Ovation Award

Ovation Award

The Ovation Award is presented to an outstanding Interlochen Arts Camp alumnus/alumna as well as an Interlochen Arts Academy alumnus/alumna in recognition of his or her diverse artistic, academic, professional, generational, and cultural contributions to the world.

Please submit your nomination for the Ovation Award. Awardees will be selected each spring for the following year, but chosen at other times as well.

These awards provide a superb opportunity to extend recognition to fellow alumni who have made a difference in our lives at Interlochen and across the globe.  We look forward to receiving your nominations-- many thanks for your help!

2012 Ovation Award Recipients - In honor of Interlochen Arts Academy's 50th Anniversary:
Aaron Dworkin
Jennifer Ehle
Janet Eilber
Peter Erskine
Jorja Fleezanis
Steve Goodman
Steve Hayden
Lance Horne
Felicity Huffman
Tom Hulce
Linda Hunt
Carol Jantsch
Ida Kavafian
Jewel Kilcher
Anthony McGill
Joel McNeely
David Shifrin
Doug Stanton
Cheryl Studer
Bill Zheng