Crescendo, September 2009


Academy Opens for 48th Year
This September, Academy students arrived on campus for the 48th year of Interlochen Arts academy.

Video: Camp 2009 Highlights
A two and a half minute highlight reel of the summer 2009 Interlochen Arts Camp season.

Mary Mae Village Unveiled at Interlochen
In July 2009, Interlochen unveiled five new on-campus faculty homes, thanks for the Mary Mae foundation. The Mary Mae foundation seeks to help high-achieving secondary schools attract, reward and retain teachers.

Construction Begins on New Conference Center
Within weeks, work will begin on a one million dollar project that will transform the empty Phoenix Theatre space into a new conference center, the Mallory-Towsley Center for Arts Leadership.

Zildjian Finds Many Ways to Support Interlochen
This summer, like many summers before, the Avedis Zildjian company has brought many opportunities for young percussionists through contributions of talent and resources.

Video: Performance Today Comes to Interlochen
In July 2009, host Fred Child brought the the nationally syndicated classical music program Performance Today to Interlochen.

Interlochen Hosts Policy Forum on Arts Education
This August, Interlochen Center for the Arts, in partnership with Michigan Youth Arts, convened Michigan's first Arts Education Policy Forum to address the many challenges facing the state's arts education community.

Two Talented Campers "Fly Like an Eagle" with the Steve Miller Band
The 2009 Interlochen Presents Summer Arts Festival was a great success. One performance in particular left an everlasting impression on two campers.

Visual Arts Instructor's Snapshop is Featured across the Country
In August 2009, Academy visual arts instructor, John McKaig was in the right place and the right time to take a snapshot that was immediately sought after by major media outlets. While McKaig was working at Martha's Vineyard, President Obama arrived at the golf course.

A Premiere Performance Six Decades in the Making
John Randolph Phelps, the former dean of college men at Interlochen Arts Camp, was the guest of honor as summer faculty at Interlochen Arts Camp premiered one of his musical compositions - more than sixty years after he wrote it.

Alumni Highlights

"Surrogates" Features Interlochen Alumni
James Francis Ginty (IAC 91, 95, IAA 95-99) is featured in the new Touchstone film "Surrogates," which opens this month and also stars Bruce Willis.

From MTV to the Supreme Court
As a dance major at the Academy, Kristine Huskey (IAA 82-85) never aspired or expected to go in to law. Yet after a number of twists and turns in her career, Huskey found herself working as a lawyer on a landmark case that went to the Supreme Court.

Alumni Motifs

In Memoriam


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