Alumni Volunteers

There are many ways that alumni can help support Interlochen:

Alumni Annual Fund Committee

The Alumni Annual Fund Committee helps raise financial support for Interlochen. Volunteers offer to contact ten of their fellow alumni (face-to-face, by phone or via email/messaging) and encourage them to support Interlochen with a gift to the Interlochen Fund. We provide you with all the tools and training you need to get in contact with your peers.

To learn more about being an Alumni Annual Fund Committee volunteer, contact


As alumni, we play an essential role in ensuring Interlochen's longevity by sharing our experiences with others. We each have opportunities to tell potential students, campers, employees and families about Interlochen. We can answer questions about our experiences and we can encourage prospects  to take one more step and get that admissions or employment application rolling! Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Visit a local school, or contact area arts instructors - help instructors and students learn about Interlochen
  • Serve as an Interlochen representative at school fairs or camp fairs held in your area
  • Serve as a regional contact person for prospective students, campers and employees
  • Plan an event for prospective students, parents, and/or employees
  • Write letters to prospective students in your area
  • Host a Pre-Camp or Pre-Academy party for admitted students and their families

To learn more about being an Ambassador contact

Class Representatives

Scores of alumni volunteers have helped launch our Academy Class Representatives program, which helps Academy alumni stay in touch with one another. We've also begun expanding this program to include Camp Class Representatives.

Want to know more? Contact the Alumni Office to get involved, ask to receive a copy of our Alumni Volunteer Handbook or view a copy online. Call us at 231.276.7618, or send an e-mail to