Arts Academy Boarding High School: Financial Aid

Affording Interlochen Arts Academy

Interlochen recognizes that choosing an independent school is a major financial decision for any family. While some sacrifice is appropriate for something as crucial as children's education, we acknowledge that financial aid is necessary to ensure the Arts Academy remains accessible to all qualified students.

Interlochen provided more than $10 million in financial aid to help eligible young artists attend during the 2014-15 school year. All families who feel the cost of attendance may be prohibitive are encouraged to apply for financial aid.

Admission to Interlochen Arts Academy is competitive, and consequently, merit-based scholarships are not offered. All available funding is used to make sure every admitted student has a reasonable chance to attend the Arts Academy.

Your Financial Aid Application

To help us allocate our resources wisely and fairly, we have enlisted the help of Independent School Management's FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition) program. FAST does not decide whether financial aid will be given or how much will be offered; rather FAST provides Interlochen with a need-based financial aid analysis service. FAST provides Interlochen's Financial Aid Committee with a report that includes a recommendation of what a family should reasonably contribute toward tuition. The Financial Aid Committee uses the information from the FAST report as the basis for our decisions, however, institutional policy, enrollment needs, and available budget are also considered.

To apply, please submit the following to FAST:

  • FAST Application for Financial Aid. To get started, click the FAST icon below. There is a $41 fee to process the application. Fee waivers are not available.
  • Complete 2013 federal income tax return. (Families from outside the US or Canada must submit an official letter, in English, from the employer of each parent/guardian that verifies employment, current salary, and other compensation.)
  • Complete 2014 federal income tax return – Due March 1, 2015

Financial Aid Policy

While Interlochen commits a significant amount of resources to financial aid, the number of qualified applicants and overall budgetary constraints do influence the Financial Aid Committee's decisions. Interlochen is committed to helping as many eligible applicants as possible and has established the following policies and principles to make the process fair to all applicants:

  • The primary responsibility of financing a student's education rests with the family.
  • Every family must contribute to their child's tuition. Full scholarships are not offered.
  • Both parents are expected to contribute to tuition. If a parent chooses not to work, the Financial Aid Committee imputes an annual income for a non-working parent.
  • In the case of divorce or separation, Interlochen requires both parents to file a separate but linked application for financial aid. Interlochen is not bound by the assertion, if it is made, that one parent is not responsible for educational expenses nor is it bound by court orders or divorce decrees. Interlochen considers every parent responsible for his or her child's development and educational success, regardless of custodial or marital status.
  • If requesting financial assistance, a family should invest in their child's education before elective expenses such as secondary home ownership, club memberships, and expensive automobile leases/purchases. The Financial Aid Committee does not consider these and other elective expenses when determining eligibility for assistance.


The FAST application opens on November 1. Financial aid decisions are issued at the same time as admission decisions. Please see the How to Apply for Admission page for decision periods and deadlines.

Please email The Office of Financial Aid at if you have any questions.