Stone Hotel

Interlochen Center for the Arts offers overnight accommodations of several styles.  You may choose the Stone Center Hotel, which is centrally located on campus and is newly renovated. During the summer, Academy residence units are also open to accommodate guests. Interlochen also offers cabin-style lodges. These range from rustic to luxurious and from one-bedroom to three-bedroom units, nestled in the comfortable ambiance of the north woods. Click here to check rates and book online, or call 231.276.7570.

In every season, the beauty, warmth and charm of Interlochen are yours to enjoy.

Be sure to book well in advance during summer months, especially if you're coming at a peak time such as on Alumni Weekend or on the opening, middle, or closing weekend of Camp.

Campus Meal Prices

Cafeteria style dining is available in the Stone Center. Meal tickets may be purchased at the Stone Center Hotel desk.

  • Breakfast: $9
  • Lunch: $9
  • Dinner: $9

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