Upton-Morley Pavilion

The Upton-Morley Pavilion, completed in summer 2011, is Interlochen’s newest performance and rehearsal space. The 8,400 square foot space is a versatile outdoor facility perfect for receptions, workshops, classes, performances and rehearsals. With 350 open-air seats and extra lawn seating, the new venue accommodates substantial audiences.

The Upton-Morley Pavilion incorporates modern lighting, sound, flooring and backstage facilities, making it a first-rate performance venue for theatre, dance and music presentations. It will also house the popular Interlochen Shakespeare Festival, using outdoor seating to evoke an open-air theatre of the Elizabethan era.

The jazz program is one of the expanding summer camp programs that will benefit from the new complex. The dance department will also be able to showcase performances in the inviting space, which will make summer dance concerts much more accessible to the public. As a shared venue for theatre, dance and music presentations, the Upton-Morley Pavilion will help widen and enrich the educational, performance and event opportunities at Interlochen.

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