Bravo Award

Bravo Award

The Bravo Award is presented to a past or present Interlochen volunteer in recognition of outstanding dedication and service to Interlochen. While the Interlochen Volunteers program announces annual awards for hours of service to the institution, the Bravo Award includes service or projects which may fall outside the realm of on-campus volunteer service.

Please submit your nomination for the Bravo Award. Awardees are generally selected each spring for the following year, but chosen at other times as well.

These awards provide a superb opportunity to extend recognition to the faculty members and fellow alumni who have made a difference in our lives at Interlochen. We look forward to receiving your nominations-- many thanks for your help!

Recent Bravo Award winners include:

2012 Julie Kimpton

Previous winners include:
Joanne Cage, Larry Clarson, Van Cliburn Joyce Downing, Gwen Frostic, Marge Hammes, Byron Hanson, Mary Jane Jacobi, Chuck and Dee Kelly, Lou Kyprie, Bob Luby, Charlie McWhorter, Karla Moore Maddy, David Neubauer, Judy Ranheim, George Rickett, Karen Sargent, Parky Shaw, Izzy Smith, Marilyn Smith, Charlotte Stander, W. Clement Stone, Sheryl Szady, Twink Turner, John Witherspoon, Jr., Dolores Zamutt