Training a New Generation of Leaders in the Arts

In an increasingly networked and interconnected world, the traditional boundaries of time, space and information in the arts have expanded, bringing exciting opportunities but also many challenges. As arts and cultural organizations adapt to this time of great change, there is a growing need for innovative and committed leadership that is prepared to navigate the changing arts landscape. To meet this need, Interlochen Center for the Arts has established the Logan Arts Leadership Institute (LALI) with a mission to introduce young people to new ideas and help them understand the nature of leadership in the arts for the 21st century while providing the opportunities they will need to become leaders in the future.

LALI is being specifically created to reach a new generation of potential arts leaders: today’s high school students and undergraduates who are living these changes in their own experiences every day. LALI will create an ongoing dialogue about the future of the field, as participants develop skills as problem-solvers, entrepreneurs, and communicators. Interlochen will serve as LALI’s headquarters but the program’s reach will be global: virtual seminars, social networks, and online learning tools like Lore will all empower high school students and undergraduates from around the world as they learn first-hand from new and experienced arts leaders of all generations who are themselves grappling with critical issues and new trends in arts leadership.

The LALI website will launch on February 4, unveiling online resources and activities to prepare for the first webinar. And as LALI moves forward, Interlochen is seeking future leaders in the arts -- current high school students and college undergraduates -- to participate in LALI's free webinars, panels, online discussions, and other virtual assignments and activities.

Students, educators, potential guest speakers, or anyone who would like to learn more about this worthwhile endeavor can follow LALI on Facebook and Twitter or sign up for updates on the LALI page on the Interlochen website, which features an updated schedule and all LALI related news.