Elizabeth Reed
Ms. Janice Reed
Jonathan and Rebecca Reed ◊
Ms. Lois Reed ◊
Mr. Timothy S. Reed
Casey Reeves and Mariah Dunagua
Mr. Charles C. Reeves ◊
Harold and Janice Reeves
James Reeves
Dr. Katherine Jane Emerick *
Mrs. Launa E. Rehard
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Reichert ◊◊
Dr. Robert Lawrence Reid *◊
William M. and Janine O. Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Reidy
Albert and Jennifer Reiff
Mr. and Mrs. Borge Reimer ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Reinert ◊◊
Mr. Curtis Reinhold
Mr. Bernard Rex Reinink *
Ms. Jane Reis ◊◊
John and Patricia Reiser
Ms. Terri Reisig ◊
Mr. Glenn M. Reiter *
Bill and Lee Renis ◊
Ms. Emilia Rennie ◊
Dr. Lewis D. Resnick *
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Reuter ◊
Mr. Robert Revnell
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Reynolds ◊
Mr. Gregory E. Rhodes
Brian Rice *
Joe and Pat Rice ◊
Robert and Margaret Rice
Mrs. Gwen Rich ◊
Tim and Claudia Richard ◊
Keith Burgess and Jean Richards *◊◊
Mrs. Jennifer Richards
Mrs. Ruth Richards
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Richards ◊
Mrs. Barbara Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Kent G. Richardson ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Richardson ◊
Barbara Richman and Gary Schultheiss ◊
Don Richmond
Ken and Joan Richmond *◊
Heather Richter *
Jason Richter
Meredith E. Richter ◊
Fred Rickett *
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Riday ◊
Dr. and Mrs. David V. Riddle
Mr. Curtis Rideout and Ms. Roberta Osborn *
Mrs. Maxine A. Rideout ◊◊
Chris Rider
Susan Riedl
The Honorable and Mrs. Donald W. Riegle Jr.
Ms. Marilyn Nancy Rife *
Mr. and Mrs. David Rigg
Alan and Patricia Riggins
Mr. Bob Riha
Mr. Thomas Laurence Riis
William and Coralyn Riley
Ms. Katherine Rines ◊ᴴ
Blake and Yvette Ringsmuth
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Ringsmuth ◊
Mr.  Jim Riordan
Ed Risk
Mr. James Ritchie
Dr. Marc Ritsema
Dr. Molly Elizabeth Ritsema *
Mr. and Mrs. Raphael John Rittenhouse *◊
Warren and Lydia Rittinger ◊
Mr. James Allen Rives
Ms. Joanne Rivette
Megan Rizzo
Ms. Caryl Lockett Miller Roach
Thomas and B. Ellen Roan
Kristin Spielman Roark *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Roat
Dean and Cindy Robb ◊
Mr. and Mrs. James Robberts ◊
Mary and Ron Robbins
Steven Robbins
Kent Robbins ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Roberts
Mr. Carl Anderson Roberts *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Roberts Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Roberts ◊
Kelly Roberts-Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Robertson ◊◊
Ms. Sara Robertson
Jim Colando & Shirley Robertson
Darlene Robinson
Ms. Eleanora Robinson
Ms. Heidi Robinson
Mr. Richard K. Robinson
Mr. Shaughnessy Robinson *
Ernest and Linda Robles ◊
Grimaldo and Yvonne Robles
Mrs. Douglas Roby
Dr. Alvany Rocha
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Roche
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Rock ◊
William and Mary Rock ◊
Pamela Rockwell
Tim Rod
Mrs. Mary Lou Kennedy Rodeen *
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson D. Rodes ◊
Ms. Sally Rodgers
Philip and Susan Rodgers ◊
Ms. Elizabeth Sarah Rodrigues *◊
Ms. Carol Rodwell
Mr. and Mrs. John Roe
Mr. Richard Roe
Mr. Dan Rogalny ◊
Dr. Gerald Rogan *
Ms. Ann Rogers ◊◊
Dr. and Mrs. Barry L. Rogers
Mr. David Clark Rogers *
Ed and Elyse Rogers
Mr. James R. Rogers ◊
Jim and Joyce Rogers ◊
Steven and Linda Rogers ◊◊
Ms. Suzanne Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Rohl ◊
Ms. Rosemary Rokita
Ms. Diane E. Rolinski
Ms. Rochelle Rollenhagen
Jan Roller & Lindsey Van de Kirk
Ms. Marybeth Rollings
Mr. Edward Rom and Ms. Martha Christensen ◊
Mr. John H. Romani
Mr. Michael Romanow ◊
Ms. Lia Elizabeth Romeo *
Dr. and Mrs. Edward H. Romond
Theresa Ronan
Mr. Thomas Holden Ronayne ◊◊
Mrs. Joan Roney ◊◊
Mr. Marvin G. Roney ◊
Lauren Rongo ◊
Jim and Judy Root
Mrs. Judy Lee Root
Ruth Rootberg *
David and Beverly Rorabacher
Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Rorich ◊
Brain Slawnik and Stephanie Rorich Slawnik *
Mr. Dan Rose
Mr. Gordon William Rose *◊
Ms. Sharon Rose
Melvin and Roselynn Roseman *
Mr. Brian Mark Rosen *
Dr. Raye Rosen ◊
Betsy and Kent Rosenau ◊◊
Mary and Craig Rosenberg
Mrs. Carol Rosenberger ◊
Michael and Anne Stair Rosenbloom *◊
Mr. and Mrs. David Rosenboom *
Tamie and Daniel Rosenburg
Drs. Alvin and Dorothy Rosenfeld ◊
Ms. Debra Rossen Rosenthal *◊
Edward and Nancy Rosenthal *
Chris Taylor and Eva Rosewald *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Rosi ◊◊
Ms. Cindy Rosiek
Mr. David Rosier
Cantor Jessica Roskin *
Sophia and Matthew Roslin
Mr. Anthony L. Rosner *◊
Ms. Anne Ross
Ms. Barbara A. Ross ◊
Mrs. Carol Ross ◊
Chandra Ross
H. Stewart Ross
Mr. James Ross
Jan Ross and Sam Hollis
Ms. Kama Ross
Ms. Katherine Ross
Miss Laura Ann Ross *◊
Raquel Ross
Dr. Robert David Ross *◊
Scott and Margy Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Ross ◊◊
Mr. William R. Ross
Mr. Jim Rossi ◊
Jane J. Dickson and Gary R. Rotenberg ◊
Betty Roth
Mr. Dietrich Roth
John and Barbara Rothhaar ◊
Andrea Rothney
Ms. Barbara Rotter ◊
Deborah Rough
Ms. Ruth Rounds
Ms. Joyce Rouse
Patricia and Paul Roush
Ms. Becky Roush
Mr. LeRoy Rouster ◊◊
Ken and Susan Rouston
Dr. and Mrs. David Richard Rovner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Rowe ◊
Carol and Jim Rowe
Paul and Peggy Rowley *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Rowley
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Royer ◊
Vaira Rozentals
Mr. Ben Rubert
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett S. Rubin ◊
Dr. Stuart Rubinow *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Ruble
Donald and Norma Rudert ◊
Mr. Robert Lynn Rudnick *◊◊
Mr. Jim Rudolph
Pat Rudolph
Mr. and Mrs. W. William Rudolph ◊◊
Claire Ruebeck
Lisa Spiegelman Ruebeck *◊
Dick and Flo Ruehe ◊◊
Mr. Richard M. Ruemenapp ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ruffley ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Rugg ◊
John and Priscilla Rulison ◊◊
Jeff and Jennifer Rundio ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Pug Rundio ◊◊
Janis Runk
Mr. Jim Runstrom ◊
Ms. Brenda Rusch
Robert Rushing
Mr. and Mrs. Blain D. Russell
Bob Russell and Sally Van Vleck
Mr. Donald A. Russell
Mr. Jerry and Dr. Linda Russell
Ms. Julie D. Russell
Ms. Cindy Ruzak
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Ryan
Nancy and Hubert Ryan
Bob and Mary Ryan
Ms. Melissa Ryba
Cynthia Rydahl
Ms. Kathleen L. Rymal ◊◊
Robert and Laura Sabol *◊◊
Mr. Jeffrey R. Sachs *
Ms. Norma Jean Sackett ◊
Mr. Jim Saffell
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Safford ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Sage ◊◊
Mr. Jim Sailors ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Salant
Lyndon and Pat Salathiel ◊
William and Catherine Salisbury *◊
Edward and Karla Salo ◊
Ms. Belinda Salzberg
Don and Anita Samardich ◊
Dr. Charles Phillip Samenow *
Stanton and Dorothy Samenow ◊◊
John Sampen and Marilyn Shrude *
Mr. Ira Sanborn
Nancy and John Sanchez
Sarah and Peter Sandback *
Mr. Edward R. Sandell ◊
Janet Sanders
Carol Sanderson
Mr. Matthew Sands
Mr. and Mrs. Bernd W. Sandt ◊
Cecily and Kurt Sanford
Louis and Nancy Sanford
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Sanford ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Julio A. Santander
Ms. Megan Santangelo
Roy C. Saper *
John and Margaret Sargent *
Thomas D. and Frances P. Sargent
Lowell and Sara Satterlee
Ross and Kerry Satterwhite
Emily and Rene Sauerteig
Ms. Nita Saunders
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Sawin II
Mrs.  Gwen Sawka
Mrs. Ruth Diller Sawyer *◊
Ms. Kathy L. Sax *◊
Ms. Deborah Saxton ◊◊
Ms. Elizabeth M. Saylor
Paul and Harrell Scarcello
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schaeffer ◊
Sandy Schafer
Ruth and Wendell Schaller
Ms. Nancy A. Schallert *
Barbara and Donald Schardt ◊
Dr. Bill Scharf ◊◊
Dr. and Mrs. John Charles Scharfenberg ◊
Rudolph and Virginia Scharschmidt ◊
Paul and Chris Schaub ◊
Theresa F. Schaub ◊◊
Al and Marilyn Scheck ◊
Ken Scheffel ◊
Michael and Carole Scheinberg
Dr. Ruthanne Schempf ◊
Mrs. Dolores Schenk
Happy Scherer *
Barbara and Steven Scherr
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Scherr ◊
Linda and Tom Scheuerman ◊
Ms. Dana Schindler
Ms. Laura Schisler *
Susan Schlee-Socks *
Ms. Theresa Schleede
Myles L. Schlicher ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Schlueter
Norm and Judy Schmansky ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schmid ◊
Ms. Claudia Schmidt
Deanne and Tom Schmidt
Ms. Johanna Schmidt
Mr. Kurt Schmidt ◊
Laura Schmidt
Lois Jean Schmidt ◊
Pamela Schmidt
Mr. Robert A. Schmidt
Mr. Andrew Schmitt
Denine Schmitt
Rick and Jennie Schmitt
Dr. Ruth Schmitter
Steve and Jane Schnack ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Don Schneider ◊
Dr. Ellen M. Schneider *
Erin Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Gesualdo C. Schneider ◊
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Schneider ◊◊
Ms. Julie Saecker Schneider ◊◊
Mrs. Victoria Schneider
Mr. Edward Schocker ◊
Ms. Sheryl Schoenfeld
Robert and Mary Scholl ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schollett
Ms. Suzanne Podolsky Schoomer *◊◊
Ms. Julie Schopieray
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Schore
Mr. Carl Cannon Schott *◊◊
Ivy Valerie Schram ◊◊
Mr. Jim Schramski
Ms. Miriam Schreck
Ms. Bonnie Schreiber
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Schrock
Harvey and Bonnie Schroeder *
Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Schroeder
Band at the Beach/Dell Schroeder ◊
Mr. and Mrs. John Schroeder
Paul and Phyllis Schroeder ◊◊
Sydney Schroeder ◊
MR. and Mrs. Gerald Schroer
The Reverend and Mrs. Gerald Schudlich
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Schueller ◊◊
Sue Schuler
Amy Schultz
Mr. Gerald Schultz
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Schultz ◊◊
Mr. John C. Schultz
Paul and Sue Schultz *
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Schultz
Ms. Virginia Schultz ◊◊
Glenn and Cathy Schulz ◊◊
Kenneth and Rosemary Schulz
Ms. Suzanne Schulze
Ms. Diana Lyon Schumacher
Mr. Melvin Schuman ◊◊
Holly Schurg ◊
Lawrence R. Schwab *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Max W. Schwandt *
Judy Reinhardt and James Schwantes
Ms. Anne Zezulka Schwartz *
John and Sarajane Schwartz ◊
Michael A. Schwartz *
Mrs. Sharon Schumer Schwartz *
Ms. Susan D. Schwartz
Dick and Lu Schwikert
Ms. Teresa J. Scollon *
Barbara Joan Scott
Mr. David Scott *
Janice and David Scott
Ms. Helen Scott ◊
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Scott ◊
Julia Scott
Ms. Kathleen Scott
Ms. Nancy Scott
Dr. Patricia J. Scott ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Marvin Scott ◊
Ms. Sharon Scranton ◊
Mr. Daniel Scripps
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Scully ◊◊
Ms. Pat Scully
William and Laurie Sears
Jane and Hal Seaton
Margaret Seats
Brandon and Lindsey Seaver
Dr. and Mrs. Harold B. Segel ◊
Mr. Adam Segerlind ◊
Ms. Hannah Yurista Seidel *◊
James and Carol Seidel ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Seidel ◊
The Reverend Richard R. Seifferly ◊
Mr. Randolph Seiss
Bill and Kathie Seitz
Mr. Richard Sejnost ◊
Mrs. Sandra Perrin Selden *
Mrs. Adrian Selig ◊
James and Donna Sell
Don Seman
Mr. Keith Sembach
Mr. Michael Semrau
Mr. Philip Seney ◊
Jim Senn ◊
S. K. Seppala
Anne Serafin ◊
David and Victoria Serafini
Mr. Stephen R. Serene *
Anna and Vincente Serrano
Mrs. Jeanne S. Servis ◊
Don and Nancy Setterbo ◊
Ms. Patricia Settles
Ms. Shirley Setzer
Mr. Charles Seymour
Mr. and Mrs. E. Brian Seymour
Ms. Luann Seymour ◊
The Reverend Harry Frederick Shaefer III *
Ruth Shaffer
Web and Sue Shaker
Amy Shamroe
Ruth M. Shanberge ◊◊ᴴ
Mr. Jim Shane ◊
nancy and Steve Shane
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Shane
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Shanks
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Shankwiler
Ms. Ann Shannon ◊◊
Ms. Colleen Shannon
Ms. Cindy Shapiro
Mrs. Judith Basch Shapiro *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shapiro ◊
Mr. Maurice Sharai
Ms. Julianne Clare Sharer *
Ms. Lee Sharp ◊
Megan  Sharp *◊
Ms. Mary Sharry *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Shaw *◊◊
Ms. Mary K. Shaw
Patricia and John E. Shay Jr.
Jerry and Patty Shea ◊
Ms. Joan Sheard
Ms. Grace Shearer
Ms. Mary Sheehan
Lu and Leo Sheetz ◊
Chuck Sheldon ◊
Ms. Gena Sheldon
Ms. Evlyne Sheltrown ◊
Ron and Marie Shepard
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Shepard ◊
Henry Wyatt & Deborah Shepherd *
Mary Ellen Sheridan
Ms. Suzann Sherk ◊
Bradley and Carolyn Sherrill
Mrs. Sarah M. Shetler ◊◊
Ms. Susan Shields
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Shields ◊
Ms. Susan Shimmons ◊◊
Jerry and Betsy Shinneman ◊
12-string guitar player
Zita Shipman
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shipp ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shirilla ◊
Mrs. Mary DeLano Sholkovitz *ᴴ
Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. Sholl ◊◊
Ms. Leslie M. Short *
Win and Jane Short
Mason Showalter & Rebecca Travis *◊◊
Ms. Dorothy Shreve
Mr. John R. Shreves
John W. Shroyer *◊
Dennis and Barbara Shrum
Carol and Steve Shuckra
Professor and Mrs. Anson D. Shupe
Dick and Posy Shuster ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Sica ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Sickel
Neil - Susana Sickterman ◊◊
Allan and Marjorie Siefert ◊◊
Mrs. Mary Lou McGregor Siefken *◊
Bill and Nancy Siegmund ◊◊
Karen and Robert Siekas
Dr. and Mrs. Paul T. Siemers
Ms. Brita Marie Siepker *
Sonja Siewert ◊
Ms. Jan Sikorski
Mr. Richard Siladke
Jeff and Lori Silagy
Marc L. Silberberg and Barbara Julius *
Ms. Lore Silberman ◊
Ms. Jill Sill
Cleo M. Silver
Ms. Donna Lyn Silverberg *◊
Mrs. Donna Silverman
Mrs. Judith H. Silverman *
Mrs. Selma Silverman ◊
Mr. Stan Silverman
Sam Clark and Ann Simanek Clark
Hugh and Beverly Simmonds ◊◊
Carole Simon
Mr. Peter Simon
Ms. Jodi Simpson ◊
Peter and Nancy Simpson
Mr. Peter D. Sims ◊
Mr. and Mrs. David Sinclair ◊
Mary Ann Sincock *
Steven and Teri Sinkoff
Ms. Sue Sipple ◊
Rob and Dorothy Sirrine ◊
Bill and Margo Sirrine ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Anatole Siry ◊
Cheryl Sisk and Doug Gage
Jim and Jane Sitko ◊◊
Hao Vuong and Alexandra Sitkoff
Mr. and Mrs. James Skifstad
Miss Sheryl Lee Skifstad *
Mike and Luveda Skimin ◊
Mrs. Jennifer Skinner *◊
Ms. Joyce Skinner
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Skipper ◊
Bob and Ann Skoff ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold G. Skowronski ◊
Mr. Frank Skrocki
Ms. Andrea Slack
R. Thomas and Carolyn Slack ◊◊
Mrs. Gail Wilson Slanaker *◊
Mrs. Julianne Slater
Frank and Maurine Slaughter
Mr. Kent Slaughter
Mr. Michael J. Slawnik
Mr. Steven Slawson ◊
Ms. Christine M. Sleeman ◊
Mr. Mike H. Sleeman
Kenneth and Lucille Sleger ◊
Ms. Marjorie Sliger
John, Lois and Christopher Slimm ◊
Mr. Craig Alan Slingluff *
Mr. and Mrs. David Sliwinski
Ms. Anne Cochran Sloan ◊
Mr. and  Jeff Slocombe
Mr. Jim Sluyter ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Hamish Small ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Smart Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Smedley ◊◊
Mr. Mike Smelt ◊
Mr. Steve Smiley
Robin Smillie
Mr. Raymond Smit
Matt and Abby Smith
Ms. Althea Smith
Drs. Mark and Ann Smith
Mrs. Ann W. Smith ◊
Ms. Caren Smith ◊
Ms. Carol Smith
Ms. Carolyn Smith
Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. Conway J. Smith
David and Elizabeth Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Smith
Libby Smith
Mr. Evan Smith
Drs. Garth D. Smith and Judith V. Perry ◊
Grandin Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan M. Smith ◊◊
Harris Smith and Luann Walker
Horace Smith
Ms. Lillian Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James Smith ◊
Joelle Smith and Robert Lowing ◊
Joy Smith ◊
Larry and Ruth Smith ◊◊
Linda Van Sickle Smith, HS 57-60 *◊◊
Dr. Mark Allan Smith *
Mary B. and Mark J. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Smith ◊
Randy Smith and Paula Gale ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Smith
Terry and Susan Smith
Mr. Timothy E.A. Smith ◊◊
Mr. Timothy Smith
Bill Smith
Jan Smits
Dr. Jan Arden Smucker
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Smucker ◊
Jack and Kathleen Snedeker ◊◊
Mr. Eric Snell
Betty Snow
Ms. Jeanne Snow
David and Nancy Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Z. Snyder
John and Katie Snyder
Mr. Richard Socha
Mr. and Mrs. H. Robert Soden ◊
Soren and Cynthia Sofhauser
Mr. Joseph J. Sofhauser *ᴴ
Mr. Stephen R. Sofhauser
Ms. Laura Sohasky
Ms. Joan Sohn ◊
Ms. Jennifer Solanics
Ms. Melissa Sole
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Solomon ◊
Ms. Madeline Soltman
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Somers
Lianne Somerville
Dr. William J. Somerville ◊◊
Ms. Lisa Joy Sommers *
Ms. Ellen J. Somsel ◊◊
Rebecca and Steven Somsel *
Matt and Sally Somsel
Mr. Bill Soper
Ms. Holly Sorensen ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sorna
Mr. Sam Soskin ◊
Jacob and Jean Sosna ◊
Richard and Diana Sosnowski ◊◊
Gail South and Dave Metcalf
Mr. Brad T. Southerton
Mr. Bryan Southerton
Mr. Michael Southerton
Mrs. Catherine Dannecker Southwick *
Dan and Jean Spagnuolo
Rachel Spalding
Mrs. Shirley Koblinsky Spaniel
Doug Spaniol
Bradley and Catherine Spanski
Kelly and Majean Sparks ◊◊
Joseph K. and Carol L. Spaulding
Ms. Letitia A. Spearing ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Speer ◊
Kim and David Speicher
Mr. and Mrs. C. Lowell Spence ◊
Ms. Celeste Spencer
Dr. and Mrs. John Spencer
Mr. Todd Spencer
Dr. William Ashley Spencer *◊
Ms. Joanne Sperry
Barbara Spiecker
Glenna and Norman Spindelman *
Mrs. Lynn Larkin Spitz-Nagel *
Maxine Spitza ◊◊
Mr. David Spitzer ◊◊
Michael and Marcia Spitzley
Dr. Alana R. Spiwak *
Alden Rebecca Spooner ◊
Dr. and Mrs. John Sprague
Ms. Judy Sprague
Ms. Linda Grasselli Sprankle
Ms. Janet Springer *
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Springer
Peter and Barbara Springsteen ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Squiers ◊
The Reverend and Mrs. John R. Squire
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Squires ◊
Roger Srigley ◊◊
Ms. Antoinette Staal
Ms. Barbara Stahl
Daniel Stahl
Rabbi Samuel and Lynn Stahl ◊
Dan and Beth Stainforth ◊
Linda and Leo Stallman ◊◊
Ramona and William Stamp
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Stancil
Dr. Aaron C. Stander *◊
Eric Kleymeer and Anne Stander *◊
Cindy Standley (Alonzo)
Ms. Sandra Ann Staneff *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Stanny ◊
Roy and Carol Stansbury *
Mr. and Mrs. Derald Stanton ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wayne Stanton *
Milton and Vickie Stanton ◊
Virginia Stark
Debby Starnes and Sons
Mr. robert F. Stasiuk
John and Eleanor Staub ◊
Ms. Sasha Stavsky *
Ms. Susan Steben ◊◊
Mr.  William Stebner
Herbert L. and Jane E. Steed
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Steel
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S. Steele ◊
Arturo Steely *
Dr. Allen Caruthers Steere Jr. *
Ms. Katherine Remahl Steere *
Robert Stefanski and Lynn Brown
Thomas G. and Renate E. Stege
Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas Stege ◊
Mrs. Muriel Stehouwer ◊
Ms. Mary Ann Stehr
Ms. Pam Stein
Ms. Sue Steinl
Mr. Richard C. Steinman *
Cal Steinorth and Laura Jaquish
Mr. Paul Stemmelen ◊
Mr. Todd Stempin ◊
Phyllis and Jackie Stengel
Ms. Linda Stephan *◊
Betsy A. Stephanic ◊
Yvonne and Jason Stephens
Mark and Ann Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Norval Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peeler Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Stephenson ◊
Mrs. Lorraine Stephenson ◊
Ms. Cathy Stepka
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Sterling
Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Sterne
Ron and Merrilee Stetson ◊
Ms. Diane Rose Steva *
Ms. Beverly Stevens ◊
Dr. and Mrs. David Stevens ◊◊
Dr. David Mordecai Stevens *◊
Diane M Stevens
Mr. Jim Stevens
Ms. Kate Stevens
Ms. Lois Stevens
Dr. and Mrs. Ray E. Stevens Jr. ◊
Mr. David Stevenson
Pat Stevenson
Mr. Daniel Stewart
Donald and Mary Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Stewart *
Timothy Stewart
Mrs. Dorothy Stiegemeyer
Ms. Jean Stiehl
Elaine Stienon *◊
Mrs. Dorothy S. Stier *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stiers
Mr. Justin Stipe
Dr. and Mrs. Mack C. Stirling ◊
Carrilyn Stobert
Marcia and Tom Stobie
Troy and Lynne Stockwell
Mr. James L. Stoddard
Karen Henry Stokes ◊
Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Stokke ◊◊
Mr. Henry S. Stolar ◊
Mr. Michael Harrington Stoll
Dr. Steven E. Stoller *
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Stone
Mr. John N. Stone ◊◊
Mr. John Peter Stone *◊
Ms. Judith Stone *
Mr. Mark Stone
Ms. Mary Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Stone
Rachel Dobrow Stone and Scott Stone *◊
Dr. Susan Elizabeth Stone *◊
Mark and Ruth Stonecipher ◊
Perry and Cynthia Stoppa
Mr. Al Storey ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Storie ◊◊
Patricia and William Storrer ◊
Ms. Nancy Story
Bill and Robbin Stott
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Stout
Ms. Barbara Stow ◊◊
Robert and Ruth Stow ◊
Ms. Constance J. Strait *
Mr. and Mrs. William Alan Strait *◊
Ms. Anne Strand
Mr. David Strand
Mary Powers and Steve Strassburger ◊
Albert and Alice Stratton
Rick and Sarah Straus ◊◊
Cathleen and Michael Strauss *
Elizabeth Strawbridge
Mr. Tom Streasick ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Cassius E. Street
Judy Strickland
Mr. Jim Stricko
Dr. Luther Stripling
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Strong
Mrs. Kelli Van Valer Stropes *
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Strouf ◊
Janet and Donald Stroup ◊
Julia Strzalka
Ms. Sharon Studinger
Leo and Nancy Studzinski
Don and Toni Stuhldreher ◊
Mr. Paul A. Stuhr
Stephen and Melinda Stuk
Ms. Leslie A. Stulberg
Ms. Betty Stulz
Molly Sturges *◊
Randy and Ann Stutes *
Ms. Judith Suchoski ◊
Ms. Kristin Sulecki
Chris and Ali Sullivan *◊
Ms. Ann Elizabeth Sullivan *
Ms. Ann Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sullivan ◊
Mr. E.J. Sullivan
Mrs. Helen Sullivan ◊
Mr. Leo Sullivan ◊
Patrick and Jessica Sullivan
Mr. Ray Sullivan ◊
Mr. Aaron Sulman *
Elizabeth and Jerry Suminski ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Summers ◊
Sally Sumner-Page and Keith Page
Dr. Edward Sun *
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Sundal ◊
Ms. Christine Kifer Sundberg *◊
Ms. Maria Suomi
Ms. Judith Super
Jane and Roger Suppes
Mr. Bill Suppnick ◊◊
Dr. and Mrs. David Susser ◊
Ms. Nancy Sussex ◊
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Sutfin ◊
Mr. John Sutherland ◊
Ms. Mary L. Sutherland ◊◊
Mr. Jack Allen Sutte *
Ms. Jennifer Sutter
Carolyn Lucas Sutton *
Diane Hubert and Richard Sutton ◊◊
David and Caroline Swain *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Swaney ◊◊
Michelle and Greg Swanson ◊◊
Ms. Gretchen Swanson
Mrs. M. Clare Johnson Swanson
Mr. Scott Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Swartz ◊
Ms. Nancy Nutting Swearingen *
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Sweeney
Ms. Kathleen Sweeney-Hammond
Lisa L. Swem *◊
Nanci and Josh Swenson ◊
Mr. Leonard J. Swiatkowski ◊
Mrs. Eileen M. Swider
Sean and Audrey Swider
Frederic and Carole Swinehart ◊◊
Ms. Nancy Swink
Ms. Laura Swire ◊◊
Ron Symkowiak ◊
Bishop J. Keith Symons
Kent Syverud and Ruth Chen
Dr. Sheryl Szady ◊◊
Gayle Tabeling
Eleanor and Carl Tacke
Norm Tafelski
Louis and Carolyn Taff *
Dr. Gregory Taff *
Bruce and Cynthia Taggart *
Mr. and Mrs. David Taghon ◊
Fritz P. Post
Mrs. Phyllis Takayama ◊
Ms. Tamra Tambeau
Ms. Rose E. Tamraz
Thomas and Janice Tannehill
Dr. Helen Hornbeck Tanner ◊
Mr. John Tanner
Mr. Robert E. Tansky
Dr. and Mrs. John Hamilton Tanton
Susan and Phil Tarczon ◊◊
Michael and Terry Tarnow *◊◊
James L. Tarr
Mr. Kevin J. Tarsa *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Tarsa
Ms. Christine Alden Tashjian *
Haskell and Maria Taub ◊
J M. Taup ◊
Mr. Caryl C. Tavener ◊◊
Steven and Janie Tavener *
Dean and Suzann Taylor
Mr. Ryan Taylor
Joe and Judi Taylor
Ms. Juliet Taylor
Dr. Karen O'Connell Taylor
Ms. Lauren Taylor ◊◊
Louise Taylor ◊
Michael and Susan Taylor
Sharon L. Taylor ◊
Terrie Taylor and John Williams
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Taylor ◊
Kenneth and Elizabeth Teasdale
Ms. Sheila Teesdale
Mr. Geoff Tegel ◊
Holly Tegel ◊
Julie and Mark Teicher ◊
Dr. Jerry Tejcek
Cris Telgard
PatriciaTellor ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Temkin
Ms. Jacqueline L. Temkin *
Mr. Don Temple
Ms. Marilyn Tenbrink
Mrs. Neomi L. TePaske
Seaman Angela Terbrack
Roger and Genelle Terreault
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Terrell ◊
Mary Ellen Terrell
Mr. Bruce Terrin *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Teske
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Test
Mr.  Thomas Teteak
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey M. Tettlebaum
Bud and Jan Tharp
Kelly, Carolyn, Alex, Quincy Thayer ◊◊
Mr. David Theile ◊
Mr. Nicholas Theisen
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Thero
Ms. Mary Thero
Dan Tholen and Nan Worthington
Ms. Catherine Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Thomas ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Thomas
Ms. Jacquie Thomas
Ms. Joan Thomas ◊
Ms. Joanne Thomas ◊◊
Mrs. Oliva Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Thomas ◊
Caryl Thompson ◊
Ms. Diane Kay Thompson ◊
Ms. Gabby Thompson
Mr. James C. Thompson ◊
Ms. Marcia Thompson ◊
Molly E. Thompson *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thompson
Ms. Sarah A. Thompson
Ms. Margaret Thoms ◊
Mr. John Herndon Thomson Jr.
Mrs. Sally Ann Thomson
Mr. and Mrs. H. Marvin Thon
Mrs. Sarah Thorndike ◊◊
Ms. Kate Thornhill
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Kedzie Thorp *◊◊
Carol and Laren Thorson
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Thorson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Thurmond
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Tiberg
Mrs. Sue Tice ◊◊
Mr. Robert Tidmore
Ms. Alice Liu Tien *
Ms. Elizabeth Tiffany ◊
Ms. Ruth Timmerman ◊
Ms. Marcie Timmins
Sharon Markham and Pat Timmons
Mrs. Barbara S. Timock ◊◊
Maggie Tinsman
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tittle
Elaine and Ronald Titze
Frank L. and June A. Tobey *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Tobin
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Tobin
Mr. Samuel Todd Jr. ◊◊
Ms. Sheila Toler
Mrs. Frances Hanslovsky Tollas
Ms. Patti L. Tolo *◊
Mr. Thomas Tomaszewski ◊
Ms. Elizabeth Tomlinson
Dick and Kathie Tomlinson
Drs. Carl and Joan Tomoff
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tompke
David and Kim Tompkins
Mrs. Mary Tompkins *◊
Ed and Carol Parker ◊
Mr. Bruce Toms ◊
Mr. David W. Tongue ◊
Steve and Amy Tongue *◊
Mr. Thomas M. Tongue Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Toole
Beverly G. Toomey Ph.D ◊◊
Ms. Marge Torongo
Ms. Miriam E. Torres
Raymond Torresdal *
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Toshalis
Mr. John Touhey *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert L. Toupin ◊◊
Susan Touscany ◊
Jim and Ann Touse
Frances Townsend
Ms. Marian Towsley *
Ms. Lois Trainor ◊
Ms. Erin Trame
Ms. Nina Trasoff *◊
John and Charlotte Trautwein ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Treadway Jr. ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Treiman ◊
Doug  and Elizabeth Trembath ◊
Mrs. Mary Tremblay
Ms. Vicki Trent
Jocelyn Trepte *◊
John Trezise ◊◊
Mr. Mark Tribby
Steve and Laura Triezenberg *◊◊
Ms. Nicole Trigilio
John and Penelope Tropman ◊
Ms. Christie Trout
Mr. Don Trout
Barbara and Cameron Troxell
Mrs. Lorinda Troxler *◊
Philip and Julie Trudeau *ᴴ
Ms. Jennifer Truelove
Randy and Valerie Trumbull ◊
Mr. Michael Tsuk
Adele and Dennis Tuchler ◊
Ms. Annalieda Tuck
Mrs. Loretta Tuck ◊
Ms. Diana Tucker
Kerry Tucker
Donna M. Tuke
Mr. and Mrs. Toby Tull
Ms. Mary Turak ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph William Turckes Jr. *
Mr. and Mrs. John Turcotte
Ms. Elizabeth Turf
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Turkus
Rusty and Barbara Turley
Ms. Dori Noble Turner ◊◊
Elena M. Turner and Abdul Aziz Said
Ms. Freya Ann Turner *
Michael and Mary Ann Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Turner ◊◊
Ms. Zoe Anne Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Turney ◊◊
Ms. Mary Dame Tuttle
Mr. and Mrs. Roger John Tuuk *◊◊
Mr. Bill Twietmeyer ◊
Judy Twigg
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Twining ◊
Ms. Lesley Alicia Tye *
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Gary Tye ◊
Kimberly and Gregory  Uchimura *
Ms. Emily Ulbrich
John and Tina Ulrich
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Unick
Mr. Edan Unterman *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Updegraff ◊◊
Ms. Gloria E. Upton
Mr. John Urbain
Mr. and Mrs. C. John Urling Jr.
Bob and Patty Utter ◊◊
MJ Murray Vachon and Dominic Vachon
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Valentine ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Nello Valentine III
Ms. Beau Vallance ◊
Mrs. Catherine Valovick ◊
Ms. Suzanne Van Appledorn
Mrs. Harry R. Van Cleve HS '38, '39, '40, '42 *
M. Frances and John Van Dalson ◊◊
Jan Roller & Lindsey Van de Kirk
Mrs. Kathleen Rush Van Den Brink *◊◊
Paul K. Van der Slice *◊◊
Linda and George Van Geem
Mr. David Van Hammen
Ms. Sylvia Van Heyningen
Kathy Van Houwelingen
Mr. Clarendon E. Van Norman Jr. *◊
Mrs. Susan Drachman Van Raalte *
Ms. Mary G. Van Valin
Ms. Deborah VanVechten
Paul and Jena Van Wagner
Joel Buzzell and Saskia vanWolferen
Tom and Alice Van Zoeren
Warren and Jackie VanAllsburg
Ms. Connie Vanantwerp
Randy Vance
Dave and Marcia Vande Vusse ◊
Gerald and Lynda Vande Vusse ◊
Mr. Peter VanderArk
Mrs. Elaine Vanderberg
Prof. Donald Glen Vanderbilt Jr.
Heidi Vanderbilt-Brown *◊
Karol Vanderhoff
Kathleen VanDerHulst ◊
Mark and Suzanne VanderKlipp ◊◊
Mr. Louis VanderLinde
Mrs. Nancy VanderLinde
Mr. Joe Vandermeulen ◊
Doyle and Susan VanderPol
John and Diane VanderVeen ◊◊
Mr. Chuck VanDommelen
Mr. and Mrs. William E. VanDusen ◊◊
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur O. VanEck ◊◊
Ms. NellieAnn VanHaaften *
Mr. and Mrs. David VanHuysen
Mr. Henry Raymond VanKuiken
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Vanlonkhuyzen
Mrs. Cherry Vanneman
Mr. James VanSickle
Mr. and Mrs. Dean VanVelsen ◊◊
Sally VanVleck and Bob Russell
Mr. Douglas M. VanZoeren *◊
Bill and Shirley Vaughn
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Veeder
Mr. Tim Veeder
Dan and Mary Velikan
Dr. and Mrs. William John Venema
D'Arlene Ver Duin
Mr. Dane K. Ver Merris *
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn P. Verbrugge
Jane Verduin
Stan and Judy VerHeul
Ms. Tina Verlinden
Melisa Holmes and Stephen Vermillion
Ms. Lynda Roller Verner *
Mary and Lawrence Vernetti
Richard Vervisch
Ms. Camille Anne Vettraino ◊
Kathy Vezina and Don Thomas
Carole Vial
Pauline Viall ◊
Sanford and Marilyn Victor ◊
Beth and Richard Vieira *◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Vigland
Susan and Todd Vigland ◊◊
Mr. Mark Villaire ◊
Mr. and Mrs. George Vincent
Janse VanArnam Vincent *◊
John P. and Lynn Vinkemulder
Dr. and Mrs. Johnnie B. Vinson ◊
Ms. Karen Viskochil ◊
Mr. Larry Viskochil
Mr. Jack Vliet
Tom and Meg Voelker
Karen Garland and Bill Vogeley ◊
Mary and Terry Vogt *
Karen and Tim Volas ◊◊
Ms. Eleanor G. Voldrich ◊
Thomas and Kathleen Volle
Shirley and Roy Vomastek
George and Donna von der Hoff ◊◊
Mrs. June von der Hoff ◊◊
Richard Von Derau
Mrs. Bennie L. Von Hellens
Ms. Elizabeth von Nolting ◊◊
Stephen and Linda Von Pafahl
Ralph and Margaret von Walthausen ◊◊ᴴ
Mr. Peter Vondrak
Alma Greta Vorhauer
Mr. and Mrs. Kim Y. Vorreuter
Mr. Hans Voss
Mr. William Voss
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Vreeland ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Don Vyse ◊
Glenn Wachler
Susan Wachowski
Andrew and Leslie Wachtel
Mrs. John Waddell
Mr. and Mrs. David Earl Wade *
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Wadsworth ◊
Bruce and Betsy Wagner ◊
Glenn G. & Lisa McKee Wagner
Mr. Hans H. Wagner ◊◊
Miss Jean Wagner ◊◊
Ms. Julia Wagner
Ms. Pamela J. Wakefield ◊
Dick and Patsy Wakulat ◊◊
Ms. Donna Walderzak
Mr. Tom Walenta ◊◊
Mr. Delbert Walker
Edward and Karen Walker
Ms. Gail Enid and Ms. McClain Walker
Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Fraser Walker
Mr. Kenneth C. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Kent H. Walker ◊
Luann Walker
Michael Senger and Nancy Walker
Mrs. Regina Walker ◊
Dick and Mary Walker ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Walker
Tom and Martha Walker *
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Walker ◊
Mr. Charles Lee Walkup *◊
Ms. Kira Walkup
Mr. Frederick Wall ◊
James and Sandra Wall
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Wall ◊
Barbara Wallace
Ms. Carolyn Wallace ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd D. Wallace Jr. ◊◊
Ms. Joan Wallace
Ken, Elise, Sean and Claira Wallace
Ms. Opal Wallace
Dick and Candice Wallace
John and Kelly Waller
Jerry and Lisa Wallis
Mrs. Reda Wallner
Priscilla Walmsley ◊◊
Ms. Joanne Walrad ◊
Mr. and Mrs. John Walter
Rick and Christine Walter
Robert and Judith Walters *
Marcia and Paul Walters *
Ms. Suzanne Walters ◊
Bruce and Judy Walton ◊◊
Mr. Peter Walton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Walton
Steve Walton ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Jian Wang
Ms. Nancy A. Wang
Ms. Sandra J. Wangen
Frank and Kim Wangler
Mr. James Wanner ◊
Richard and Celine Warchol
Cecily Ward *
Helene C. Ward
Janeen F. Ward
Mr. Thomas John Ward ◊
William and Laura Ward
Ms. Nancy Wardwell
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wares ◊◊
Brad Warnaar and Helene Rioux *◊
Ms. Sandra Warnaar
Mr. Dave Warner
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Warner ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Warner
Ms. Sharon Warner
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Rae Warren *
David Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Warren ◊
Keith and Patricia Warren
Terrell Warrington
Mrs. Eleanor Washburn
Mrs. Susan Elizabeth Washburn *
Ms. Joan Wason
Mark and Anna Wassa
Mrs. Norma M. Wasserman *
Ms. Mary Waterman
Mr. Dale Watermulder *◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Waters ◊
Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Watkins ◊
Charles and Carol Watson
Mr. and Mrs. James Watson ◊
Mrs. Bette Williams ◊◊
Ms. Lori Watts
John and Imelda Way ◊
Mr. Jon Wayne
John Wayne and Starr Schaftel Wayne *
Ms. Mary Weadock ◊
Ms. Jill Webb
Dr. Robert Terrell Webb *
Ms. Judy Webber
Mr. Chad Weber ◊
Mrs. Ellen G. Weber
Lorraine Weber and Harry Lister
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Frederick Weber *◊
Ms. Daryl Webster
Ms. Anna M. Weese ◊
Mrs. Nanette Pou Wehe *◊◊
Mr. John Wehmeyer ◊
Pam and Mike Wehr ◊
Ms. Bertha M. Weil ◊◊
Mr. Joshua T. Weiner ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Weinheimer
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Weir
Mrs. Jane P. Weis ◊
Mr. Harvey L. Weisberg ◊
Dr. and Mrs. William G. Weiss Jr. ◊◊
Dr. and Mrs. Harry L. Weitz ◊
Dan and Polly Welburn
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Welch ◊◊
Ms. Judith A. Welch
Mr. Phillip Welch
Mr. Frederick Weldy *
Kiyoe Wellington '10 *
Dan Wellman ◊
Ms. Flora Wellman ◊
Chris Wells
William and Helen Wells ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wells
Miss Rosemary Anne Wells
Shannon Wells
Jeannie Wells Yablonsky *
Mr. and Mrs. Max Wendell ◊
Mrs. Mary C. Wennerstrom ◊
Mrs. Virginia Frye Wensel and Mr. F. Earl Wensel
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Wenstrand *
Dr. and Mrs. C. Russell Wentworth
Mr. Thomas R. Wentworth *◊
Dorothy Wepking
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Werner ◊
Mrs. Catherine M. Werts ◊
Dr. Thomas H. Wertz *◊
Mr. Brenin Wertz-Roth *
Jeff Wescott & Catherine Turnbull *◊
Mr. David G. Wesenberg ◊◊
Clarence and Carol Wesling
Ms. Jennifer Lynn Wesling ◊◊
Sarah and Zack Wessels ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Byron L. West *◊
Ms. Pam West
Candice and James Westerfield ◊
Mr. Peter Westerman
Ms. Tracey A. Westerman
Richard and Evelyn Westmaas ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Westphal
Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Wetherbee Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Wetherbee
Mrs. Carol Wetters ◊
Mr. Richard H. Wetters ◊◊
Richard and Beverly Weymouth
James L. and Susan B. Whaley ◊◊
The Reverend and Mrs. George F. Wharton III
Naida S. Wharton *◊
Mr. Paul Allen Whear *
James, Ruth, and Jenny Wheat *◊
Shirley L. Wheatley ◊◊
Ms. Bonnie Barbara Wheaton *◊
Ms. Marsha Wheaton ◊
Mrs. Cheryl L. Wheeler
MrMrs Norman R. Wheeler *
Thomas and Deborah Wheeler
Mr. George Whinery
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde L. Whipple ◊◊
Mac and Marilyn Whisner
Lt. Col. Retd. David E. Whitacre *
Ms. Avis White
Ms. Barb White ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald T. White
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. White
Ms. Katherine E. White *◊
Kim White
Maurice and Linda White
Melissa Hutto White *◊
Mr. and Mrs. William E. White
Mr. Bill White
Ms. Diane Whiteford ◊
Marsha and David Whitestone
Dana L. Whitley *◊
Joanne and Doug Whitley ◊
James and Katherine Whitmore
Mr. John C. Whitney
Ms. Katherine Wibby *
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wiberg
Mr. George M. Wickstrom ◊◊
Ms. JoAnn Widick
Ms. Susan Wiegand *
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Michael Wiejaczka
Ms. Elizabeth Wiese
Ms. Laura Wiesen ◊
Tasha and Allan Wiesing
Jane and Mark Wightman
Ms. Beth Wilbur
Chuck Wilbur
Ms. Diane Wilbur ◊◊
Mr. David Wilcox ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan J. Wilcox ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilcox
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Wild
The Honorable Kurtis T. Wilder
Ms. Ulle Wilder ◊
Ms. Marilyn Wildes
Bob and Sally Wiles
Mrs. Patricia Wiley
Mr. Tim Wiley ◊◊
John and Leslie Wilhelm
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilhelme
Jean Wilkerson and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Wilkinson III *
Mary Sue Wilkinson ◊◊
Mr. George Willaert ◊
Ms. Lynette Willcock
Brewster Willcox
Harold and Gail Willens
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Willers ◊◊
Mark and Virginia Willette-Green
Carl and Beth Williams
C. Paul and Sheryl Williams
David and Roberta Williams ◊
Denny and Sue Williams
Glen and Dottie Williams ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Williams
Mr. James Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Lyman Williams *◊◊
Ms. Martha R. Williams
Mrs. Mary Helen Williams
Mrs. Nancy Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Williams
Richard and Lamar Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williams
Thomas and Marjorie Williams ◊
Harriet Williamson
Linda and Randy Williamson
Sam and Cass Williamson
Mr. Donald E. Willis *◊
Ms. Kirsten Willis
Ms. Rosemary Willis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hugh Willoughby *◊◊
Mrs. Theodore R. Wills
George and Angela Wills ◊
Mr. Philip Willson
Ms. Lisa K. Wilmeth
Phyllis Sogg and Martin H. Wilner *
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard H. Wilson
Mr. Brody Okerstrom Wilson *
Mr. Curt Wilson
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Wilson ◊◊
Mrs. Emily Wilson ◊
H. Bart and Patty Wilson
Mr. James R. Wilson ◊
Julie Wilson ◊
Ms. Kathryn Wilson
Ruthanne and Mike Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wilson
Ms. Roxanne Wilson ◊
Mr. Steven B. Wilson ◊
Sue and Robert Wilson ◊
Susan Wilson
Ms. Tina Wilson
Mr. William Wilson
Ms. Mika Wilson-Everest
Edwin and Lisa Wiltse ◊
Ric and Stephanie Wiltse
Bill and Karen Wiltsie ◊◊
Mrs. Wallis W. Wimberley
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth O. Winberg
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Windover
Donna Winkelman and Tom Easthope *
Keith Winking
Ina and Tamara  Winston
Ms. Ruth Winter
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wise ◊◊
Mr. Jeff Wise
Mr. Nicholas Wisseman
Mr. John Finley Witherspoon Jr. *◊◊
Mr. Terry Witt
Maury and Elizabeth Witteveen
Mr.  Jim Wojciechowski
Mrs. Patricia A. Wojciechowski
Mrs. Carol Humm Wojcik
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wolcott
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wolcott
Katherine Rose Wolf *◊
Mr. Phillip Wolf
Stuart Wolf
Mrs. Shirley Wolfe ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Willard Wolfe
Heidi Chisholm Wolfgang *◊
Ms. Heidi Chisholm Wolfgang *◊
Rob and Maria Wolowiec
Mrs.Cecile Wolszon
Mrs. Karen Wolter ◊
Mr. Charles Wolterink ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Randall Wolthuis ◊
Mrs. Lois Wood ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Wood ◊
Mr. Robert Wood
Mr. Roderick Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Wood
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Wood Jr. ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woodard ◊
Jim and Sue Woodburne ◊
Ms. Eileen Woodbury
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Woodcock ◊
Ms. Katherine B. Woodcock
Joseph Kolodziej and Amy Wooden
Bill and Barb Woodrow
Mr. Jonathan Woods and Ms. Lisa Maneval
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Woods
Prof. and Mrs. John B. Woodward ◊◊
Brian and Vicki Woolcock *◊◊
Fred Woolf ◊
Amy L. Wordelman *◊◊
Dale and Lorrine Helm Wordelman *◊◊
Thom Working *◊◊
Sharon and Wayne Workman
Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Worth *
Jamie Dehlin ◊◊
Mrs. Ruth Worthington ◊
Ms. Mary Wreford
Ms. Holly Wren *◊
Mr. Alan Wrenn and Ms. Sally VanderWall
Alice E. Wright ◊
Mr. Charles Wright
Mr. Hugh D. Wright
Lorie Wright
Nancy and Marshall Wright ◊◊
Ms. M. Martha Wright
Ms. Peggy Wright ◊
Mr. Pier Wright ◊
Mr. Ernst Wuckert ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wuertemberger ◊
Mr. William E. Wuerthele ◊◊
Paul and Susan Wuest ◊◊
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wunsch
Janice and Thomas Wyant
Ms. Arciel Wyatt
Mrs. Robert C. Wyatt ◊
Ms. Wendy Jo Wyatt ◊
Wayne Wyrembelski *
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Yahrmatter
Ms. Laura Susan Yaker *
John and Karen Yakimow
Dr. Patricia Matusky Yamaguchi
Ms. Susan Yamasaki *
Mrs. Cheryl Gonzales Yancey *◊
Ms. Evelyn Yankle ◊
Doug Yanska
Mrs. Elinore Yard
Ms. Crystal Yarlott
Mr. Peter Burt Yarrow *
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Yasin ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Yeager ◊
Frank and Eunee Yee
George and Joan Yellott
Deborah Yeoh and Kenneth Wang
Mrs.Sandra Yingling ◊
Mr. Stephen Yohay
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Yoshida
Ms. Anna Young ◊◊
JosephHeringlake&BarbaraYoung ◊◊
Ms. Bonita Young ◊◊
Dan Young and Nikki Rothwell
David and Barbara Young
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Young Jr. ◊
Ms. Kristin Young ◊
Mr. Kyle S. Young
Ms. Meg Young
Miss Phyllis J. Young ◊
Steve and Linda Young ◊
Ms. Jennifer Youngdahl-Griffin *
Ms. Doris McNabb Youngquist
David and Dayle Youngs
Nancy Yucha
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Yuen
Ms. Susan Yun
Dr. Jeffrey Yung and Ms. Nicole Rachmaninoff *
John and Peggy Zachman
Rosenele Zack
Margaret and Jim Zagacki ◊
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zagata
Lise C. Zahn ◊
Dr. and Mrs. Louis R. Zako ◊
John and Marylou Zaloudek
Mike and Colleen Zanotti
Ms. Mary Ann Zappala
Ms. Brittany Zawislak
James L. Zeart
Michele Zebell and Allan Jankowski
Ms. Norma H. Zelenko
Mr. Mark Zemanek
Ms. Dina Marie Zemke *
Merilyn Ueno and Doug Zernow ◊
Mr. Ara Zerounian
Mrs.  Peruz Zerounian
Mr. Ken Zick
Ms. Tara Ziegler
Karen and Maris Ziemelis ◊
Christine Heustis Zimmer *◊
Mr. Ronald Zimmer ◊
Mr. Brian Zimmerman
The Ludwig Family
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Zipser
Mr. Carl G. Zirbel
Paul and Barbara Zitzewitz ◊
Glen and Margaret Zobel *◊
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Zoerhof ◊◊
Kalman Zucker and Mary Frances Haerr
Sara Zivian Zwickl and Timothy P. Zwickl *◊